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  2. This is a really cute build, so cheerful and colourful! Love both the windows and the unique idea.
  3. Ooops, sorry. Can someone move it?
  4. Ok my turn. Need reservation at Kirchenbauerhof: yes/no -> Yes - Apartment sharing: yes/no -> Yes - Number of persons and length of stay? 1, the whole event - Are you member of a registered LUG? Yes with sticker. - Anything else we need to know? I will try to organise a car. But living around 3 hours away from Günzburg I don't know if there would be someone that would want to drive with me. That said I would drive from Konstanz or Saarbrücken. But in case people need a ride to Legoland or Munich for a day trip there should be 5 seats free.
  5. This is a very pretty building, I would be very happy to have this building in my winter village! Love the enormous bay window and the roofline. The couches with their gold touch are lovely.
  6. Kraaken food... how lovely. Still, all things considered, I think I made about as much as all my previous runs added together...
  7. Thank you for all the replies! Sounds interesting, I might try that out next time. Thanks!
  8. Hello, It is basically like you are saying. If you want to have some tips or begin a discussion, you should really start by here, in the New members topic. New topics are mainly used for posting new MOCs or development of some stories. Your topic concerning building techniques would have been more appropriate asked here. In GOH we usually use this all thread to discuss techniques, or other stuff out of character (OOC). We also use our Guilds Topics too, even to trash talk sometimes. In Character (IC) stuff or stories are mainly linked to a new MOC, so it often finishes in a new Topic dedicated to this MOC. (BTW, is there a rule stating what I am saying, or is this just good old traditional way to do ?) Now, don't worry you shouldn't have known that without having read some GOH topics and discussions before. EDIT : It seems that Kai Ninjaed me ! That's clearly more a habit than a rule so... my concern about a rule is not to be considered so... I hope it helped.
  9. That's the usual policy. But it may be more the result of habit than rule. With so many builders always posting MOC topics people just aren't used to discussion topics other than the pinned ones. So I don't think you did anything against the rules, but if you want answers, maybe you should ask here. Although technically this is a new member guide, so it's not exactly intuitive to use it for discussion, but that seems to be what it's become.
  10. Just some examples for winch... in 2007{} In 2013{} in 2014 are more than this small set{} it is very hard to make some pattern for particular system or part appearance. Nice effort but there are some other "patterns" that are not patterns actually - look what is in common with 2010, 2012 and 2014 Technic flagships (they are fully motorized) and on the other hand what is in common with 2009, 2011,2013 and 2015 flagships (motorised main functions)... example in 2007 this part was introduced (it was 30th aniversary) In 40th aniversary there is model 42069 - would it mean that it will have new tread spocket wheels (for example bigger ones that could be used in perhaps new CLAAS Lexion harvester at the front???)? But important is that your intentions were good.
  11. Is it these banners you're talking about..?
  12. Thank you ! I tryed to hide most of the grey ball joints I used, in particular for the neck of the griffon and I found out that the forward members needed to be thin and strong and also poseable, so I chose multiple articulation points and made them mainly by using clips. With this, the Griffon is really organic and is really poseable. I made all the articulations I could do; it has mobile shoulder in 2 plans, elbows, ankles and the opening/ closing claws. It also has a double ball joint in the neck (head turning nearly 360° if you remove the chain) and the legs are made with ball joints to feature the hips, knees and ankles too. Finally the wings are made with a mix off ball joints and clips I managed to hide behind some gold wings I have from the 71011 Flying Warrior minifig. So that's nearly 20 articulations or joints I have built on this Griffon. It is a waaaaaay better beast than my previous one I think (remember my old frost dragon in the Algus challenge last year) Thank you again !
  13. Anybody pick up the promo item yet? Was hoping to go this week myself.
  14. I saw this in the website called 9gag. The Porsche was the first thing I saw.
  15. You're confusing MANTIS, the military mega corporation trying to dominathe Galaxy with Man t'is, a popular men's clothing retailer with fashionable outlets in all major territories... currently advertising vacancies in sales and distribution.
  16. All the confusion in the Double Duty trade route seems to have removed the Island Rose from all records. Hopefully @SkaForHire can find out what happened to her.
  17. Here's me: - Need reservation? yes, please - Apartment sharing? sure, no snoring please :) - Number of persons and length of stay? only me, whole event - Are you member of a registered LUG? yap - Anything else we need to know? not at the moment ...
  18. Thank you, I opened correctly the file
  19. Today
  20. This one is much better. If you fix actuator well and also make right suspension articulation geometry. Shaft from motor to LA should no influence to supension
  21. Great Saddle Trac model, but I have just one question - Is this post not better suited to this topic? Now Imagine 6 cylinders fake engine and all wheel drive and pivoting rear linkage...
  22. Aye the better half she pretends to moan but she always comes good with the presents! Picked up the Droid Gunship 75042 from my local TRU they had it by the counter with some shelf wear and marked at £18!! Had to be done at that price
  23. I think we can expect a redesigned 42051 for 42068 as mentioned before. Functions seems to be manual driving and steering and a operatable boom with turning, The functions of the boom should be booth powerfunction upgradable and in the model it is enough room to hide the battery-pack and the M-Motor. Maybe we get a third surprising feature here. I also think the 42069 is something like the 42038 B-model, with a winch in the front + another function that is powerfunction upgradable. In the past we are getting models with front-winch every 3 years in the second wave. 2008 in the Jeep, 2011 in the Unimog, 2014 in the 42028 Jeep and so 2017 in the 42069.
  24. No worries This series seems to have proved by far the most popular CMF range so far, and there are so many possibilities for figures that may not otherwise get made... so it would make sense. The photo I posted it seems is the Alfred in costume that will come with the Batwing set (love that his bat symbol is the 1966 TV series version), but we still have figures like Egghead, Crazy Quilt, Zan & Jayna etc. etc.
  25. Your mileage may vary, but to me no Lego is worth its full price.
  26. Thanks, especially for the kind words about the photography. Also, you have reminded me that I need to add the links to previous parts of this story (it has been a while). Thank you.
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