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  1. Is there an interior for play ability? Also how stable are the louvers on the window shutters?
  2. Another creation using Speed Champions windscreen, wheels, tires and mudguards (fenders). Designed today with LDD. A Lancia Stratos Enjoy. Will now need to order the bricks from Bricklink.
  3. The Speed Champions sets have become available in New Zealand from June 1st. I picked up the McLaren due to it's NZ connection. Also, here is a video by Jangbricks.
  4. Thanks. The 10 white skates were bought on Bricklink from Canada. The funny thing was that CBSA (Canada Border Sevices Agency) opened the packet. Maybe they thought they were illegal pills. 😁
  5. Have installed working LED's in School Bus using old ArtiFex Creation lighting controller.
  6. Stop motion build.
  7. School bus update. Printed tiles and bricks have arrived from the UK.
  8. I decided that my service center needed a heavy tow truck so came up with this 8 wide design. It will probably be built in a different color depending on part availability.
  9. School bus is all but finished. Just waiting on printed tiles and bricks. So I have started on my next project using Speed Champions wheels and mudguards (fenders). An 8 wide Tour Coach. It could take a bit longer to build as some parts are harder to get. Anyway enjoy the LDD pictures.
  10. School bus is 99% finished. Just waiting on some grooved bricks and round tiles for tail lights. Also need to put in an order for printed bricks.
  11. My next creation using Speed Champions wheels and mudguards (fenders) is: Designed over the last few days, just have to BrickLink parts needed. Will install red flashing LED lights in the top corners. Now I will have a reason for all those stopped vehicles on my road :)
  12. Thanks, here is a link to the LEGO Digital Designer 4.3 extended mode .lxf file for KITT. KITT Replica Thanks, here is a link to the LEGO Digital Designer 4.3 extended mode .lxf file for the AC Cobra. AC Cobra Also links to my NY Police Car, NY Yellow Taxi, Ford GT40 LDD Extended mode .lxf files.
  13. Hi, thanks for the great comments. The LED lights on my vehicles are from LifeLites in the USA. I have just uploaded a Youtube video of our July 2016 display at the Taupo Hobby Expo in New Zealand. You can see police cars and KITT replica, lights going. This year in July my car showroom, service centre, car wash, drive in and motorbike shop will replace the amusement rides.
  14. Sorry, I was thinking it looked the Coaster Dynamix Cyclone Kickstarter project that I read about. Anyway a great looking Roller Coaster.
  15. It is a Coaster Dynamix LEGO compatable track and supports.