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LEGO + Happy Meal = Bowser Mech

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It's Mario season in McDonalds here in Moscow again, and this time they have Bowser!


At first I wasn't too pleased, as the evil dragon/turtle has neither hands no legs here, but then I thought that it could be upgraded into a lovely mech. Those two holes on the back were all I needed.


Here's what I came up with:



The turret rotates!

And here's the chassis without the pod.


Bonus picture: if you don't like the clown's smile, you can take out two screws from those two holes (they have triangular slots though, and are hidden quite deep) and have this lovely grimace:


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That was from Super Mario World on the SNES, loved that game! And a pretty nifty little add-on mech design! Good thinking!

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I think this is the first toy I've seen modified with Lego. Pretty cool!

When i was little i used lego for everything (for my kenner star wars/gi joe and boardgames) :-)

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