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  1. Do you have ldd file please? I like style's brick of your facade.
  2. I like your moc. Can i have pictures for inside please? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for your messages. What is badass??
  4. Hello everybody, I present to my "my own creation" = Swat truck. Swat in action Swat in my city, hostage taking in cinema. Swat in action, hostage taking in airport. Pictures for detail = What do you think ?
  5. Very congragulation for project. I love your site of construction. How Do you do after the decisions is negatif ? I present a diorama for site of construction of skyscraper in evolution.
  6. Thank you very much. I m sorry for to write a subjects because my computer have a problem.
  7. Hi, My name is Alberic. I'm 23 years old. I drive a forklilft by Leroy Merlin, this is a DIY store. I am afol since 2013. I love the lego city police, swat, construction site. I live in France. I have already participated in 14 lego exhibition in france. I love To create a moc. I am sorry for my writing not English at all. I speak a little English. I registered on this forum to expanded my network afol. I should like to present a only diorama in lego to represent a construction site of a skyscraper. Thank you for your welcome. Here is my collection my city and my construction of site =