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  1. I guess so.Although I think I would of left if squint, just for a laugh. See that middle cable that is higher than the rest(two cables),you could keep it down level with the rest by using a small extension cable to the receiver port instead of the motor cables.
  2. One of those receivers does not look very secure,German engineering is failing.
  3. Your welcome.
  4. Here are some example bar pieces you could try (just to break up the front window).
  5. How about using a bar piece to divide between the top and bottom window? Looks fab so far.
  6. Well that is good to hear,it is important to try and attract/keep the very best builders within the Eurobricks community.
  7. Awesome truck,lots of nice detail.
  8. Commiserations on the job promotion,good luck keeping all the children in order (Jim is the worst).
  9. *Coughs* Hi kid's,I somehow missed the entire discussion and release of the 2017 line....upon seeing these photos of the winter sets I think I needn't of bothered joining the discussion at this late stage. The tow truck sounds good but it does not live up too expectation once seen in the photos.I am disappointed too see that Lego have not used the new pneumatic elements again, *While making monkey face* I am sure Allanp is thrilled to see the continued use of those "grey mechanical alternatives". Of the entire 2017 line I think the small telehandler (42061),construction crew (42060),Container yard (42062) and the research boat (42064) looks the most appealing and they are already out,I say roll on 2018....
  10. Mercedes Benz Arocs SLT 4163 Builder: JLW Bricks Category: Truck Instructions: No Topic
  11. Walking Tank (Hexapod) Builder: Hugolin Category: Misc Instructions: No Topic
  12. Harley Davidson 1915 Rider Builder: Andrepinto Category: Motorbike Instructions: No Topic
  13. Harley Davidson Builder: Andrepinto Category: Motorbike Instructions: No Topic
  14. Snowgroomer Builder: Fosapifi Category: Other Instructions: No Topic
  15. Congratulations Milan,and don't be afraid of keeping Jim in check too.