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  1. Thanks for the instructions! I haven't dived into trial trucks much, so building a copy was a great learning exercise - the leaf springs in particular work incredibly well!
  2. That's excellent! It seems incredibly capable; great work on keeping it simple and light.
  3. Thanks! Squeezing the most of out the bricks is super fun. Of course, size constraints also help when it comes to performance.
  4. Thanks for all your comments!
  5. More pictures: https://www.flickr.c...157669375330333 Chassis LDD file: http://www.brickshel...eel_chassis.lxf
  6. Excellent work! The axle-propellor connection is neat.
  7. We had to build our own return-to-center mechanisms in the old days: http://www.technicbr...-to-center.html
  8. I like the compact build. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it any different to this?
  9. Modify a children's construction toy? Are you sure you can do that?
  10. What everyone else said; physical separation and time constraints. The need to consider multiple functional connection points probably also makes collaborating together on a single Technic/similar build particularly complex. That said, mahjqa and I worked together on this - it only took two days (spaced almost a year apart!):
  11. Sounds cool! Do you have pictures?
  12. Nice tinkering! Like the video shows - optimising the mechanics and software for more efficient operation?
  13. This is pretty. I love the proportions of the boat, the perfectly-fitting soundtrack, and the softly-lit underwater scenes.
  14. ^ Isn't such a blanket approach kinda shortsighted (not to mention bad business)? You could do something similar to what mahjqa did with his Tumbler instructions: I'm also curious how you define "that part of the world".