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  1. Wow, it's a funny topic! As with most of us, the worst thing I've done was before my dark ages. Now the bricks are precious. So back then in my home country, there was no Bricklink, and pneumatic sets were unbelievably expensive in the scale of my pocket money or even a Christmas gift. But I wanted these cylinders so badly... So once, I was happy enough to came across these 'Technic Service Packs' and bought two small pneumatic pumps. I've tried to convert one to a cylinder by drilling a hole in the upper part, gluing a small plastic tube there and deactivating the one-way valve by inserting a piece of a needle in the lower tube. Unfortunately, it worked only for extension, as, apparently, the pump is designed to suck the air from outside while contracting. Nerveless I'd used it in a couple of MOCs, as usually you don't need pressure to contract the cylinder, the gravity do the job. I'll see, if I can make a picture, that piece of horror should be still around somewhere...
  2. I am in love with that suspension! It's really nice to see a close reassembly of the real setup in such a modest scale. I wonder, how many iterations did the front took? The rear lights are spot on. They are such a distinctive feature of the Renegade, try to keep them even if they are slightly out of scale. I can't see a way to make them smaller.
  3. This is a really well-balanced build. I like the body work, only 6 panels on the side, but each works just perfectly.
  4. Dear @Blakbird, can we expect the MOC review from you? I remember you mentioned that a couple of pages back, just wanted to let you know, there is least one more guy hoping for that . For me it is the one and only supercar MOC I would build, but I am still not sure I can afford it right now. Your MOC reviews is, probably, the best I can get.
  5. A couple of specific questions, if you don't mind. Is there any particular reason not to use the hub pieces on the rear axle? And how that 6L Panhard rod works on the front? In my experience sometimes it is too short causing the sideways movements and imposing the stress on the suspension components. Thanks.
  6. I would double that. Thanks.
  7. That is something completely out of the box! The subject is not something new, but you managed to implement it in such an innovative way, now I am asking myself how else you can built the hovercraft? It is not a hovercraft if it doesn't lift. As @Victor Imaginator said it's a small revolution! I see such vehicles in real life a lot, and I should agree with @z3_2drive, the movements look very realistic.
  8. Wow it is a really great biuld! Every mechanical component (except gearbox, probably) is in place, plus it is remotely controlled. It is quite an achievement in that scale. Every time I change the wheels on my Golf, I am telling myself, I need to recreate that suspension in Lego. You have totally nailed it! I love the frontal drive line setup: XL, differential, bevel gears, chain and fake engine - brilliant! And great work on the video! That first view with the cooling towers really sets the mood.
  9. Thirdwigg, I should say every time you post something, it makes my day. I really appreciate your design philosophy to keep things simple and clean. At least they seem simple. That picture on your website with the axles dismounted from chassis - everything is so logical an elegant. I wonder how many design iteration the axles and chassis took? I always considered the rack and pinion steering on live axles as something not too realistic. Your solution with the steering link being longitudinal instead of transverse is really interesting, since, as I see it, it should help with reducing the sideways play, when steering. I am building the live axle with transverse steering link right now, and it appears you have to make the setup really strong in transverse direction to get the steering work. Was it part of the motivation behind you solution?
  10. Dear Didumos69, congratulations on a great job. That turned out really amazing. I love every aspect of the car, like the angled lines of the body, I mentioned before, and for example this area on the side: That straight black beam makes nice contrast to all the red angled beams beneath. This is, as I see, the minimalist style as it should be. You don't have all these complicated curves and double-curved surfaces, just a few angled lines. But each line is optimized to perfection and stands as a beauty on itself. As was mentioned before, the car resemblances the 8880 beautifully. The true homage. And special thanks for the WIP thread. It has been one of the longest and interesting I followed here. You have really show all the optimization behind the complicated project. And the responses from the community showed what makes Eurobricks so great.
  11. I really like the front grille with lights! Can't stop looking at it. Overall, a nice chassis put into a nice body. Congrats and thanks for sharing.
  12. I'll double that. Black version looks too plain. All the beautiful lines are gone. Although, I should admit, I like the idea of the tribute to 8880. But that can be a MOD. My vote goes for the red one.
  13. Put some yellow accents on the hood, and it will be a fancy civil version of the Batman's Tumbler
  14. What can be better than a Unimog MOC? A green Unimog, of course. Better than that? A green Unimog MOC from @Thirdwigg. I was waiting for it to be completed. And it has turned out great. I much appreciate your design philosophy to keep everything clean and simple. Very nice build! No, you can't! It is Unimog
  15. This is out of this world! Looking at the first picture I was trying to find a 'trick': is it all lego? is it 3D graphics? is it photoshoped? It is so sleek. How, how it is possible? And then was the video with the roof. I've watched it five times I still cannot believe it is a real lego mechanism. When it is unfolded, the roof lines is so smooth. Amazing! Any chance for chassis or bottom shots? Thank for sharing.