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  1. Those are Brilliant! Nice work!
  2. I don't get all the complaints about "remakes". This is a VAST improvement on a 14 year old snowspeeder, that's now unaffordable to buy as a whole, and has some pricey and difficult to find parts to try and piece together. The original looks like an inaccurate stud-fest. This is a welcome set, and so too will be the Falcon, should it be the second UCS this year.
  3. The newer x-wing canopy comes up for a lot of criticism, but at system scale I don't think it could have been done in an accurate way. A gentle upward slope to tthe bottom edge along with tapering width would be next to impossible to mate to any surface so Lego did what they could and gave us a canopy that does the job, and is identifyably x-wing. It also makes a great retrofit for older versions as shown here! Good work Brickmonkey and Commander Rob, it instantly updates the look of these ships!
  4. I think it looks fantastic, much nicer looking than the original UCS version, so a nice update. The old version was a total stud-fest and costs a fortune to buy second hand, and even to bricklink there are certain parts that are very pricey and don't look that good. The functions work really well and the stud to tile ratio looks to be as good as Lego are willing to give is, given their love of the stud!. The new windsheild looks good, though technically the sides should go further back. I'm guessing the availability of other glazing for the other windows was the decider there. Yes it has a lot of stickers, quite why printing is so hard for star wars sets when ideas sets get them so readily we may never know. All in all, day one purchase for me, then the save-athon is on for the Falcon.....
  5. It seems to be roughly the same scale as the tie fighter and X-wing, about 1.5 times system/minifig scale
  6. I picked one up on ebay about 4 months ago for £200. It had been built and dissasembled, but it ws all present and came in the original box with instructions. I don't think there's anything particularly rare in its construction, so maybe it can be bricklinked for less.
  7. Look fanatastic! Will you be at the Brickish event at the National space centre this weekend?
  8. I like it a lot! I love how every t-65 MOC is different, and each one brings something new to the table.
  9. Looking good, I for one love seeing progress pics, not least because I'm still a novice at this stuff so seeing others solutions is very enlightening.
  10. I'm not too fussed about collecting figures, but this bounty hunter pack is a must have, especially as the other Dengar set is of zero interest to me.
  11. All I can say about the presence of the Falcon on the rathtar box, is that it has a much more accurate cockpit than either the system scale or UCS Falcons have had. I can't see it clearly enough to see if it looks like it's made of Lego, or just a picture of the actual ship though.
  12. Needs seagulls
  13. Hi Tyutyu, that nose looks a better shape, I might have a mess around later.
  14. I have to admit i'm totally unfamiliar with the ource material, but looking at the link you posted, this looks like a pretty good representation! Nice work!