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  1. This theme is looking really good! The minifigures are absolutely great with their colors, insignias, and their space-knight combination. Being a huge Rascus fan back in the KKII days, I like what they did making Aaron (the green guy) the jokester of the knights. It brings back a little bit of nostalgia for me personally :) My only critique of the theme is its overuse of the blue/red color scheme of the actual sets, I wish they made the knights vehicles more relative to their own color scheme (similar to ninjago). Besides that, the sets look great and I look forward to getting some!
  2. Here are some images to quench your LEGO thirst until GRogall returns with his amazing HD images: Enjoy!
  3. I am really liking the Mirkwood Spiders set. Even though it is a little more expensive than I expected, the great minifigures and special pieces really make up for it. Also, I love Bifur's hair/beard piece. Amazing detail!
  4. 3) 4 votes 32) 3 votes
  5. You actually get 4 Uruks in the Uruk-hai Army set.
  6. I'm glad to see the base of helms deep is brick built.
  7. I agree. As much as I love the fellowship, the Rohan minifigs are the ones I am looking forward to the most.
  8. The Uruk-hai looks amazing . I love the new shield.
  9. I agree with you totally, this would also allow them to incorporate both the uruk-hai and orks (or maybe even a few of the haradrim).
  10. I think if LEGO made battle packs for LOTR, it would be similar to the star wars BP where they would have goodies vs. baddies in one pack. This would allow them to make both a Rohan and Gondor battle pack in one wave.
  11. Sorry this is really late, but thanks Jebediahs for the amazing little knight dudes. They are great!
  12. Great news... Pictures! Enjoy!
  13. Oh, didn't see that. I thought any new news of the black pearl would've been posted on this thread.
  14. I'm not sure if anyone has seen this yet... Black Pearl ...there is a link to a preliminary picture of the black pearl!
  15. But from what I know there is going to be a 5th and 6th movie, back to back.