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  1. [quote name='davee123' timestamp='1473359446' post='2653851'] What we DON'T know is how well the Friends lineup would do if it had similar minifigs rather than mini-dolls. If LEGO had the same theme focus ("friendships" rather than "playing house"), and the same color scheme, and the same building style, etc-- would the line still be a success? Or would it be a failure? [/quote] The closest thing would be the Paradisa line, which introduced pastel shades and was intended to bring girls into LEGO along similar lines to Friends. And it flopped.
  2. Brilliant, always love to see Friends in unusual circumstances and that's such a creative design.
  3. [quote name='redtrooper27' timestamp='1473910933' post='2657993'] You require 6 masts in reddish brown (only availible in the flagship) the only person in the U.S. That has 6 are $65 EACH!!! And That flag was limited to 2 sets both sought after. As it turns out the flag can be had for $12 :) [/quote] Blimey, that's crazy - I had no idea the parts had become so expensive. Really glad I bought three of these at the time....
  4. Alternatively, the mixels ball joints might be useful as long as the rest of your design helps constrain the sideways movement.
  5. Sometimes it's also to help make sure you're following the correct orientation when there are a lot of rotated steps with a similar, but not entirely symmetrical model. Much easier to follow if one end has a bright blue plate on it.
  6. The problem with DbM, as I understand it was less to do with the selection of bricks (by necessity of production it is always going to be limited in comparison with Extended Mode), but rather that the sheer cost of having to manually fulfil each order made any sort of profit margin razor thin. Ironically, the people like us were not overly interested in the premium attached to that custom process and were much more likely to use LDD to design something then obtain parts through the second hand markets. Unless they could find a way to fully automate such custom products, which seems unlikely, any sort of DbM scheme is unlikely to offer tem suitable ROI. I hope they can find a way to make LDD a good revenue stream, as it is a fantastic tool, but I'm not holding my breath for it.
  7. [quote name='anothergol' timestamp='1452518096' post='2435743'] I own one of the rare 4598's in DBG btw. But quite often when a new part pops up, it's in many sets at the same time, even if it's one of those obscure parts that probably "no one asked for", like this [img][/img]. Seeing it in a whooping 49 sets this year looks more like "I've been asked to place this part somewhere" than "it was the part I really needed here". I'm not complaining, when a good part is made, it's good to have plenty available for cheap. So much more useful parts could have been made, though. ..this said, I've found myself already using it in my MOCs, so it's not a stupid part, however it's weird to see a compound version of a part that doesn't exist yet. We should be getting a 1x1 with bar first. Plus, if a 1x1 existed, that new part would be more easily (not really hard, though) substituted in the LDD. [/quote] From what I've heard in the past, one of the conditions for getting a new part design (with the exception of some licensed pieces) is getting a certain amount of "buy in" from different teams to confirm that the design is actually useful in more than a single situation. So, I'd assume that if designers from different teams have been playing around with a possible new part, it's probably quite likely they've got a few useful cases lined up that they put into sets once it becomes available. This is also why there sometimes seem to be odd gaps in parts, it may just be that nobody has ever found a compelling need for a 1x1 with bar or even that they just couldn't convince other teams of a need for one that couldn't be accomplished by existing parts.
  8. Also you're discounting the benefits an unsuccessful submission can have for it's creator. Imagine that I submit my first Idea and it's not very good, it's one of those "obvious failures", and maybe it doesn't do that well. However I do get some support and some feedback that helps to guide future submissions. The next project I submit might just be one that makes it. In contrast, if all "obvious failures" are immediately discarded, the feedback I get is effectively "You're not good enough for Ideas", so maybe now I don't bother at all.
  9. [quote name='Dameronian' timestamp='1451160539' post='2419772'] In all fairness, no toy company got Kylo's shuttle right, so it's fair to assume the companies received preliminary source material to work with... [/quote] Yeah, most likely the design was changed near the end of production. Perhaps the original just didn't look right on screen, so the tilting wings were added to give it a more familiar look and the colours tweaked to make it stand out better. Expecting any toy manufacturer to wait until after the movie is finalized to start design work is just foolish, the hype (and potential sales) would be long gone by the time it gets onto the shelves.
  10. [quote name='Fritzy' timestamp='1450649381' post='2415169'] Waiting to read tips from a male AFOL who buys Friends sets on the regular. [/quote] Well I got some slightly odd looks at work when I mentioned the Friends advent calendar looked better than the Star Wars one. Although I think everyone is already convinced I'm nuts anyway!
  11. I notice that with that gif they also seem to be pushing "original" ideas, so I think TLG are all too aware that the license heavy skew is causing some issues.
  12. Wow. That is just stunning. So many brilliant details, every time I look I see something new and every bit is just beautiful. Fantastic work.
  13. [quote name='JamPotStudios' timestamp='1447145288' post='2379764'] I've actually managed to get through since my original post; the issue is now that no matter how many times I explain the situation, they won't reinstate my account. But thanks for the advice nonetheless. [/quote] Unfortunately there is very little you can say that is likely to change their mind, because anything you could say is exactly what someone would say if they were scamming TLG and trying to get access to do so again. It's also why you're unlikely to get a definite reason for the block on your account; if they told a scammer it was because of X, the very next step would be the scammer ringing up with a very carefully constructed explanation of X to try and get the account unblocked. Leaving it vague reduces the possibility of a customer service rep being duped into allowing a scam to continue.
  14. More BTTF sets seem unlikely, if they'd been planning any, they'd surely have timed an announcement with all the buzz around October 21st.
  15. [quote name='KristofBD' timestamp='1446539141' post='2373441'] I think a piece limit for a proposal of say 1000 pieces is reasonable. People can always include bigger pieces to compensate and TLG can always change the bricks used upwards or downwards for the final model. I would see it as an initial requirement to avoid disappointment. If the production capacity is increased, they can always adjust the limit. [/quote] I still think that's too arbitrary. Even two pieces of the same size may have vastly different effects on pricing and production capacity depending on how molds are currently in use, the colours required, whether they already have surplus parts produced and/or whether existing production runs could be slightly extended to produce parts etc. Trying to second guess the effects on production capacity (particularly when you have no idea when a project might reach review stage) is a bit pointless. It's better to let people be as creative as possible, attempt to manage the expectations of review success and del with the occasional disappointment than to restrict things to the point good ideas are never submitted in the first place.