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  1. The Partridge Family Season 3 episode 8 - A Likely Candidate - Danny Partridge is playing with Lego in the kitchen at the 8:26 mark.
  2. Here you go
  3. Well that WAS interesting Thanks so much for your time in translating that for everyone. (Jaw drops to floor) Confirmed confirmed - no longer fan fiction! I am 99% sure the next one won't have continuity with this one.
  4. I would like to see A Time Cruisers movie An Adventurers movie Several space movies A Pirates movie A Castle movie A town/city movie A Clutch Powers 2 movie (the problem is LEGO would probably put some licensed themes in) so you have found my secret sentence ?
  5. He was in the most recent Dino theme from 2012.
  6. I would like to see the Bluecoats have another ship, maybe a ship the size of the Black Seas Barracuda. They have only had the Caribbean Clipper,
  7. I think the LEGO movie isn't canon because it is pretty much a kids MOC-canon. And I think all if not most unlicensed themes with minifigures are connected. He is a descendant of Johnny Thunder himself. Those ''dimensions'' are actually called ''realms'' in the show.
  8. I came across these German audio dramas and am wondering if anyone can translate them and post the dialogue in English. Thanks everyone and enjoy. LEGO SYSTEM adventure: The hunt for the Pharaoh LEGO Orient Expedition
  9. It's bad enough that they changed the voice actors, but using someone as famous as Jackie Chan just ruins any chance of thinking of Wu as Wu. Now Jackie Chan is the leader of the teenage mutant ninja non-turtles. Couldn't they get Lady Gaga or Beyoncé to play Nya too while they are at it? The negativity is because there are a legion of fans that would love to see a movie about their favorite show with their real voices, faces and hairstyles. Instead they get a creepy parody of the characters in an alternate reality.
  10. This seems like a Ninjago Parody. They are almost totally re-designed. Cole's color changed from black to brown- that's Dareth's color!!? And Jay is insecure? What? Since when? At least Lloyd will finally be voiced by a male actor. And I found it hard enough to believe Nya could design, afford and build a samurai robot before and now they are high school students? It seems like some Garmadon type finally got a hold of the script and remade it in his own image. This reminds me of when somebody re-drew the Scooby-doo gang and made them unwatchable. As much as I'd like to see a Ninjago movie, this one would probably give me nightmares. I can't wait. It's like driving by an accident on the road and you just have to look even though you really don't want to see.
  11. Here is the link to the Jungle Research Station early picture
  12. I really like the professor, Dr. Cyber, that you brought along for the cruise.
  13. I've only been collecting LEGO for a few years. Ironically, the cracked ones were all ones that I bought new. My classic ones are mostly purchased from ebay and bricklink. I also got a few from friends and trading at LEGOLAND. That's what leads me to the conclusion that the newer ones aren't as well made. Also, I live in northern Arizona and we get winter and summer here. It usually rains all month in July. So I'm not sure what effect, if any, the climate has on them.