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  1. How about SKYLAB from the 1970's? It is not as big as the International Space Station.
  2. Nice build. Is it digital? Rabbit is not going to find much to eat there.
  3. Dang, that's a lot of gold and huge. Your settlement must be rich. Seems like a good place for a MRCA raid...
  4. Welcome to Eurobricks, Benjamin. What kind of cars do you repair?
  5. It seems like they all use the same 750 mA resetable fuse. http://www.philohome.com/batteries/bat.htm
  6. Viking and Queen for opera. Mandatory voting for the 3rd poll?
  7. Very nice. Do the sliders work?
  8. The problem with M-motor and IR Receiver V2 is if you're using more than one M-motor on the same output. Otherwise, M-motor will work with IR Receiver V2. LEGO Power Functions V2 RC Receiver There has been some confusion regarding the new LEGO Power Functions V2 RC Receiver that is released in the Technic 9398 4X4 Crawler. This component is currently only available through the 9398 set, but was not made exclusively for this product. The V2 RC Receiver is updated with a CMOS motor driver giving less power loss. This is done to improve the user experience with longer battery lifetime and better motor performance. Unfortunately it has the drawback that it is not able to start 2 or more LPF Medium motors at the same output. As I will explain below this is not a problem with the motor driver, but a known issue with the LPF Medium motor. The raw motor currently used in the LPF Medium motor internally contains a relatively large capacitor (1 uF) across each of the 3 motor coils. This is done by the motor manufacturer for noise reduction. We knew that this would be an issue with the new CMOS motor driver (DRV8833). Since it can source a very high inrush current the over current protection will kick in sooner (typically after 2,25 us with a current exceeding 3,3 A). At start up the motor driver will first charge the input capacitance. With 2 or more LPF Medium motors at the same output this can trigger the over current protection. It will repeatedly try to start the motors and you will only hear a singing noise. For many reasons we have been searching for a higher quality solution for the LPF Medium motor and we now have an approved new raw motor. It has better quality commutation and only 1nF across the terminal. An updated LPF Medium motor will be released during 2013. Backwards compatibility is of very high importance when we choose new solutions. In this case our decision was that the advantages of the new motor driver together with the fact that we would update the LPF Medium motor would compensate for the inconvenience with the current LPF Medium motor. We hope this is not causing too many limitations to your model creativity. Gaute Munch The LEGO Group
  9. Welcome to Eurobricks. Impressive build.
  10. Thanks. I don't have Lightroom or a RAW. I haven't advanced to pulling details out shadows yet. Something still to learn on the photography journey. Pretty good. There seem to be bit of blur. Her shutter speed was 1/8s. Generally I use the timer on my Canon A590is P&S and a tripod when shutter speed is below 1/60. '
  11. You can mitigate some of the man in the middle intercepting the unencrypted login risks by not using your EB login password anywhere else.
  12. That could be it. Jurassic Park(R) is a registered trademark of Universal Studios.
  13. Nice job with the rendering and lighting.
  14. Lumberjack, it's what real Canadian men do.