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  1. Articles on Brickset, BrickFan, etc have been pulled, as has j2g's video. What's going on?
  2. So it's happened again with the Star Wars 2017 sets thread. A moderator has chosen to lock the thread, due to the actions of a few, even when the posters of said thread had already steered the conversation away from the controversial topic in question. Apparently said moderator needs to PM some members before the topic will be reopened. i am not sure why the administration of Eurobricks thinks that punishing the community is an acceptable response to subjectively inappropriate comments by the few, unless the intent is to push away members of the community, some of which have been with the site for a long time.
  3. NT

    Posting to board topics, where it belongs.
  4. RO set images are everywhere now, but hey let's keep on supplicating ourselves to TLG...
  5. Yes, I was informed that some LEGO Batman Movie sets were shown behind closed doors at the Licensing Expo, though I have no further details. I was hoping to see some leaks pop up here frankly.
  6. Anyone could say something as generic as this. Either provide something concrete, or don't mention it at all. The information teasing on Eurobricks has gotten out of hand.
  7. I have heard the same. Also that it will come with a Tinkerbell minifig.
  8. It does seem atypical for LEGO to load a D2C vehicle, advanced model, and fairground set into one calendar year. I had assumed that 10252 would be the Fairground carousel, but with the new Beetle info, that throws things into question. I trust the information from my sources, but I question as to when this set will be released.
  9. Believe or not, it's $90. You can zoom in on the price to confirm.
  10. Those are completely different ships. It's like saying a prelim for a Star Destroyer will end up being the Millennium Falcon.
  11. So the October calendar comes out in a few days... Hoth Echo Base reveal this weekend?
  12. GRogall lives? *faints*