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  1. Yeah it's on the agenda, I just haven't had the time to go through and work out which goes where and edit every thread on the various forums I'm on. It's Like photobucket saw the recent ransomware attacks and adopted it as a business model. Good luck with that......
  2. Whatever price the Falcon is, if the old one and every other UCS set is anything to go buy, it'll never be worth less than the purchase price after it gets discontinued, even if you have the audacity to open the box and build the set, so at least you can argue it's a sound investment
  3. To be fair, photobucket has worked just fine for over a decade, they just decided to basically hold everyone's pictures to ransom. Looks like a good way to loose 99% of customers to me
  4. Great! Something else to sort out this weekend I guess!
  5. Jemakrol, Lobot-omy, thank you very much for your kind words! I've been tweaking it here and there and have got the nose structure a bit smoother, and moved the underside hump further back. I'll take some pics later. Jemakrol, it's funny you mention the UCS x-wing, I have that on the shelf above and it's amazing how wrong it is! The nose shape is much worse than mine, it's surprisingly lumpy in places, and the engines are too small. I'll do a side by side pic. Lobot-omy, I may dirty it up a bit for greater accuracy, but while I was building and designing it, I found it easier to guage the shape while it's all one colour. Quite nice to see a factory fresh one though!
  6. There's something distinctly firefly about it. I like it!
  7. That looks great, no gaps, smooth surfacing, and it has plenty of playability! Nice work!
  8. What this thread would benefit most from is if users weren't aloud to post on it, only submit rumors for verification with a moderator and THEN said rumors posted up when there was some kind of verification of their validity. This thread is all but unreadable most of the time. I don't know what's planned differently for 2018's thread, but if it had more posting of facts and less opinions, it would be a much better place.
  9. This is a feature they should have anyway
  10. Bought the new first order battle pack and the A-wing, and also put in my order for the Saturn V but the wait until July will be hard!
  11. The UCS set has a lot to live up to after this! I'd drop big bucks for a UCS this good. Are you listening LEGO?
  12. Same here! Snowspeeder SNOWSPEEDER!!!!!!!1!
  13. That's a great update! Transforms an awkward looking set into a much more accurate model!
  14. Bumping an old thread here, apologies for that, but this is the very first Lego set I had, bought for me when I was 3 and I still have all the parts to build it, but am lacking the figure! I guess it's time to bricklink him!
  15. That's genuinely awesome! I'd love to see this expanded further!