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  1. Wow, so many kind words, thanks everyone. I've gone for the factory fresh look for this one, I might build another a bit more battle worn one in the future though. Many thanks The underside is very satisfying, especially as the shelf it's currently sat on is above me as I type and so I can only really see the underside unless I stand up! Wow, high praise indeed! The integrity was important given my 9 and 11 year old nephews like playing with my lego, and whilst there is some fun to be had reassembling, it's nicer when things stay intact! Cheers! Much appreciated, thanks Thank you very much, I really wanted it to be sturdy, accurate, and look like LEGO could have designed it. I would agree with that, I tried to make it more angular, but every different way I tried it, it turned out quite fragile, so I went for the curved slopes. It's something I may look into further in the future. I'm still very much learning this MOCing and love discovering nw techniques. Anyway, thanks! I have nothing but respect for some of the crazy accurate creations out there, but I agree that there is a lot to be said for having a robust model.
  2. This started out as a 9493 that I picked up second hand, but complete. I was surprised how crude it looked after more recent sets, so I began tweaking it here and there, and then it just sort of got out of hand, and I don't think there are two bricks of the original set still in their original configuration! I'm not a quick moccer by any standards, I tend to come back to things and tweak a bit, rummage through the spares, get inspired by others builds etc. There are plenty of things I could have done for greater accuracy, but I wanted it to be a tough build, and whilst there are techniques that would allow the shaping to be more screen accuracy, they tend to be quite fragile, which is a compromise I was unwilling to make. Anyways, on with the pics The wings open and close in much the same way as in the originally set, though much of the mechanism has been messed about with and changed. The knob for opening has been relocated to the rear, and the rubber bands have been made a little more discrete, though I think if any further development on this happens, i may ditch it and revert to the wing mechanism used by many other x-wing MOCs. Tried to get the shaping on the underside as close as possible without it being too fragile, I think the shape is ok, but the slope section could do with being a little more secure. It doesn't fall off, but it's only connected at the rear. The gap in the underside is to accept the stand which is designed to hold the ship at an angle so it looks a little more dynamic. So yeah, it's not finished, I keep doing things to it when I find different or better solutions to things. I feel the rear of the fuselage might be a stud too long, so that's something I might look into. The greebling could be more accurate, but that's not a major worry. I realise the shaping is a little more rounded than some, but it's also a little less "studdy" too. I'd like to incorporate some landing gear but at this point I wanted to make sure it looked right, and the stand makes gear less vital for display. Overall I'm quite happy with it, but I'm also open for suggestions on improvements.
  3. I was the guy in the red baseball cap asking about how you manage to get so many white bricks and bitching about the UCS Hoth set :D I think you're the first Eurobricker I've met offline!
  4. Was good to talk to you today! The display was awesome, very inspiring!
  5. I don't mind a crisp new looking snowspeeder, apart from anything else, the cleaner it is, the more camoflage it is in snow, that said, the orange stripes don't help much there! I thnk the new set looks pretty good, a vast improvement on the original UCS. I do think the canopy looks a bit tall, but it might be the angle of the picture.
  6. With my canopy, I discovered I wasn't the first to have this issue, and Lego requested a few pictures shwing the issue. I took a couple and sent those, as well as links to forums where people had found the same issue, and they sent out a replacement, and let me keep the old one, which was handy!
  7. They sent me a replacement canopy for my x-wing when it wouldn't close properly. I think if you use it as it's meant you'll be ok,but I doubt they'll honour requests if you try your luck every other week.
  8. I'll do a partial strip down and take a few pics at the weekend. It's relatively simple, especially on the resistance x-wing with the storage box at the back. Thanks! The wings are tricky to assemble, and not as strong as the originals, but they're fine for display and light to intermediate swooshing. I've been MODing a 9493 on and off for a while, there's not much original left, I'll post up some pics at the weekend.
  9. I don't condone faking at all, but you guys all make it SOOOOOOOO easy! If you want a Lando and a Cloud city set, petition Lego, don't just complain about it on here. You think anyone from Lego is reading through this forum looking for set ideas? They only care when leaked pictures are posted.
  10. Modular sets would make a lot of sense for larger things like bases, cloud city, the death star, where one big set is either lacking in scale detail, or horrifically expensive.
  11. Looking great! Just don't let any snowspeeders near it....
  12. Love the video, and of course the Star destroyer, but a commentary would have been great! I love the way the shuttle folds up, that's superb.
  13. Obi-Wans starfighter and the Naboo starfighter both seem to suffer a lack of scale. They're too big for system scale, and too small to be as impressive as a UCS should be, but neither are bad models. I agree the Yoda and Maul busts aren't great, but that might be because they're so different from other UCS sets.
  14. To build a Yavin IV that people would be happy with it would have to be big enough to stick an X-wing or two in, accurate enough outside to look like the Pyramid shaped exterior, and feature a control room and other interior features. To be worthy, it would end up bigger and more expensive than the death star, or as dissapointing as Insult on Hoth. I don't see lego risking it in the way we'd like, but I can imagine a smaller control room with Mon Mothma amd co, to represent it in both Rogue one and A new Hope.
  15. Well it turns out the problem solves itself, if you rebuild it in black and then leave it a year without dusting it, the colour is spot on!