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  1. Hello could a admin mind looking into my "member privileges" ,as I am a "editor" I am supposed to have "powers" to edit/lock/unlock topic's on the technic forum in order to maintain the HOF but I seemed to have lost them.
  2. People report the reply with missing information rather than posting it here.....makes sense. Fixed.
  3. Your welcome,I have updated the entries with the links.
  4. Liebherr LTM 1350 6.1 Builder: Shineyu Category: Cranes Instructions: No Topic
  5. Compact Excavator Builder: Anto Category: Construction Instructions: Yes Topic
  6. Ok,I will add that to my list. That in my option is a mod which I do not want to add. Can you provide me with which models I have missed,most of your stuff is in there.
  7. I received my bucket yesterday.
  8. Great review,with cool renders. Fixed.
  9. It was the light in the photo which made me think it was black.If it was Jim who took the picture we would not be having this problem.
  10. I think it still could be extended further,with out consequence to the rest of the build. Why have you gone with blue instead of black,when the picture seems to suggest it is black?
  11. Have you ever considered adding a working engine? It is a shame Lego do not make more colours of the engine block.
  12. Very nice job , I like this moc and it complements the Volvo excavator very well.