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  1. nice model, i like rear suspensions, have you plan LDD or can you post more photos?
  2. Finally i made a video its i change xl-motor for 2L, unfortunatly i must make some desing changes, its ugly but fast :)
  3. Hello, This is my moc/ Mod of maddoca┬┤s suv. Its fully modified, new axle and suspension. Front axle have positive caster angle. Body ang grill its new. I tried preruuner looks. Xl motor for a drive, servo for steering and AAAbox for power. More photos on Flicker and video coming soon. Thanks for response
  4. Thanks for comments I made more detail photo soon
  5. Not much, i add large and harder custom springs
  6. Hi, My MB G 4x4 Body is inspired by Patard and Chassis its from BickitSAM┬┤s Crawler V2 2L-motors for drive, 1:3 reduction, 1M-motor for steering And short video Thanks for comment
  7. thanks for instruction
  8. please do it, i like it. I try to build witl ldd but its impossible for me :D
  9. its not my idea, i saw it on
  10. i will try it, but i dont have much time :/
  11. its fail, I do not understand rules. Sidecars are mounted manualy, so its fail
  12. Ther is my Failed entry to TC7. FailLady-Death Its offroad trike with armed side-car. Standart: Armed: Functions: -Fully suspended trike and sidecar -4valve engine -2valve minigun -Arm with "Grinder" -3 Canon -Hook with rope -3 intercooler more photos soon
  13. Hi, again There is my latest mod of your mog, i build The Ugliest Mog ever :D its styl wip but working good, i must order servo to steer :/
  14. instruction, but its slightly modified
  15. Hi, there is photo of my unimog u411. I dont have servo and ir reciver.