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  1. Cole? AC-DC? YESSS!!! Also excited that I'll be able to get Lloyd in his Ninja outfit and a generic Garmardon. Also excited for the rocker!
  2. This is easy. Iron man and the Dark Knight
  3. Wow, these minifigures. I don't own many Ninjago sets so am glad to be able to get my first Wu, Garmadon and Lloyd (and maybe Nia even though she is less appealing). Was pretty disappointed when the set images revealed that the civilian Lloyd would be in a set. Then it was revealed that he was also in the big Ninjago city set so I gave up hope that we'd get him in the CMF series, but here we are! I love this minifigure and the hood looks great (even though hair would have been preferable). Will also pick up Jay as well. Fearing for what tomorrow will bring... I really can't afford to want over half the minifigures like TLBM series. At least I now know to cross a few minifigures from series 17 off my list due to more desirable minifigures arising!!!
  4. Iron man and batman. Wow. This DC lot is pretty bland.
  5. Is there really any contest? Boba for sure.
  6. Im pretty sure that there is an app which lets you read the catalogue.
  7. Can't believe I have only just discovered this game!
  8. Me too! To be honest, none of the three sets really appeal to me although that often changes once I read reviews. It will be interesting to see just how big the builds actually are!
  9. The new June-December catalogue arrived a couple of days ago, and it had the JL sets in it. Isn't it strange how we don't have official pics yet, but the sets are in the catalogue? Seems like an oversight from Lego, although hopefully this means we'll see the official pics soon.
  10. This is a tough one between senate commando captain and the tie fighter pilot. My vote goes to the Tie fighter pilot due to the helmet print.