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  1. Sleek build. She seems well armed. I think the jibs could be bigger or have more of them but that's ok, we don't need you to be that harder to chase down.

    We noticed that too in the Brethen of the Brick Seas indexes. It seems like the URL syntax to point to a specific reply post in a topic has changed. They have this bit at the end that I don't remember was in the old software: &do=findComment&comment=2419441 Replies are comments now?
  3. I think additional parts may have to be added to the URL like &do=findComment&comment=2419441 in order to point to the correct reply post. Post replies are now comments?
  4. Welcome aboard, Syal. Age of Sail? We have Brethens of the Brick Seas over in our Pirate forum.
  5. Welcome to Eurobricks.
  6. On some nights things just work out right. Thank you. I'd think Eslandola would spare no expenses on good well built ships and have to save cost on labour like security. Thank you. Thank you. Maybe it was a bad dream. Thank you. I guess she could expand her business on to other islands. Maybe start franchaising. Thank you. Thank you. I almost lost my cup of tea on your Brickson comment. Thank you. A tripod and a self-timer were helpful for those type of shots.
  7. Sea Rats have initiated Island selection process.
  8. Meanwhile in Bastion. It's Friday night. What's there to do? Well, let's go to the Drunken Fish to decide which of the Challenge IV islands we'd want over a few drinks. I have the perfect democratic selection procedure. The Drunken Fish Pub by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  9. All that sand green. The clip pieces give it a feel of dragon scales. Good job on the junk and returning to add more action scenes to the story board.
  10. Very nice build and photography. The text runs off too on my desktop version of Firefox on a 1024x768 screen.
  11. Ha, clever story. Reminds me of a shampoo TV commerical, she told two friends and then those two told two more, and so on.
  12. Would the URL for the topic change if the title was edited? It appears that links contain part of the title now like www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/140543-forum-upgrade
  13. Good work integrating non-LEGO tires into your build.
  14. Patents do expire. Depending on the country, around 20 years? A patent gives the patentee the rights to exclude others from making, using, selling, importing the patented invention in the country where the patent was granted. International treaty may also protect patent rights of the countries that signed the treaty. Technically, if I am in a country where the inventor wasn't granted a patent for his invention and my country didn't sign a patent protection treaty with the country where the patent was granted, I could do whatever with his invention. Maybe except import it into a country protected by the patent, in which case he could take legal recourse to stop that. Also the types of invention that can be patented can vary from country to country. It can get pretty complicated if you do business internationally. What applies in one country, may not in another. We don't know if LEGO is suing on patent infringement or copyright or trademark or all of the above. Hopefully, we'll get more details as things progress through the courts.