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  1. I can't see the results either! Anyway, I also voted for Ahsoka based purely on design. I don't own either of these minifigures, but Ahsoka looks like she has the best design, followed by Bistan.
  2. Love the y wing. Everything about it jut screams perfection! Also like how you built the landing gear into the engines and how you achieved the circular caps for the engines. And the A-wing is easily the best I've seen!
  3. Really good, love the hatch and engines!
  4. I might pick up either Batgirl or Barbara (whichever I find first) or another lobster batman as mine has a printing crack in it. Thanks guys for your help!
  5. Hopefully this is under the right forum.... So, I'm planning on buying one or two more The Lego Batman Movie cmf's, and am wondering which ones I should get! I currently own: - The 5 bat variants - Arkham Joker - Redhood - Commissioner Gordon - Dick Grayson And the two sets I plan on buying are Mr Freeze Ice Attack and the Batwing. So, which minifigure should I pick up? Do I even need any more? Which is your favourite? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!
  6. Haha. Very nice - I love the Mad Max build.
  7. Thanks guys for your help. I'll check out the websites when I have some time!
  8. Flickr does seem like the best option, but I don't have Yahoo, so I'll check Photobucket out!
  9. Okay, this is my first actual topic, so hopefully this is in the right place! I'm planning on uploading a few MOCs to Eurobricks, but I don't know what website I should use to upload the images to so that I can then link them here. Any ideas anybody? So down in the comments if you could please list some websites that I can use, that would be much appreciated! I tried to create a Brickshelf account a couple of days ago, but I didn't get the confirmation email, so I might try again soon. Anyway, let me know in the comments what you use to upload images to Eurobricks and any suggestions you might have. Thanks
  10. Looks good! Like the colour scheme.
  11. Pretty sure you guys are missing these. And this And this Apologies if these have been shown already!
  12. Looks very good! Nice building techniques
  13. Went back to Woolworths the other day with more cash in hand to feel for some minifigures, only to find that the store had been rearranged and the minifigures nowhere in sight! Except for clan of the cave bat, which I hid in a different box of toys the other day as I didn't have any money with me. Went to Coles the next day to find the minifigures there! Didn't have much time so I came back the next day. Still no Dick Grayson. So I went back the next day to finally find Dick Grayson, just as I was about to leave. Love this minifigure and glad I managed to find it! But boy, that yellow piece is super hard to feel.
  14. Fanastic! Love the moving head!
  15. I know, confusing right??? I noticed it when I picked up this set then started to look at the images of the previous version....