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  1. Here's the boxcar. Coming up next: the logging car.
  2. @ColletArrow Thanks! All of the greeblies are very asymmetrical, but you can't see it in the movie. It takes looking at the video game to see both sides of the engine. Yes, the track is black in the movie. P.S. You'll be seeing more of the bridge later! @TechnicRCRacer. The boiler is interesting--the bottom of it is studs down. As far as I can tell, everything from the boiler up is "floating" and isn't actually attached. Here's the tender.
  3. @ColletArrow. Thanks! There certainly are a lot of hoses on this, aren't there? If I didn't know how to use the flex tool before doing this, I sure did afterwards! It took a bit of trial and error, but I managed to get everything to go where I wanted it to go. I haven't checked if all the parts are available in the colors used here. My main goal was to reproduce what's shown on the screen without worrying so much about a physical build. I feel that most of these parts exist in these colors, or at least similar shades of gray/black.
  4. @Actor Builder Thanks, A.B.! Here's the left side of the engine. We never see it in the movie, but thanks to the video game, we know what it looks like!
  5. The legs are coming together. The ankles and knees are connected in loose hinges--they won't actually support any weight. I have included an alternate "ankle bone" that is stronger than the one used in the assembled legs. Also, the round knee parts on the side don't quite line up to the "mud flaps." .lxf file: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Xon67/Movie/movie_emmetsmech_2017-06-04.lxf The upper arms and legs and their attachment points are turning out to the be most difficult parts to reproduce--which is why they are probably the last items left in the build--and why my brain hurts. There are a couple of frames that show the parts there, but I just can't identify what they are. I'll keep working on it, but we may end up making up these areas entirely.
  6. @Toastie Thanks for the kind comment! I think it would be great to physically build everything I create in LDD, but I would need another house to fit it all! @lostdriveway There's more coming soon!
  7. @NDLG80 That looks great! Now I want to build one for myself! @BlackStar I'll stay away from the torso until you say it's available again. Glad to have you back! @Capparezza I've put a good amount of time in on the game myself. It's a fun one to play. Thanks for the kind comment! I have started another topic in the train forum for the LEGO Movie steam train. The link is available in my signature below. I plan to post final builds of all of the train cars except the caboose (I can't find any good reference images of that car anywhere...). At some point, I'm also going to start an Old West topic in the historic theme forum to post a few different builds. Stay tuned!
  8. This is a project I started as part of the Assembling Bricksburg topic in the LEGO Town forum. @lostdriveway brought it up as something to re-create from the movie and @Electricsteam suggested I post it here in the train forum. So, now that it's done, here it is: As far as I can tell, none of the cars on this train use bogies. Even if they did have bogies, the details on the side of the cars would prevent any of them from turning. All of the buffers are brick built. I'll post more pics soon of the other side of the engine and the other cars--all except for the caboose--the movie never shows it clearly and I can't find any other good references for it.
  9. Hi @KamalMYafi You're welcome to the party at any time! I wonder how many times I've watched The LEGO Movie, too. It's kind of difficult to figure out, since I tend to watch certain scenes over and over again when looking for references! Here's another update to the mech. I placed the hips in the correct location (they are not fully attached at the waist), filled in some gaps in the torso on the shoulders and lower back (the new parts are in dark red to show what changed), and modified the heels on the feet (they are now asymmetrical as seen in the movie). The .lxf file is here on Brickshelf: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Xon67/Movie/movie_emmetsmech_2017-05-18.lxf
  10. Cloning a clone... gotta love it! "compatible to most Clone Brands " LOL Nice looking truck. Great job on the bottom.
  11. @BlackStar @STeNCH Mirrored the shoulder pad and (loosely) attached them both to the shoulders--they'll need more internal support in a physical build. For now, we're lookin' good from the waist up! lxf file: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Xon67/Movie/movie_emmetsmech_2017-05-08.lxf
  12. @BlackStar. @STeNCH That is a Beam 2 with Angled Ball Joint (50923 / 59141) held in place by a Technic Brick 1 x 2 with Pin Hole and 2 Half Beam Side Extensions with Axel Hole (85943) and an Axle 2 (32062).
  13. I have seen several attempts to recreate Nathan Sawaya's LEGO Oscar Statue from the 2015 Academy Awards. After tracking down several high res images, I finally got around to making my own.
  14. @STeNCH. I don't have good answers for you. All we know is what we have in the LDD file--with one exception--the shoulders use ball joints. We're all figuring it out as we go.