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After all this time on Eurobricks I still hadn't started my own MOC topic. And it's way overdue :D

And as I built a MOC I'm pretty happy about, this would be a nice thread starter :)


Remember the Model team compo a few months back, where I sent in my compact crane? Well, I got into the Model team groove I guess, because I wanted to build something more looks-focused this time, and this resulted in this truck.

It's technically relatively simple, with steering on axles 1, 2, 4, 5, a dumping bed (via LA via knob on both sides) with rear hinged door, and a cabin that can tilt and whose doors can open. Unfortunately no fake engine.


What's more interesting (I think) is that I have made full instructions with MLCad, LDView and LPub. Check them out on my site!

Kiepwagen (tipper truck) 2014 - with instructions

The page is in Dutch, but I'm sure you'll find your way around. Download in Dutch is also "download" so I'm sure you can find the link to the instructions ;) (as well as some extra photos). Take the opportunity to learn a bit of my language, but be sure to check out the other models in the left navigation bar, as I've built quite a lot over the years ;)

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Great! I would change the wheel orientations, according to whether is single or double tire. I guess on real truck this configuration would be first 3 axles are singles, last two are doubles.

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