Review: 10246 Detective's Office

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The next one on my list ! I've just finished the Parisian restaurant yesterday and it was really excellent. This nice review convinced me.

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This is a fantastic set for sure! I'm just not to big into city, so spending this much money on something that will be sitting alone on a shelf just wouldn't look right. In the end result fantastic review, the story in the beginning was great and every picture you have is in great detail! I will definitely be taking advantage of that water tower though! Thanks fir the review!

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Well, i came by a strange thing i dont know if any has same issue. at end of bag 2, i was Left with 1 Blue Brick 1x1 and 1 Dark Blue Brick 1x1. It should be 2 of these Blue Bricks 1x1 and not Dark Blue. I have gone through the set 5 times, disassambled the section as i thought i might mixed somewhere the Dark Blue with Blue Brick, but tthe building was having no any issues.

So this is as i can say a mistake by Lego during packing.....I have contacted them to send the correct piece.

So any one has this issue?


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