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Found 4 results

  1. Back to one of my modes of operation, the creation inspired by a piece, here the 25214 in Light Bluish Gray. For several months, the piece has been on my desk, I have made dozens of shapes without ever ending up with a finished creation. Now I have finally arrived at a result and I am waiting for your feedback. It is also a creation that is very much in evidence, it is the first time I have left so many. Well, there are eyes too, I like SF mocs with eyes :)
  2. Sebosaure

    my fleet

    as i made a lot of spaceships, here is a selection of my creations. Just for your eyes!! A small starfighter, made with boat parts Harpon: starfighter "Harpon" by Sebosaure Brite, sur Flickr Bomber: P1060900 by Sebosaure Brite, sur Flickr Y-E wing, neo-classic space style Y-E WING CS style by Sebosaure Brite, sur Flickr Kameleon class battlecruiser: Battlecruiser by Sebosaure Brite, sur Flickr other view: camouflage by Sebosaure Brite, sur Flickr small ship space rescue and patrol by Sebosaure Brite, sur Flickr micro fighter ( 10 parts ) P1060331 by Sebosaure Brite, sur Flickr speed figther recon-class fighter by Sebosaure Brite, sur Flickr Pacificator: pacificator nuanced shiptember 2018 moc by Sebosaure Brite, sur Flickr
  3. Peppermint_M

    MOC: Velo Glace

    The Double-Dome delivery bike is a very popular model for all kinds of logistical purposes with interchangeable modules for any purpose. The Velo Glace has been modified with a freezer module for ice-cream storage and delivery. The idea I had in mind for this was the sort of 50s American idyll that is so very easy to subvert (especially if you know your history). Used in the likes of Fallout and an aesthetic from a number of Utopia that is not what it seems stories. I was inspired to make an ice-cream speederbike after coming across an Ice-Cream Tuk Tuk in Criccieth when I was in north Wales on holiday last year. The “lift” provided from the trans-blue minifig head elements is also a nod to electric milk-floats, the idea I have for this vehicle is that is moves about as fast as one for safety. The additions of little pop-outs (The shell, croissant and round 1x1 tiles) are a callback to the Art Deco ice cream parlours and the like. All in all, I am happy how this one came out. Bonus! - I have uploaded a tree MOC that resembles the one here. The real-build tree had to be modified for required angles on the MOC.
  4. Peppermint_M

    MOC: Sp0ok Tro0p

    Soundtrack The rebels of District 18: A force for change? Terrorists who challenge the rightful authority? Or just some Punk Kids playing around on tooled up speeder bikes? While certain news centres would have it that they are set on bringing about the end of society, most of these kids on custom bikes are just following an age-old path of bucking against the norm. Tuning up basic bikes and customising them into highly styled rides, groups fly the skyways and streets. Another favourite pass-time for the gangs is to race in the 'off code' zones, hitting high speeds and making dangerous manoeuvres. Few of their activities are criminal, though trespass and illegal modification of a speeder-bike are a common thread amongst the more prolific gangs. Leader of the most well known gang, The Rush, is Skeletique. A masked figure with a very recognisable bike, the spook trooper. A common sight at ride outs and street races. No one knows who he truly is, nor where he keeps such a magnificent machine. Custom built from the scrap, trash, flotsam and jetsam of District 18. The Spook Troop is a menacing machine known amongst speeder-punks for ricing prowess and wily manoeuvrability. He prefers to fly his bike in the desolate and abandoned platforms of the district when not leading a pack through the sky-ways and streets of the “civilised” city. Inspired by a crazy mix of things. Storm Hawks, Rush Runners which I came across by chance in a bargain store toy bin. Motor City which was far too short lived. A number of colourful SF comics from around the world (I collect SF art-books and comics) and the Bōsōzoku culture from Japan. Also, a whole lot of Celldweller and New Retro Wave music while I was building. (Not to mention the title track) With the LSB group contest launched I had an image of the figure I wanted to make for this ride and the idea of using the long bone elements and maybe a skull for the front of the bike. That design evolved as I was building when I realised just how cool the ghost looked at the front. With this bike hitting all the marks I set for myself, here it is!