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  1. Yes, please keep posting these changes! We can create an LDD file that matches your build.
  2. While the mech continues to slowly move forward, here's the rest of the Octan soundstage. This is the news conference stage that President Business uses in his broadcast early in the movie. The "Where are my Pants? stage is to the left and the stairs leading up to Benny's 80's something technology can be seen in the bottom right corner.
  3. I wondered if you molded it. Very cool!
  4. I haven't been over here in the licensed forum in a while! I didn't realize people had posted here. I usually bum around the Town forum. I don't have any immediate plans to do any more work on the Scooby mansion at this point. I've been working primarily on my LEGO Movie builds over the last several years. This was a side project that I was challenged to do. If I get back to this, I'll definitely post updates.
  5. Go Emmet! I like the chocolate LEGO bunny ears helmet on the bunny and the chocolate splatter on Emmet. It looks great!
  6. @STeNCH. I'm very excited to see someone actually building this--It's looking great so far! Yes, there will be a few support issues to solve throughout the build. On the feet, there are gaps between the treads and the central part of the foot. They could fit beams or long Technic bricks that could run from the front wheels and the back wheels to hold axels.
  7. Two things I noticed throughout the movie is that lightning make a huge difference on color tones and that sometimes parts actually do change color from shot to shot. This provides some latitude when recreating things from the movie. Sometimes I'll just choose a frame and recreate that particular version of something. When building physically, it may come down to choosing the parts that actuallly exist in a given color or which ones are significantly cheaper.
  8. @STeNCH. Did you look in my last LDD file? I believe I have most of a knee built up in there. If it's not in there, give me a better idea of the part you mean and I'm sure I can identify it for you.
  9. @Actor Builder. I think that makes you our official team mascot. Do you happen to have a costume?
  10. @BlackStar @STeNCH @Jim Looks like we have ourselves a team. Of course, we have to finish it first... Even if we were fortunate enough to get the votes for LEGO Ideas, it would be interesting to see if the review board would approve a build this big. Regardless, it would be worth a try!
  11. I always think that lights add a lot to a build and that's a lot of lights! It looks great!
  12. @NDLG80. I don't recall how I built this one specifically, but I know that in general the buildings in the movie have all of the internal structure removed to reduce geometry and rendering times. I know that the giant Green Grocer is completely hollow in the inside without any floor plates. My builds tend to have most if not all of the inside detail removed as well. The beautiful thing about LEGO is that you can build it any way you want. There are layers of tiles at floor level on this building that would allow you to put in a floor with flat tiles under it to take it apart "modular style" if you choose. However you build it, it would be great to see pictures! @BlackStar @STeNCH. It would be great to finish the mech! I know it will require some changes to the feet from the way I built it (maybe some thin beams just inside the treads to hold axels through the wheels?) While BlackStar likes to build for real life, I tend to build based on what I see in the movie. We have a large part of the mech complete, but we still have to figure out the arms and legs to put it all together. Any help is welcome! I've made a few additions. Here's my latest file: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Xon67/Movie/movie_emmetsmech_2017-03-26.lxf
  13. @NDLG80 Here is a better render showing both sides of the building. As far as the internals go, there isn't any additional support inside. Everything you see on the outside is all that's in this build.
  14. @NDLG80 That's great! It's like all of the Octan tower in one build. The whole gang's there--even the smiley-face computer screen. Thanks for sharing!