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  1. Is singing worth it if you don't have the greatest voice in the world? Is birdwatching worth it if you don't know the names of all the species? Is falling in love worth it if you feel like a bit of a mess inside?
  2. I'm disappointed with Architecture this year too. Underwhelmed by the two we've seen so far and no disrespect to the USA but I wish TLG would be more evenhanded with their location selections. I hope this is just a glitch year, would be terribly sad not to get another large one.
  3. 928 for £14.29? I'll take ten, thanks.
  4. They call me Sandy Seagull. Cos I'm gonna fly you to Fabuland, baby.
  5. Let's you and I make an illegal connection.
  6. Not sure what you mean by "by hand", but in case you're not aware, BL's Catalog Search page includes a Year field. So you can narrow down to parts released in a certain year. Relies on the accuracy of BL of course.
  7. Yes he's horrid. But thankfully after my dark age began. I distinctly recall scribbling violently over the faces of the two girls in a meadow giggling over their Scala jewellery. I hated them every moment more and more. My favourite gag ever from SilentMode was when he named her "Gewinneth"
  8. Ooh no. Love Bananaman but Roger Ramjet is a bitterly satirical work of genius. Jim Thurman is my all-American hero.
  9. I hope The Goodies get to do the voices again! Or at least some cameos
  10. Awww, happy memories. Captured so well. The bows for Snoopy's ears are so perfect.
  11. Fantastic review Rufus! Interesting to see where we agreed and differed...for example I totally missed the fact that interesting greebly cavity houses Astro Kitty! I think the choice of 2X4 rather than 2X3 slopes more likely relates to the desired design than the aftermarket.
  12. I noticed this on Benny's Spaceship too. Orange jacketed fig with a red cup - perhaps the same one Tragic Banjo mentions. I agree it's a great move. Even as a kid I hated seeing other kids in Lego catalogues, they always look so self-satisfied.
  13. No. Aside from anything else, I'd have less to write about on my blog ;) TLG don't take the creation of a new mould lightly, there need to be sound reasons why an allocation is granted. And I don't understand what a year's abstinence would achieve? These kinds of threads are always interesting but I find the poll unnecessary.
  14. I loved this story as a child. This is really cute especially the donkey!