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  1. Now this is a very good point I haven't had on my radar at all!
  2. I just refreshed the site and saw the new spring banner - how cute! Great work and kudos to the artist!
  3. Thank you both very much! The pictures weren't actually planned as a story. Just a variation of action scenes, but I guess that actually qualifies as a pulp-story line
  4. I see you points. I think though that the vast majority of UCS buyer are more casual builders still, who are looking for a cool Lego set to put on display from time to time. About printing: yes its expensive and the results are sometimes not great when it comes to curved surfaces. But indeed: economy of scale helps in that regard As for how long stickers live today I can't really say much. My dark ages are not so long ago, so I can't really say how well 10 year old stickers last. I encountered however some stickers from the 80s still sticking pretty well my bricks from my old collection. Maybe its a matter of storage. An assembled model is more exposed to light of course. And its possible that they use different glue today, no idea really. I don't argue that water slide or dry transfers would stick on better, though my attempts with water slide ones (long ago) weren't so glorious. Gosh no. Rather messy really...
  5. Recently, after some redecorating of my display shelf, I realized how much the Dewback from the Star Wars Cantina set fits to the typical sword & sorcery imagery in the style of Frank Frazetta (think Conan the Barbarian). So I grabbed my Barbarian Minifig, the two Clancees from the Raid Zeppelin as Snake-People, built a patch of desert, grabbed the whale bones from the Deep Sea Submarine and set up a couple of scenes. Some Orcs joined in as well. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I certainly enjoyed taking them: It didn't took long and our Barbarian got some assistance: After the Snake-People were defeated, A group of Orc tried to capture her! An idea which turned out as a bad one It was quite a challenge to pose the Minifigs in a way you can see their faces without making it look too staged and unrealistic. To create the proper pulp-cover feel I also put a slight sepia-effect on the pictures.
  6. Very good to see another retro review. And a very well done one Such a charming and well designed set. Sadly I didn't had too many forestman sets back in the day, but my fondness of them grew lots in retrospect. They were certainly exploring new aspects of the castle theme, which haven't been touched before and this set is an excellent example of this with its tree-houee style build and the new pieces in the set. And I just realized that I totally forgot how the boxes looked like inside and that the little round plates came connected together with a sprue. Quite the retroflash again!
  7. Uuuh, strong group! The ghost is really sweet, as is the librarian, and I bet the banana suit guy is a favourite for a lot people as well, but my vote goes for that super cool rogue!
  8. Initially I wasn't too excited about this set,but seeing the close-ups now I changed my mind. It is certainly lightyears away from last years hoth-set, despite having the same theme . A proper UCS set with some really good detailing.
  9. I think that if people would want to use these kind of decals (and confront themselves with the increased difficulty applying them), they would probably have went into model kits in the first place. Ordinary stickers are already tedious enough for many builders (including me) that everything beyond them would just create unnecessary obstacles. Especially for more casual builders. And I think TLG wants to keep its products easy accessible across the range, so the ideal lego set in my opinion doesn't comes with stickers at all and a nicely and crisp printed piece is just enjoyable to have and to look at.
  10. I agree. There is usually always something going on on the forum, in some areas more, in others less. Sometimes its a bit slow with responses to MOCs contrary to licensed-theme topics, for example. It just reflects the interest of the people, I guess.
  11. Some people say they are the same. Just look at the facial hair
  12. I agree. He just has so much charm, even if he is so easy to wind up
  13. It looks indeed like the alternative model. So in a way one could say the seller listed an official set, even if it isn't it doesn't looks great though. Certainly not comparable with today's standards.
  14. Spider Lady for me. It was a close call between her and the paleontologist, but the more flashy minifig did win. Sorry dear fossil-hunter!
  15. I'm predictable: rocker for me! Even if he's a punk really