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  1. wow. the improvements make it look much nicer. I am still waiting for this to be released where i am
  2. Out of curiosity. does anyone know when the remaining 2017 sets will be released in the US?
  3. It seems based on the name of the person that submitted the lego idea. they are on eurobricks forums as well.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. So far just trying to get it all rounded up together before getting more parts with the right colors. I took a bit more photos
  5. Hi This is only my second time posting a creation. This is still a work in progress so please excuse the poor pictures. This was originally going to be a modification of the heavy lift helicopter. After some research I decided to just make something a bit more original. I am basing the basic form on the Super Stallion helicopter and currently have the following functions working Spinning rotor Pitch blades Retractable landing gears Currently the gearing for the landing gear is too complex and takes up a good portion of space in the body. Also using the mini linear actuators for the 2 main landing gears causes issues when it retracts too far. I still need to build out how the front, top, rear door, how to control the pitch easier and placement of the battery box. If anyone has tips thanks Untitled by isamu1916, on Flickr
  6. so ended up using the front i started working on when playing around with the MK II version of the frame. It is based off of Birkefeld's lambo since i don't have all the parts needed to replicate it
  7. This is my first time posting a custom build here. Its still a work in progress. I was trying to go for a modular setup so things can be take apart easily. It has some functions like steering, gearbox and gull wing doors. been learning from trying out other peoples instructions etc This is currently the MK III version. I'm actually stuck on how to get the front end done as well as the rear fenders. Only recently gotten back into technic so don't have alot of parts or knowlodge. Any helpful idea will be great
  8. not much of a mod but a reconfiguration. was inspired to convert the customized pick-up to become a racing desert truck. This is only my second time making something that isn't fully following lego instructions. didn't put in any real function but moved the engine to the back, steering from the back of the cab to the hood added 2 more cylinders. Lengthed the front and cabin, shorted the rear and lowered the frame. hope everyone likes it.
  9. Hi new to this forum and first post. only recently gotten back into technic thou i have gotten random sets here and there over the years. This is my first modification and didn't do anything fancy. basically lengthened the fuselage. Changed the main landing gear from 4 to 6. Lengthened and widen the wings. Added 2 additional engine bays. Moved the battery box so its easier to remove. widen the flaps and added an additional movement. Removed the cockpit door. As i used 2 42025 to make this i used both battery box's and engines. Probably not the best looking as the ailerons are sagging from the added weight. Also since its just sitting on my desk i built 2 brackets under the 1st and 4th engine bays so to prevent warping of the beams. There is a considerable amount sag on the wings where the wing tip is like 3studs lower than where the wing root is. All comments are welcome and look forward to learning more building methods