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  1. Wow, the stuff I've missed in the past year.... i didnt even know they made long pneumatic cylinders...
  2. I think this would be great in a style like the Local Motors Rally Fighter...
  3. I think that may simply be because of the massive load on those axles.
  4. However, if those diagonal braces bend then they aren't doing much.
  5. It is perfectly correct to call this a constant-velocity joint, since it does provide constant velocity.
  6. I love tiny models! Although my favorite scale for models is from the 43.2? (vw bus wheels) to 62.4 wheels, I find this tiny roadster to be really cool. The more compact a model is while retaining functionality, the better it is , IMO
  7. ...Then I'm up for a reverse-engineering challenge
  8. Yes, that would probably work
  9. What i'm saying is that each stage would get its own power. G=Geneva mechanism ----- = driveshaft oo = gearbox G G G 1:4oo 1:2oo 1:1oo -------------------------------------- Not sure if my "diagram" makes sense, but each stage has its own gearbox so that each stage turns half the speed as the previous.
  10. A solution that I find sometimes works is to pull apart the grey shock absorber, put a half-bush on the rod, and reassemble the shock absorber with the spring
  11. Nice reviews, i realized now that i hadnt even seen the 2015 reviews yet... xD
  12. clearly i was mistaken, i should have thought that through. Maybe it is something of a geneva mechanism, but with each bit having its own geneva mechanism? in that case the 1:2 gearing could work, possibly.
  13. I love this, the movement is incredibly accurate. Except i had to look at the title a couple times after mistaking it for "syphilus" :P
  14. Hello efferman, I have a part request Our VEX robotics team has had some success this year (look up "1727b" on youtube), and I am trying to make a lego version of our robot. Could you design some kind of ratchet gear, that is about 3 studs in diameter?
  15. 1) USB is serial by definition, 2) old Dell laptops generally have it, but it's probably not worth it because you will be stuck with a craptop :P