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  1. Scuba Iron Man and Deadshot
  2. Lego Batman Movie - Dr Phosphurus Marvel - Kraglin Dc - Rip Hunter
  3. Great design, Love all the features.
  4. I dont know about the UK release but the Australian release only has one torso.
  5. Yesssssssssssssssssssssss i'm so happy really been wanting sets for Ragnarok.
  6. love both the sets minifig wise but the cap jet is pretty bad still a day 1 purchase though.
  7. I think its fake it just looks off.
  8. All i can say is WOW that is so detailed and amazing.
  9. These sets are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. That new joker is awesome!
  11. That is the worst comic-con figure I have seen since Symbiote Spider-man!
  12. love the figures but i absolutely hate the vehicle.
  13. dc atomic skull marvel the blazing skull
  14. Does anyone know if daredevil and jessica jones will get dvd releases.