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  1. $240 US for the whole wave kinda hurts and there’s nothing super new, except Zuckuss. Not sure if I want to be in, because if I am, I’ll have to be all in for the special anniversary minifigures. Also wondering if there won’t be a GWP promo minifigure offered at the same time as the sets; like maybe a Tarkin or Ben?
  2. HawkLord

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I’m surprised that even though Lego has/had a serviceable Star Wars Dewback mold, they went with a brick-built Dewback for the set. Makes me wonder if we’re likely not to see larger molds in the future, such as could be the case for HP dragons.
  3. My minifigure sets from the Lego store grand openings at the Alderwood Mall in 2012 and Southcenter Mall in 2015, both in WA. The Alderwood Mall set has a cool skyline of Seattle on the background, while the Southcenter one is fairly generic. I also really like the chrome red VIP keychain Lego mailed out to VIP members back in 2013. Then lastly, polybag Hulk from 2012.
  4. Not set related, but is there a thread for the LEGO Movie 2 trading cards? Just got three packs and each one had a gold foil, so seems those aren’t super rare if they’re one per pack. I did get a duplicate in the same pack, so that was too bad. The card stock quality is not the same as most trading cards and maybe comparable to something like a MTG card.
  5. I’ve seen the Clown, Dragon, and Dog at the Lego store. They also had a couple of the season-based ones from last year on clearance. The only licensed ones the Lego store here has is Leia. Glad I got Marty/Doc for clearance $15.
  6. HawkLord

    Review: 70841 Benny's Space Squad

    Great review and a worthwhile set for the minifigures. If anything monochrome minifigure collector’s could find some value in these parts.
  7. I’d like that. LEGO could find a lot of success with their own home-brewed characters. For example, Brick Beard or Johnny Thunder - they should make the most of their own characters.
  8. HawkLord

    Lego vs Zuru

    I don’t know why Lego would be worried. They beat out Hasbro’s Kreons and those are no longer produced. Bridge Direct and McFarlane both have failed lines, especially with TRU gone. Mega Bloks is the only competition and that’s just barely. Lego has no other company that can compete anywhere close to their product or licenses. Lego should pass on a lawsuit and just let these guys take their chances. Then when Lego crushes them, it’ll set yet another example.
  9. Thrilled the non-licensed Brickheadz are still going, since I have all of them so far. I can do without a Thanksgiving one, since I’m not savvy on it as a holiday in the first place.
  10. At least if anything the Brickheadz line can continue in custom builds by the fans. With the exception of some printed pieces, everything else is common enough.
  11. HawkLord

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I think the past years have had a better main “Santa” figure that helped. Santa Yoda or Santa Vader were obviously good choices, for example.
  12. HawkLord

    The Morality of Leaks

    I don’t care about leaks so much since Lego sets stay on the shelves so long. There’s no sense of urgency to buy - it’s not like I have to race out and be first in line. So in that regard, I don’t have to be in “the know” or first in line for pics either.
  13. Non-licensed themes means Lego doesn’t pay extra profits into those licenses. Effectively all the profit goes to Lego, which is a pretty good deal. And they don’t have to be focused on contracts that may require them to use specific characters in sets or limited their creativity.
  14. Excellent review! If I can find this set at a reasonable price I’ll buy it. The figures aren’t amazing, but good enough secondary/tertiary characters to warrant a purchase.
  15. It’s not clickbait and the material on the subject did not occur until a couple years after the buyout. Since around 2013, there have been no Slave Leia products.