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  2. :D You wanna explain me my job? At older cars it is attached to the gearbox-output... meaning at the driven wheel... no matter if FWD or RWD ;) Newer cars meassure with the anti-lock braking system-sensors... some systems just take 1 sensor for meassuring...others take the average of all sensors. At motorcycles it is also attached at the rear wheel mostly. Just real old bikes using a manual speedo attached to the front wheel.
  3. That can be done in a electrically powered vehicle. Possibly up to 15km/h with PF, and 20km/h+ with buggy motors. (but we can't use those here)
  4. Bane's Tank is 366 pieces for £49.99 and Two-Face's Truck is over 500 pieces for £49.99, I can't remember the U.S. Prices :( Shame we won't get her in the CMF :(
  5. Some times, weight can be a necessary evil - in the form of more power and better traction. And talking about traction, have you tried doing with suspension?
  6. I saw this a while ago on Rebrickable. Great work. You have captured the shape really well.
  7. Ok, I'm going to be blunt with this, No, it isnt, if you have a car, look on the front wheel. It WILL have a magnet there, not on the rear, And on a motorcycle, it is on the rear, because if you wheelie, it stops the speedometer. But that is not the way you would measure, because your car does not wheelie like a motorcycle. Check your info. Please don't make this an argument.
  8. There is a rumored Batman Movie D2C for January. If that's true, it could be Wayne Manor which could connect to this Ninjago City. Maybe all the Lego movie D2Cs will now connect together?
  9. ^yep, those printed rotors make everything cooler. That glider looks pretty good! I always wished they'd made a miniature Helicarrier with those pieces, but alas...
  10. Hello everybody, This is my first post here, although I have been a frequent visitor for a while. This is the MOC that I have recently been working on - a 2014 Ford F-150. Features: - 4x4 drive through 2 XL motors -Steering through M motor (will be connected to steering wheel when finished) -Opening doors, tailgate, bed toolbox, and hood -Front winch -Full suspension -Front and rear lights Some pictures: The two front doors, the winch, and opening hood are all powered by an M motor run through a distribution transmission. The three functions are controlled by a servo motor: neutral position (shown in the picture) opens both doors simultaneously, rotating one direction operates the winch, and rotating the other direction will open the hood when it is finished. In the picture below you can see the driving rings of the transmission and the servo motor above it. For me, designing this has been the most fun and challenging part of the model, if any of you are particularly interested I could make a short video about it. The interior and the front end still need a lot of work as you can see. Additionally many exterior pieces around the cabin are not the desired color. I am hoping to get this finished in the next couple of weeks, at which point I will make a final video showing the functions. Of course any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is my second large scale MOC (the first one was a dodge challenger that was not very well done imo and has already been destroyed for parts). Hope you guys like it!
  11. The current Cargo train looks amazing I'll wait for that one to go on sale.
  12. At last, the legendary 8 Provincien finally joined us, and I must say I'm not disappointed, nice ship, captain Braunsfeld, the colour scheme works very well for a ship of 17th century if I am not mistaken. I like how you've built the bow section, with bricks, and if you have a dozen of these hinge pieces, I think you can use them to make the transition between the prefab piece and the custom-built parts less pronounced, it will be even better.
  13. When different power sources produce similar top speed under the same condition, it means that condition is not tough enough... so it is time to raise the stake - toughen the condition (as @Marxpek suggested) - gear up, or go up-hill... that'll force more current to be needed, and we'll then see which power source is able to meet the demand in a sustainable way.
  14. I really want to see TLJ Luke!! I need pictures!!!
  15. This is awesome and I'm just speechless
  16. This defenetly would be the best way to meassure. But as you say... it must be a specific point on the track (mostly the end) where you sure reached the top speed, to not meassure the average speed. But you would need a good high-speed-camera, to get accurate meassurings here. I guess my cam would not do a good job here :D ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To the actual progress: Today i didnt have any good results :( Since the 3+1 Motors gave some nice results, i thaught downsizing could be a good idea... so i removed 1 motor+battery-box+ micromotor+ switch... to end with a light 730g 3-motor-model. But sadly this didnt bring any good results... as you can see in the following pictures It is still faster then only 2 Motors... but as it seems, the rc unit doesnt fully support the 3rd motor. Little question... do you also like the orange rims? Or do you prefer the dark grey ones? :D
  17. Great MOC! I too love this set and it's great to see a good variation to it!
  18. But if you want them (4 Ninjago City) to be symmetrical you have to mirror two. Otherwise the comic store side would be next to the cinema.
  19. I vote for #7 twice.
  20. Hello everyone and hello SDS, this is my first post on Eurobricks! Just discovered this spaceship, which is absolutely gorgeous, congrats! I am a big fan of the comics, and of Lego as well. Now that the comic is about to be adapted as a movie by Luc Besson (released this summer), isn't it the right time to submit again this design to Lego IDEAs? I'm sure it would quickly gather a lot of votes, as new generations will discover the comic at the movies this year... I would vote and buy one for sure! All the best!!!
  21. lovely palette, lovely sand, awesome idea and use of those helmets. yet the fun happening behind the walls is just wicked
  22. Lovely vignette, Ex. and always good to read your story ^
  23. Very nice technique and original shape. Congrats.
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