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Found 3 results

  1. The Pentastar Alignment Faction: The Pentastar Alignment Faction Leader: Denal31 (Mike31 on Discord) Capital: TBD Planets: Ansion (I6), Esfandia (I6), Bescane (K3), Dubrillion (K3), Bastion (K3) Grid: N/A Sectors: N/A Members: Malen Garek, JOKA, PB Productions, Dark&Dusty03, h2brick, Lapius DESCRIPTION After the Emperor's death in 4 ABY, the Galactic Empire fragmented into multiple pieces. Grand Moff Ardus Kaine saw the Emperor's demise as an opportunity to establish his own Imperial Faction in the Outer Rim. However, rather than attempt to control the entire Outer Rim and risk conflict with multiple Remnants, the Grand Moff would concentrate on a few sectors instead. Kaine moved quickly to form a new faction with knowledge that many corporations in the targeted sectors would struggle to stay afloat without Imperial backing. With this in mind, the Moff would call a meeting with multiple corporation heads and local governors. During this meeting, Kaine presented a treaty that would align both Corporate and Imperial interests thus establishing an isolationist political conglomerate that would allow these companies to continue trade without interference from the New Republic. With the treaty signed by all parties, the Pentastar Alignment would be established. HISTORY LEADERSHIP Grand Moff Ardus Kaine Formerly the Grand Moff of the Oversector Outer, Kaine would establish the Pentastar Alignment in 4 ABY following the Emperor's death seeing it has an opportunity to establish his own Empire. Ardus Kaine desired actual power, rather than titles, and preferred to be at the core of the Empire when it came to making important decisions and determining how operations would be run. The Chamber of Order The Chamber of Order is the Upper Legislative Body of the Pentastar Alignment responsible for enacting new policies and dealing with threats to the Alignment's interests. The heads of influential families, Majority Shareholders of major corporations, and Local Governors/Moffs can be found in this council. Members are also responsible for requesting military assistance in addition to assigning Overseers to systems under the Pentastar Alignment's jurisdiction. While Grand Moff Kaine has the deciding vote, the Chamber has the ability to override any executive decision with a majority vote. ORGANIZATION The Pentastar Alignment, while using the Galactic Empire as a blueprint, differed from the former and is administratively split into two branches, Order and Enforcement, each with its own set of sub-branches. Once a recruit is granted access to the Alignment, he/she can choose to build for any of the organizations below! Enforcement The Enforcement Branch of the Pentastar Alignment is responsible for protecting Alignment assets and engaging in inter-galactic warfare if the situation arises. The Pentastar Patrol The Pentastar Patrol is the primary military organization in the Pentastar Alignment. The Patrol primarily consists of Ex-Imperial military, however in an attempt to bolster numbers and reduce internal tension within the Alignment's Territory, non-humans were allowed to serve as well. Due to the Isolationist policies of the Alignment, the Pentastar Patrol is primarily responsible for protecting Alignment Worlds and Assets from Mercenary Raids. However, if the need arises, the Pentastar Patrol can be mobilized in galactic scale combat. The Pentastar Alignment Navy Primarily consisting of former Imperial personnel and assets, the Navy is responsible for the defense of all Alignment worlds. The Alignment Navy has the ability to establish blockades and respond to various threats in short notice. Order Organizations within the Order branch uphold the decrees and interests of the Pentastar Alignment. The Imperial Knights The Imperial Knights are an order of Force-Practitioners loyal to the decrees of the Pentastar Alignment. They are primarily Gray Jedi by nature and do not draw from the dark-side of the force or completely follow the light. Despite being a fairly young order, the Imperial Knights have established themselves as the right-hand of the Chamber of Order and are sworn to uphold and carry out the decrees of the Pentastar Alignment The Great InQuestors of Judgement <Classified> Established early on in the formation of the Pentastar Alignment, the Great InQuestors of Judgement consist of a small number of force-practitioners who draw on the dark side of the force in order to further the not only the agenda of the Pentastar Alignment, but their own as well. Despite warnings from the head of the Imperial Knights, Trin-Yan Kaster, about their methods, Grand Moff Kaine views them as a necessary evil that can help advance the interests of the Alignment. Special Forces/Security Bureau Members of this organization are tasked with espionage of enemy Factions, spread of false propaganda to prevent systems from defecting to the New Republic, and the discreet elimination of enemy assets. TERRITORY A Current list of Pentastar Alignment Worlds and Assets Current Planets: Ansion (I6), Esfandia (I6), Bescane (K3), Dubrillion (K3), Bastion (K3) Grid: N/A Hyperspace Lanes: Namadii Corridor, Veragi Trade Route IMPORTANT CHARACTERS The people of the galaxy are what make it so intriguing. Beings from all around with different personalities and motives. Listed below are important Characters that you may come across when browsing various builds involving the Pentastar Alignment. These characters can both be NPCs or Player-Created Characters. Name (Player/NPC, Affiliation) Trin-Yan Kaster (NPC, Pentastar Alignment, Imperial Knights) Born the son of a highly ranked official in the Alignment, Kaster was offered up by his parents to the well-regarded Jedi Master Luke Skywalker for training after displaying some connection to the Force. Skywalker approached Kaster with some caution, but in the end liked his disposition and trained him among his first batch of students. Combined with discipline and self-control, Kaster would find himself excelling in lightsaber combat and well on his way to achieving the status of Jedi Knight until he caught word of a Dark Influence within the upper legislative branch of the Pentastar Alignment, the Chamber of Order. Distraught at the thought of Dark Jedi influencing the politics of what he called home, Kaster, unable to suppress these feelings, proceeded to leave the New Jedi Order, much to Skywalker's disapproval, and with the help of his Father requested an audience with Grand Moff Ardus Kaine in an effort to establish a group to provide opposition to the Grand InQuestor's influence. Seeing the InQuestors as a necessary evil, Kaine disregarded Kaster's warning about the Dark Jedi, but saw the benefit in adding more Force-Sensitives to the ranks of the Alignment. With this in mind, Kaine liking Kaster's intensity, tasked him with establishing a new order aimed at protecting and upholding the decrees of the Pentastar Alignment, The Imperial Knights. Andrephan Stormcaller (NPC, The Red Moons) A former Rebel Alliance officer, Stormcaller became disgruntled with the New Republic's inaction towards the Pentastar Alignment and formed the Mercenary Group; The Red Moons. These Mercenaries raid Alignment assets and worlds in an attempt to stunt its growth. AFFILIATED FACTIONS The Galaxy is large and filled with Factions of many kinds. The following affiliated Factions are small groups that you may come across when browsing various builds involving the Pentastar Alignment. These groups are generally introduced by fellow players and can either be for or against the Pentastar Alignment's interests. The Red Moons The Red Moons are a mercenary organization dedicated to the 'liberating' of worlds under Imperial Control. Frustrated with the New Republic's inaction towards the Alignment, the Red Moons have taken it upon themselves to do what the New Republic will not. These Mercenaries are the biggest threat to the Alignment's assets locally. HOW TO JOIN For Recruits interested in joining the Pentastar Alignment, simply send a Private Message to Denal31 (On Eurobricks) or Mike31 (On Discord) expressing your interest (Replying to this post works as well!) You will then receive an invite to the our primary Discord server to make communication easier. (For those that don't use Discord I can find a way to communicate with you that accommodates your preferences) From that point, in order to become a full member of the Pentastar Alignment you will need to post an 'Intro Build' on Bastion (K3). This can be a build of any kind or even a fig-barf. This will then give you access to the Pentastar Alignment's primary channels. Things you will need to do: - Make a EUROBRICKS Account (You can't post to the forum if you do not have this) - If you don't have one, be sure to make an account with a Photo-Hosting site such as Flickr or Bricksafe (You will need this to post the photo to the forum) - Contact Denal31 (On Eurobricks) or Mike31 (On Discord) about joining PA. You can also reply to this topic! - You will be given limited access to PA's channels - Create a Build for Bastion (K3) and post to the forum (This will give you access to all of the Alignment's Primary Channels & Ensure the willingness to post on the forum) - Have Fun! MEMBERS Below is a list of current members of the Pentastar Alignment. Be sure to check out all of their awesome builds! Denal31, Malen Garek, h2brick, DarkandDusty, Lapius, JOKA
  2. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* Order is Needed in the Galaxy Since Mygeeto has been occupied by pirates, it has fallen into complete anarchy. Order has been lost and with it stability. I was ordered here to liberate the Lurmen people from the tyranny. As I look upon the city from the mountains, I see the possibility of the glory of the Pentastar Alignment. I hope to gain the support of the lurment people as I lead them to liberty. The Pentastar Alignment can offer the order needed for Mygeeto to survive. The Lurmen people will be set free from the tyranny. They will be under the order of the Pentastar Alignment. -Maro Dysken-
  3. *Your entry has earned 13 XP* Why did we follow so blindly? Why did we get sacrificed like pawns in a game? When will this end? I am Captain Ruhn of the Emissary and this is how we found hell in deep space. It all started when we were tasked to investigate an anomaly out in deep space, the farthest we thought harm would find our crew. We had just returned to headquarters from a blockade hold nearby Mygeeto when we were given the order to investigate. It seemed simple enough. Our fierce Commander Lazvis, one whom I think was oblivious to what was really at hand, told us one way or another, we shall stick to protocol. Arriving at the coordinates, all we could see was the vastness of space surrounding us. Commander Lazvis, still sticking to his routine, sent me to ready my men in case of any disruptions. Communications were opened up in order to relay the situation to headquarters. We were told this task was of peak interest to Imperial High Command. Before we could reach them, it began. Out of the void, a flash of dark red light, striking out with bolts of lightning could be seen in clear view of the bridge. The alarms automatically kicked in, it seemed this unusual force was sabotaging our reactor with its increasing amount of energy. Our technicians trying to get communications back online were subsequently knocked back by the energy which found its way into our batteries. Little did we know, this was the least of our problems. Here is a link to my Flickr post.