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  1. I've ordered from them a fair few times, the part/parts haven't ever arrived within two weeks, sometimes I think it's taken them that long to dispatch. I'm in the UK fwiw. I always get twitchy too, but they've never, ever failed to deliver! They even tracked down some stickers for a set I'd had for a few years and then decided to open... set then retired and they were out of stock online! It took a while, but after six weeks or so, the stickers arrived with a letter of apology for the delay! Lego's customer service is in my experience the very, very best there is. Phenomenal in fact.
  2. Sorry, I don't recall that bit of discussion... but I will second your good idea now. Does discussing the rumour of a new falcon really exclude speculation based upon new parts appearing in other sets? For me, a rumour is strengthened by seeing new parts that are undeniably perfect for the job. That new trans-blue 'cockpit' cone piece is perfect for realising the falcon's cockpit. If there were new macaroni slopes perfect for the docking rings and they appeared in another new set, would it really be that irrelevant to mention them here?
  3. Perhaps what's needed is a new thread for anything pertaining to the rumour regarding the tbc UCS Millennium Falcon. Any blathering, unsubstantiated nonsense, potential parts speculation, argument over parts count/price or anything else for that matter. I like the 'guessing game' aspect of the discussion that (for me) builds the anticipation of the set. I would hate for some of that conversation to be lost, or get shut down... I think you are right though, this stuff is off topic and the "unconfirmed rumours", "wish lists" and "guesses" are probably more on topic. All of it has a place in my opinion, it's just where that place is that matters?
  4. Sorry. Hasn't the one above it been around for a very long time? I was assuming the upper part was one of these ones: Apologies for any confusion on my part.
  5. Indeed! It's a fairly new piece... 18653 and will no doubt make building the mandible access holes a lot easier. There are a few pieces that I expect to see on it if the UCS falcon hits, including the new macaroni tiles!
  6. LEGO 70372 Nexo Knights Combo Nexo Powers Wave 1 blindbags. 74p each on clearance from Asda in the UK. Cheapest I've seen for the Nexogon piece! Part No. 27255
  7. Looks about right to me... there's are a few other views of the set around, but the ones I saw on Brickset weren't giving anything else away...
  8. Just did a really quick Photoshop job on one of those Atlantis sets... Could look better if I spent a bit more time, but I really want the set in these colours now!
  9. If I had the money, I'd get the Saturn V. Just a gut reaction, t h I'd like both, I'd also like the UCS Slave I... there's rumour of a new UCS falcon too. Sorry, that's not helping. I'd go with Saturn V!
  10. There's a longer trailer and some screen shots out now. Unless I missed these posted above. I'm really, really hoping that there will be support for this in the form of real world sets. I wasn't planning on getting into gaming in any way, shape or form... but, I'm very tempted, just on the basis of what I've seen of this game pack.
  11. This is great. Exactly the sort of thing that Lego should do if they ever produce another stand alone space theme. I always loved the spaceships that had sections you clipped together. One of my favourites as a child was 6891 for that reason.
  12. I have no concept of what it must be like to be in any kind of minority. I'm a white middle-aged male and whilst I've had tough times in my life, that is nothing like enduring any sort of adversity day in, day out. I get cross when idiots in cars cut me up when I'm on my bike, but that's only a few moments of anger at one or two individuals who've failed to be considerate. I initially thought getting upset about this was an overreaction, but I think I can see where they're coming from, even if they're five years late, I think they have a right to be offended. This is a couple of large corporations who in retrospect probably should have known better. Do I think Lego and Sainsbury 's should have acted differently? Possibly, but I think what's important is how they handle it going forward, and that doesn't mean censorship, it means sensitivity. Without checking, I don't know whether there was balance, good vs. evil being represented... perhaps male and female would have been safer?
  13. I don't know how original this idea is, not very I'd imagine, but let's say that you use 928 as a template or starting point (338 parts at roughly £39.99 in today's austerity pound) modify the build a little, throw in a few extra bits that are missing and you could pretty much make 924, 918, 886, 885 and 891... and maybe some of the other classic sets too? I expect someone cleverer than me could do a quick investigation on rebrickable and get better results than I did. If there were a creator set that had that aim as it's remit to re-imagine, update or even create a new one off space theme where you got the "big ship" as the main set, a one man cruiser and a couple of other space themed builds as the alternate models I think it would appeal to a lot of people. Thinking about this makes me want to have a go at actually setting this as a challenge for my next moc! Maybe this could work as a competition? With the idea of using space, classic space, neo classic space, mars mission or any other space theme (or one of your own devising) as the 'look': design a sub £50 "creator" set (no more than 600 pieces let's say) with a minimum of 4 possible alternate builds, all space themed. One main set has to use all the pieces, two others must use at least 75% of the pieces each and two final builds must use at least 50% of them each.
  14. Thank you all, I really appreciate such kind words.