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  1. Of course almost everyone votes for the Queen. Time to give the Nurse a chance!
  2. Looks so peaceful. Wonderful picture. Light, colours and arrangement are just spot on Btw: The Dead Zone is also really good. Probably overlooked compared to later successes but it touches some interesting (and pretty current) topics. Thematically its similar to Insomnia, with somebody suddenly developing the talent to see things people can't see. I think it was the first novel by King I read and I found it quite moving.
  3. The farmer can give the minotaur a nice stable to stay
  4. This looks really impressive. Very nice (of course I mean "evil") cover motive.
  5. O!dschool Gladiator FTW! Thats brilliant though!
  6. Ha! I love this silly film Cute little scene that really fits well to it
  7. Hello and welcome to Eurobricks! I'm sure you will enjoy it here
  8. This is fantastic @Dark Tower: its been a while since I read the books. Maybe something I should get into again. I really have a soft spot for epic, long stories which are not typical fantasy. The Stand is pretty much in that direction as well. And Clive Barker's Imajica in its own, weird way These books (and a lot more; I probably read a meter of Stephen King books^^) inspired me a lot when I read them the first time in my teenager years. "It" is of course brilliant as well. Hard to believe how much great material King wrote in so short time!
  9. Very cute. Its perfectly shaped (and timed! ).
  10. I think its pretty hopeless trying to "squeeze" Minifigs into a scale, as they are effectively their own scale, being so disproportional to the human shape. So in that regard you could say if a Minifig fits in and is neither too big or two small, then the car/house/airplane/boat/whatever is right. However to get all the details and shaping on the speed champions right, they had to blow them up quite significantly sizewise, which makes them look to me quite disproportional to me (and they are not even 2 seater!). I think as a conclusion you can say that there will be never a perfect solution. Try to keep things looking at least coherent with each other and don't mind if its not all perfect to scale.
  11. I just saw this one today. Its hilarious! A superfunny, adorable little build. Wonderful
  12. I had the same thought. Also: its spring! Who fits better from all those than the Bumblebee Girl? She is even in the current banner Enjoy!