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MOC: Mac McCloud's Hop Rod

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The Hop Rod is a speedy ride, sometimes it isn't about the archeological process and research, it's about getting to the site first! Mac's hot rod Hop Rod can hop to it and stake a claim for Professer Hale and Jake.

Just another little car build, I love fiddling around to make cars in the Adventurers/PQ style. After deciding on the hood ornament I couldnt' resist the punny name!


My refreshed Mac McCloud. Equipped with a newer gun design and a smarter outfit. He looked little too thuggish in the vest provided in the original figure so I swapped the cyborg arm for a regular arm on Jack McHammer's torso to smarten him up a little.

In my personal canon, Jake and company are tracking through Egypt when Johnny and his crew are in the Jungle. Hence why there are more mummies around and less (living) human rivals. The summer before a bunch of tomb raiders and relic hunters woke them all up!

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It is from Monster Fighters, Jack McHammer's with the cyborg arm swapped for a regular arm.

I thought the waistcoat and plaid combo was smarter but still fitted with the character.

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