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  1. From the beginning, I have been mesmerized by this project. It was exciting to see the developments achieved by you with many builders involved. Every single element of entire model became perfectly realized as what studless (yet classic) Technic supercar should be. It looks the true successor of 8865 and 8880!
  2. Of course not. But they didn't care. I really dislike their so-called products. Annoyingly they've demotivated me again and again. What makes me sad is seeing dirty pictures on our beloved Lego community. So please, please don't post images.
  3. He is the star in Romero's new film: "Building of the Dead"
  4. Fantastic! It is interesting that it uses the same bowed panels on the roof as my hatchback and 42056 GT3 RS do. When I built Porsche set, I thought those panels were a little bit too rounder for the curved roof of 1:8 supercar. Then I found them fitting well in my smaller scale model. Now it also seems fitting on the roof of 1:10 race car.
  5. Thank you, builders! Your comments always give me the power to build next MOC! Building instructions of Hatchback is now available at Rebrickable. As for Pickup, putting three manual levers between seats was the alternative to motorizing those functions. The color scheme of Hatchback body was decided by possible combinations of panels in my parts inventory. Funny thing is, the rear orange curved panel was took from 42056 set. In a way this small car costed more than GT3 RS...
  6. Hello everybody! It has been a while since I posted a picture of two MOCs. In November 2016, I took those models and red Avtoros Shaman to Russia for participating in Lego event held in Moscow. It was an amazing trip. (You can see many pictures of the event on that topic.) When I drove two models in the event, I found that each one had some problems on their chassis. So I started to fix them after coming back to Japan. It took too many hours to finish despite of minor modifications. The reason was that I happened to come up with another 4x4 idea during the work. (I will take a month to finish it...) Anyway, I introduce two MOCs that helped me a lot to communicate with Russian builders. AWD Pickup "Dacoma" -Weight: 1090g -2x L motors for 4x4 driving with three differentials -Servo motor for steering -Two speed gearbox (manual) -Lockable center and rear differential (manual) -LED for headlights -Openable hood, doors with lock, tailgate The design was inspired by Toyota Tacoma. Also the strange name is an anagram of Madoca. It has independent suspension on front axle like many real pickup trucks do. I used hard shock absorbers on it because soft ones could not hold the weight even using two for each side. (There is the space left for extra shocks.) As a result, front suspension became a little bit too hard. The articulation of axles is mostly realized by softer rear suspension. The model was made to go over obstacles on tough trial course in the event. In some situation, locked rear differential helped it to avoid from getting stuck. But it really suffered from low ground clearance and small articulation. And the torque of geared down hard-coupled L motors damaged bevel gears in central diff. I concluded that it could be a decent off roader, but never be a crawler. I am making instructions. It will be available on Rebrickable. Hatchback Type R -Weight: 600g -L motor for propulsion -Servo motor for steering -LED for headlights -Front axle has positive caster angle -Openable hood and roof This small RWD Hatchback was made for speed racing of small cars. For propulsion, only one L motor was allowed to use by the regulation. The output is geared up 1:3 and meshed with old type differential gear. It is fun to drive on large and flat surface. I set front axle at positive caster angle for better straight line stability. But in real life, it did not work well. On the narrow race track, I could barely keep the model running straight. It had noticeable backlash on steering. Besides, controlling fast car via touch panel of smartphone was not easy. Although I fully enjoyed the race, my driving skill surely seemed shockingly bad to Russian builders! Building instructions available at Rebrickable!
  7. Much better than mine! Thank you for sharing a beautiful picture. It is great to know that rm8's original FJ40 had a potential for evolving its concept furthermore. I am happy to be a part of that process.
  8. Absolutely cool! It is always interesting to see a MOC developed from original concept by different builder. Thanks for sharing!
  9. It is awesome that you gave perfect McLaren smile to this beauty! That's what I could not do on my supercar... Probably I can imagine your headache because I also spent hours and hours for dihedral door opening mechanism.
  10. Welcome back, master Obi-Wan. Or Lord Vader? For years I've learned a lot of things from your creations. I'm looking forward to see your building techniques of new MOC!
  11. You don't need to feel sorry. I like Chinese Lego fans, and I'm also a fan of your MOCs. Though I still can't accept LEPIN's way of using ideas of someone else for their products, I'm now thinking all that was inevitable results of sharing personal creations on internet. Let's build new creations for creative people. As always, very beautiful and clear pictures! I especially like your way showing internal structure. It is like a cut-in-half model in a auto show!
  12. Hello Vasily, I had a great time with you and friends in Moscow. I was so lucky that I could see this MOC in real life! Judging from pictures, these Velociraptors have already eaten driver and passengers of the Jeep. I hope T-Rex will come for the revenge.
  13. Some more pictures can be seen on the website of Avtoros company.
  14. Thank you, Vladimir! It was one of the most memorable day in my life! In the facility of Avtoros, I was completely overwhelmed by the presence of real Shaman. Massive tires, working suspension, aggressive front face, crab mode... and especially eight-wheel drifting. I've never seen before! It was quite a meeting. Red one is one of my original Lego Shaman brought from Japan. Blue one was built by rm8. He brought it from his hometown.
  15. 1: 10 20: 6 11: 4 16: 3 30: 2 6: 1 Because I am a complete novice builder in terms of using pneumatics, all entries amazed me like a magic! So it was very hard to decide which one is better than the others.