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  2. It happened to me as well. I just use
  3. Cool contest! I think I'm in. Particularly, because I have watched Battlebots in the past and built a lot of those things in the past (non-functional though, just as a play theme. But I may use these as inspiration). Anyhow. I have a question for the first idea that comes to my mind: can we do a bot that fits the box like this (top view) (image below)? (I say it should be allowed, because whatever fits the box, fits the box.) Also, what about studded (non-Technic) pieces?
  4. @Darkdragon it's generally from LEGO wiki, via google. Maybe they could have shifted the location.
  5. While they giving importance to Shocker ( if that's the case ) I'm still disappointed on what they did with Vulture seeing how mini-mates represented him. You guys think they'll use it? Isn't that huge? It was a confusion, 3 spiderman sets and 1 thor, Delta came here to clarify everything and listing has been updated since then.
  6. My point about the trailer wasn't about the shark(s). It was about the rowboat and the Silent Mary. All our speculation will eventually be moot, so I try to refrain from further attempts until more accurate information surfaces.
  7. Hello everyone. I am here to present one of my creations: The central perk coffee of the serie "Friends". Being fan of this series for several years, I found interesting the idea of creating this set knowing that no proposal of the central perk has been proposed to date. Friends being a cult and timeless series has attracted millions of fans, as well as BigBang Theory, Ghostbuster and Back to the Future, this set would complement a long series of Lego on movies and TV series. Phoebe behind her microphone and singing her famous song "SMELLY CAT" Gunther the manager of the central perk. He always fantasizes about getting married with Rachel For this, I propose my project on the official website lego ideas. Currently I have more than 3150 supporters and hope to reach the next 10000 to have a chance that my idea is selected. If you find the idea great, do not hesitate to support this creation and also left me a comment to know what you think :) Thanks to all
  8. A while back I suggested structuring the voting the same way the "Porsche Of Your Dreams" contest was structured. Details here:
  9. I am wondering what a Ninjago series will bring us. I mean, i rarely want some figs from ninjago. Will it be all ninja's in colors, some snakemen, ghosts or evil ninja's? I hope they'll use parts we can use for other stuff. What will be the next series after that? Was that already confirmed? If it'll be a batman series i can dig that, but isn't that a bit late?
  10. Are you placing those images from a site you own (like a flickr account you control or mocpages or brickshelf) or are you finding some image somewhere on the internet and inserting it? If you don't have control over an image, there are many reasons it could disappear.
  11. It was pretty straight forward to get it working with Power Functions. I used the Arduino IDE and a Power Functions library. I am not on any Arduino forums, can't tell you which ones are good.
  12. Leaks like that just comes with the territory. as for the molds legs known to not use fantastic odsl they have when they would fit perfectly so who knows. As i'm sure have been said multiple times, the sharks are in the trailer, and the director tweeted an image with sheet music named 'shark attack'.
  13. The shield looks to be too high, and too close to her body, in the image for the straight on angle. I'm reasonably certain that it is the large triangular shield.
  14. AT-AT from California reporting for duty. absolute joy to build. With only a few mods, and ran out of 2x2 tiles for the top of the head.... I did a few mods: I covered up the top of the hip a little different: I raised the top of the head up, by adding 2 1x4's: And I added a 1x6 to the front, for less space: and discs at the axles, which i think i might move sideways: for the "side" legs, I shortened each by 1 stud. in this photo i used a 2x3 instead of a 2x4, it gave better range of the legs. Or maybe i messed up or something....: thank you for creating this model and for the instructions! I even sold my original LEGO AT-AT because I feel this one looks so much better..
  15. That thing is the greatest.... One of my favourite parts of the movie.. ^^
  16. @Daedalus304 Don't worry, I too lack surgeon's hands! Is @legoman666 still offering to assemble these? I wouldn't mind purchasing one as an example, but then building my own copies afterwards. I'm decent with a soldering iron, and need an excuse to buy new tips! Thanks for the info btw!
  17. The League's Quinjet is The Javellin but in the movie they have The Flying Fox which can also be used as a mobile headquarters
  18. Thanks for the new contest. I am getting a little confused as I think about how the winner will be selected. Are we building the coolest robot, or the one that would win in a competition against other entries? Does one win the theoretical competition when the other bot is destroyed or immobilized? Will voting be based on the model or on the theoretical competition? Does the winner need to be able to destroy all bots (if there are 50 entries, won't it get tired? )? Maybe some info about how the voting will be structured will help me.
  19. I speculated in the General POTC thread that the shark might be a polybag giveaway. Things like that have been known to happen. My point about the box art was that Disney holds a tight reign on what can and cannot be revealed (and when) with regards to upcoming movies. Disney lawyers hold property rights very close. Why do you think we haven't seen the baldric mold outside of POTC and The Lone Ranger? I'm betting someone got in hot water over the early picks of that shark.
  20. No, even in one of the trailers you can see the brows on the cowl change shape. It's in the scene with Batman and Robin in the Batmobile.
  21. What an amazing idea for a competition - way out of my skill set to design and build something to enter but I'll be following closely - well done Jim & Milan
  22. Your use of cheese slope patterns in buildings is so inspiring Another great addition to your hamlet! As usual, your roof is very well done, and I like the balconies on the second story
  23. I don't know about knights kingdom, but the more I look at it, the more it looks like the classic original shield.
  24. I'd love to get more shoretroopers. However, as far as we tell we won't be getting any more Rogue One sets this year...I do hope we get more but if we do it wont be until 2018 I imagine.
  25. 1. No modifying parts. 2. Will get back to this. 3. Yes, video is mandatory, it is stated in the rules :) Still just Studs.
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