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  1. It's on sale at Amazon: Lego City 60098 Heavy Haul Train It's down to £109 for Prime members from £147. As has been discussed before, sometimes this means nothing, other times it means that discontinuation is imminent.
  2. The other thing is that the winter train crosses over into a lot of areas: 1. Winter village with pent up demand for a train. 2. Cheap steam train without batteries for the younger children. 3. Great parts set for more serious building - either combining two (which looks awesome!) or the fact that you get 3 large drivers in red plus a front truck with new red parts. Any DB steam train you like? Sorted. Thats 3 markets at once - which means that the costs get defrayed much more widely. Personally I'd like to see some smaller engines with PF built in - tank engines or shunters. I can't come up with something as widely popular as the winter train though.

    Hello! I've been lurking for a while but as I now have a train (just the high speed passenger train) and I'm already trying to work out how to add doors, I thought I'd join up. Sad as I missed the Emerald Knight - hoping for more like it.
  4. Lego City Train Station 60050 has been retired though. Be interesting to see how long until there's a new station as it's the last of the Lego train sets not to have a train in it!