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  1. September in stores...
  2. On same reliable source that revealed price of Saturn V...:
  3. It seems the price will be €160...
  4. Thank you Vliebricker! The rope is used to turn the pantograph when tramway reverses the direction of travel. The windows are built with plate, tile, jumper and modified brick 1x1 with headlight
  5. Thank you r5! It seems that a new Knight Rider movie is coming (I hope this year): Sorry for ot...
  6. Thank you guys!
  7. Thanks!
  8. Thank you!
  9. This is the "historic version" of my previous moc:
  10. Updated first post with pictures of real model :)
  11. Rumors on brickset forum says that the announcement of UCS Falcon (or a "surprise release") is today. For Rebelscum something bigger come later in month (5/25?? Exactly 40 years...)
  12. Thanks! :)
  13. I want to build it and finish the details before, then I'll see...
  14. I've used this sensor: Sensor 9V&category=[Mindstorms][RCX]#T=S&O={} A pair of light sensors works fine, but occasionally oscillations of ambient light trigger the sensors... I'll try with a technic brick 1x2 to do a tunnel light
  15. Thank you guys! I placed the order on pick a brick and brick and pieces. Now I'm waiting...