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  1. I use bluecoats as colonists from Legoland. And I use redcoats as navy and/or treasure and pirate hunters. I have noticed the redcoats have two ships and the bluecoats only have one, but the bluecoats have more forts/outposts. Some people think both of them might be British. It really doesn't matter what anyone calls them because they are just toys to be used with imagination for fun. So there is no need to argue one way or the other.
  2. Hi.  Thank you so much for the previous translations you have done.  I'm wondering if you could please translate Jim Spaceborn 2, judging by some of the pages it looks interesting.  Thanks for your time and consideration in this matter.

    And also how is the hunt for the rest of the Time Cruisers comics?

    1. Tazakk


      Hey! I've been holding off on Jim Spaceborn 2 because I know there are English versions out there that might be scanned someday, but I guess it'd be something to take one sometime if I'm able. It's just the spaceborn stuff is a lot more time-intensive to translate than time cruisers! 

      With regards to the latter, there was a listing on eBay a while ago that may have had the missing comics, but it was out of my budget range so I had to pass it up. I'm still keeping a lookout for them, though. I'm sure someday I'll get a hold of the rest. :grin:

  3. What thread is it in? I would like to see that
  4. Either this guy predicted the future or this was just a hint of what was to come
  5. Sorry for taking so long That was amazing. Good to know that Dr. Kilroy works there How could it take MONTHS to get to Tibet? Did they take some sort of break? Especially if they are racing against Lord Sinister.
  6. The Partridge Family Season 3 episode 8 - A Likely Candidate - Danny Partridge is playing with Lego in the kitchen at the 8:26 mark.
  7. Just to let you know, one of the adventures audio dramas has been translated


    1. TalonCard


      OMG, that's fantastic! Thank you for letting me know!

  8. Here you go
  9. Well that WAS interesting Thanks so much for your time in translating that for everyone. (Jaw drops to floor) Confirmed confirmed - no longer fan fiction! I am 99% sure the next one won't have continuity with this one.
  10. I would like to see A Time Cruisers movie An Adventurers movie Several space movies A Pirates movie A Castle movie A town/city movie A Clutch Powers 2 movie (the problem is LEGO would probably put some licensed themes in) so you have found my secret sentence ?
  11. He was in the most recent Dino theme from 2012.
  12. I would like to see the Bluecoats have another ship, maybe a ship the size of the Black Seas Barracuda. They have only had the Caribbean Clipper,
  13. I think the LEGO movie isn't canon because it is pretty much a kids MOC-canon. And I think all if not most unlicensed themes with minifigures are connected. He is a descendant of Johnny Thunder himself. Those ''dimensions'' are actually called ''realms'' in the show.
  14. I came across these German audio dramas and am wondering if anyone can translate them and post the dialogue in English. Thanks everyone and enjoy. LEGO SYSTEM adventure: The hunt for the Pharaoh LEGO Orient Expedition