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  2. Welcome to the public thread of the best corporation, LMF! Unfortunately the game is currently on hiatus following the victory of Octan in AG1, but the game should be back in the coming months.
  3. Thanks, that's a good idea to put the tile on a plate first, I had never thought of that funnily enough. I will try it. As much as stickers are annoying to position, I think these ones will really add to the model as the reflections as everything moves will look very pretty. I wasn't planning on having a permanent fairground in my city due to space limitations, but this set is so gorgeous that I will renovate the city square to give it a permanent home!!
  4. Interesting I never thought about the hands being upside down in that position. I'll take it in consideration for Series G
  5. Okay, but something I've been wondering... won't that make it technically contain FOUR? Since trophy figs are small enough to normally be included as extras... I sort of expect to see at least one person question that once the set is out, since the reason why extra parts are included in sets still isn't super well-known, especially outside AFOL circles.
  6. @Aventador2004 @AkiyamaWataruevery car is different, even the Astons it changes location however on this build it will be in the rear bumper! Thanks, I'm glad you like it. Who know maybe you'll be having to stock up on more orange haha! @Lox Lego appreciate the feedback bro! Making some progress to the rear, ignore the gap in the rear bumper as that needs to be filled in!
  7. +1 to this comment. Initially, the OP mentioned that he had hoped he was not being "presumptuous" in their post. I don't think that it is presumptuous at all to say one is bored with Lego sets. After all, we are talking about a kids toy, market, etc. That is why it is up to AFOLs to create their own community for projects that are more tailors to their liking. Which is the reason for forums such as this.
  8. And it was sealed? If it was open it was the remnants of 2+ boxes. if it WAS sealed, I wouldn't be shopping at that store any longer.
  9. That parts a little hard to explain, I'd recommend having things locked in length, width and height wise so nothing can move. Brace gears by having a beam on either side of them and try not to use connectors unless they themselves are braced. Do you have a picture of your gearbox?
  10. In future I think I'll be adding curtains with a back wall and maybe some walls either side
  11. Most projects with the BuWizz have used it on speedy projects. It has been really popular with the RC motor. Here is a project with it used in an old crawler I build a while ago. More details of the crawler can be found here:
  12. For some reason this reminds me of the video game PN03; I enjoyed that game, so it's also a compliment. ;-) Great design, and agreed with the splash of teal helping it stand out! Solid work!
  13. Ah... okay. I think I understand that, but I want to be extra sure. So, of course, if I replicate a building, I'm replicating it to some scale or another... but I may have no clue as to what that scale is. And I may not be super accurate in getting multiple buildings on one baseplate all to the exact same scale. Is that okay, or am I just overthinking this? Thanks!
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  15. I guess it was a bit hypocritical to call minifigures approximations and then criticize the fact that she uses a piece made to resemble her species, but I'm still disappointed by the lack of a new mould. The approximation thing was more about the squarish style of the figs in general. Han Solo got a new and more accurate mold for his hair and it looks great on him, more realistic but still stylized enough. You can't really compare something major like the wrong lightsaber colour with the omission of detail on a tiny blaster piece though. A more valid comparison would be Solo's silver blaster tip and the black pieces and buttons on a lightsaber hilt. Also, about the headpiece, I remember having a discussion about this before the fig was revealed, so I looked it up and you said this:
  16. My secret is to put the tile on a larger plate, and put the sticker on the tip of a small knife. Very easy to align them correctly that way.
  17. Ummm... Okay...
  18. :D :D :D Thanks so much for this Isaac!!!! The MELO team thanks you!!!! :D I love the blend between the light and dark bley rockwork!!!! Keep it up!!!! :D
  19. Beautiful work SK! Definitely Edoras at first glance!
  20. Excellent build! I'm surprised there has only been a single response!
  21. There are about a dozen stickers on the UCS Slave I. They're almost all subtle (weathering, texture, etc.) and not-that-essential to apply.
  22. Nice haul! It's good to see the Snowspeeder is available on the Aus S@H website now.
  23. This happened this week
  24. From what I have read on most reviews of the newer Slave 1 is that they did not use the stickers.
  25. I don't know what to do with the Slave I. I already have the 8097 version so I don't have the "necesity" of getting a Slave I. Plus, the UCS have a lotf of stickers and I don't like that, but is an UCS...
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  27. I made some changes to the roof greenhouse. Humorously enough, this is what started me building this house.
  28. I don't find it boring either, as you can see I put the word boring in quotation marks. LMF
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