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  1. Lol. The pencil one is great!
  2. Haven't been following this forum for a couple of days. $200 sounds about right. What is this Flying Fox thing?
  3. I couldn't find it but I did find a comparison between the two sets. Now I can see why they remade this one has it looks so much better than it's predecessor. I really like this set now as it is a massive improvement using better building techniques and more accurate designs.
  4. That is pretty good. I'm liking the box art more now.
  5. Love this MOC. The Bat Roller(?) looks like one sweet ride!
  6. The box art looks alright. Here is the link for the MOC of the upcoming Darth Vader Transformation set. https://hiveminer.com/Tags/lego,transformation/Interesting
  7. UCS don't really interest me that much so that is a no buy to the snowspeeder. I found a MOC of the upcoming Darth Vader Transformation set. It seems pretty accurate compared to the actual set. Can I post the link here or is that classified as a leaked image? I understand it if the mods don't want me to post it here, so I thought I better double check.
  8. Yes, Baseplates are annoying. Luckily I haven't needed to join two together but when I pick up my baseplate it starts to bend, forcing the pieces to fall off. Really wish baseplates were easier to use and build on!
  9. Oh. Okay, I was just wondering because they used the word sets, not models or vehicles. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  10. Quote from the bottom of that page "The LEGO Group developed these secondary Bat-vehicles, which can all be seen briefly in the batcave in the movie, as real lego sets" Is this a third wave confirmation??? As we are missing the bat kayak, chopper and dune buggy. If somebody has already mentioned this, then I apologise for mentioning it again. EDIT: I apologise for the double post. I have no idea why they haven't merged :\
  11. Yeah, it's pretty cool. I only wish the picture was less blurry as I would have liked to have read what is says next to the two pictures of the exhausts. Ah well, never mind. I should be grateful that we even have these pictures. Also, the concept art on the left hand side looks pretty nifty. Honestly, when I first saw the batwing in the trailers I fell in love with it. I can just imagine the Republic flying fleets of the batwing - to me it looks like it just flew out of a Star Wars movie.
  12. This is probably way too big still, but I found this image (this is not mine) on the internet. Thought it might help to get the ideas going. Image is in the spoiler box. Also, when can we expect to see more detailed images of the summer wave?
  13. Really good review and photography. I hadn't planned on buying this set, but you may have just convinced to get it!
  14. Wow. Great little build. I love how you can turn the batsignal and I might borrow this function for some of my MOC's!
  15. Not sure about the cheese slope, but i would just use 2 yellow studs for the eyes. I'm not planning on buying clayface but maybe over a weekend I might try to make a smaller clayface (unfortunately not in nougat as I dont have the right pieces)