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  1. Welcome to Eurobricks! Very nice build. Design-wise it is definitely going into the right direction. I would give it a bit more texture though, like adding some tiles (typically with arrows printed on) and some translucent 1x1 plate pieces to increase the space-vibe. Also the front doesn't seems quite right to me... it gets too narrow too early on.
  2. I have read Ready Player One last summer. Its certainly not high literature, but probably the biggest fan-service-work of all time This said, I think quite of people will be disappointed to see a lot of the 80s memes removed and replaced by more current things. Then again, 2D arcade games and oldschool dungeon crawler aren't really much rooted in the public conscience of cinemagoer today. And the trailer had Rush, so that's a nice flashback for the 80s crowd. Also turning a book into a film usually isn't a straight conversion. It often requires massive rearrangements. The idea itself is intriguing, but I would have preferred someone else would have done it. Spielberg hasn't impressed me much in the recent years. His CGI-heavy films look pretty run-off-the-mill. Ok, back to topic. Currently I'm reading a biography on Abraham Lincoln by Jörg Nagler, called "Amerikas Großer Präsident". Americas Great President. A good read
  3. Lovely MOCs that seem to work well with the roundabout. They actually look like they could be sets as well. Very elegant and neat designs and functionality. The snack booth is really lovely as well. I appreciate such details that add some atmosphere. Though I would perhaps put the swings a bit further apart or reduce their number. They seem to get pretty close to each other when its spinning - too close to be safe!
  4. I don't believe anybody has to justify any vote for any Minifig they are doing, whether I'm agreeing to them or not. I have seen quite a lot Minifigs losing in earlier rounds, that I would have preferred to stay in longer. It is how it is. Its a good reminder that not everyone has the same preferences.
  5. Copper turns green rather quickly, so that would be an option. Reddish brown works with bronze, which is a quite popular material for casting artwork as well.
  6. I completely agree. It looks amazing, so having only a low-res picture is actually a mild form of torture
  7. Looks really good. Clean and neat, just like it should be. I really like the plates on the inside of the arc. Makes it very tidy. Also clever use of the whip parts for ornamentation. I would perhaps replace the black statues with grey ones though. Of course, that would clash with the whips then. I have seen them already in white though...
  8. Welcome to Eurobricks from me as well!
  9. Ha! Great idea! Funnily I just had a chat with a friend about classical music and how passionate it is. Now this really hits the nail on the head - real passion!
  10. I find its totally appropriate actually. If you can make it look good with basic building technique, there is no need to over-engineer it Just like there are still pretty conventional creator sets around, that still look completely fine as they are.
  11. Looks really cool. Wonderfully nicely curved, clean and neat build - it just looks so right The engine looks very good as well. Simple but perfectly catching the look. Great job! P.S. I just saw this is your first post. Welcome to Eurobricks. Quite a way to introduce oneself!
  12. Hello Klaus and welcome to Eurobricks! A lot of people here (including me) are into aircraft and space, so that fits
  13. Ah well, the closer it gets to the final round, the harder the decisions get, and the more lovely Minifigs go. I will feel certainly something missing when this is over. Thanks for putting all the effort into the poll, Itaria Must be quite a lot of work!
  14. What a spectacular beast! Very organic and dynamic. It looks a bit like a cross between a dragon, Giger's alien and a stormtrooper. Has definitely style!
  15. Ah, I had no idea about those! Interesting!