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  1. Logan. It was bloody good.
  2. This guy: crash dummy habitat take 2 by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  3. Kiki, Delivery Service?
  4. Keep them for MOCs or donate to your local LEGO User Group.
  5. Is it lavender? Very Friendly.
  6. LEGO stickers seem to vary. I have sets with the stickers on for over 30 years and they are fine. I have some sets from 2009 and those stickers are cracking and flaking off. Adding more options to a set would increase the costs.
  7. Boo. Tough round to choose one.
  8. Welcome to Eurobricks.
  9. Nice little build. I see you have the tools and boozes for amputations.
  10. Thanks. Yup, there goes the son-in-law. Mardier, it is then. Perhaps to ask "Do you still want to take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?" Thanks. Mardier has money to keep the place clean. Pregnant with twins Don't call her fat, it might be bad for your safety. This is my take on the American shotgun wedding. Thanks. Glad you had a good laugh. Thanks. Yes, always handle firearms with care. I don't think they had trigger safety back then. Thanks. Thanks. I used a couple of 1x1 bricks with stud on side to hold her belly in place.
  11. A ship license is a permit to allow the ship to participate in the MRCA. I don't think selling an unlicensed ship is explicitly prohibited in the rules. But the buyer would still have to license it if he/she wants that ship to participate in the MRCA.
  12. If you only have one Horizon Express, a second one will help complete the other end of the train.