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Found 4 results

  1. CedricWoodgard

    Realms of Wytheria

    This is my own story that takes much inspiration from Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and other works of fiction. Set in the Land of Wytheria, spanning thousands of miles across under the rule of King Philip of the House Ruthermont...Wytheria is divided into five different realms each with their own unique form of laws and customs. Although these Provinces are somewhat independent, they all fall under the domain of the Ruthermont Dynasty. There are many inhabitants of Wytheria including, Men, Elves, Dwarves, Fauns, Centaurs, and many others. There is a rich history of Wytheria as its history dates back thousands of years, much of it is peaceful and prosperous but there have also been many war and conflicts. The story begins in the year 5623, nearly 44 years after the defeat of Malcolm the Mad by King Paul II.
  2. General Magma

    [MOC/SCENE] New Horizons

    New Horizons "And there, over the great hill's summit, beyond ruins crumbled and trees withered, stood a tall tower at the brink of a new horizon." The first in a series of medieval fantasy scenes. Comments appreciated! ~ GM
  3. I decided to make a topic for all of my finished (as well as future) fantasy scenes, to have a good place for all of them to go without flooding the 'Historic Themes' sub-forum. The idea of these is that they revolve around potential events, places, characters and things in general from my fantasy world - the world I've been working on since 2015, on and off, and, for fun, I recently decided to further the worldbuilding a bit using LEGO scenes. None of these are necessarily set in stone, worldbuilding-wise, but it's been a fun project to undertake so far and there will be at least half a dozen more scenes from here on out! I will likely draw from these scenes for inspiration and ideas for my worldbuilding and digital art in the future, but for now, enjoy these scenes depicting various events in medieval fantasy settings, inspired by a great cocktail-combination of franchises. Any new scenes will also be linked to from the first post. New Horizons "And there, over the great hill's summit, beyond ruins crumbled and trees withered, stood a tall tower at the brink of a new horizon." A Phantom in the Dark "Every so often at night, trails of blood were painted upon the roads of the city of Thudain, leading away into the forest and into a crevice in the sloped wall of the mountain not far beside it. And along with every trail that came, another citizen disappeared. Many a night like this followed, and more men and women disappeared every week, increasingly so. But none dared follow the red that belonged to their kin. Until one day, a knight in service of the king swallowed his fear like the shadows did the vanished and stole away at night, engulfed by the black of the dungeon, lit only by his flaming torch. For long he walked, and for long he saw naught but bone and stone. But then, the sight of a pillar-marked entrance dawned upon him, and with it, a phantom in the dark." The Lich Yuhyrn the Dread Weaver "Liches are spellcasters who seek to defy death by magical means. A mage becomes a lich by means of necromancy, using a magical receptacle called a Phylactery to store the lich's soul. The process is often described as requiring the creation and consumption of a deadly potion, the Elixir of Defilation, which is to be drunk on a full moon. They are often found at the top of the hierarchy of necromancers, and in the minds of many, they are best left to tales and myths, for fear of their existence and deeds is rampant within certain circles, especially there where rumours of rising dead escalate. But plenty of unlucky ones have and will come to see what truth lies behind these tales and rumours..." The Art of Necromancy "Necromancy is a practice of magic involving communication with the deceased, either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily, for the purpose of divination, to bring someone back from the dead, or to use the deceased as a weapon, as the term may sometimes be used in a more general sense to refer to black magic or witchcraft. Necromancers throughout history have been known to raise armies of the dead, gaining the ability to engage in large scale battles without the need to regulate food sources or energy levels due to the inhuman capacities of the undead. The most powerful of all necromancers are usually mages who have attained lichdom, and one of such liches, Yuhyrn the Dread Weaver, is known for having laid waste to entire cities, armies and, during his peak, even an entire kingdom." Creatures of the Aochiri Swamplands "Mysterious are the creatures that dwell in the Aochiri Swamplands. Accounts of those who have ventured there and lived to tell the tale, though rarely in unscathed fashion, have made the rounds for hundreds of years. They are described as commonly hooded, at times armoured, their bright eyes glowing in the darkness of the swamps they inhabit, with lizard-like bodies that add to their ominous presence. They appear to be primitive savages but are also said to be agile and inventive with their tools. There are many who dispel the claims of such creatures existing, but over the years, more and more sightings have been documented, raising the fear that, should they exist, they may well be expanding their territory..."
  4. Hello, I'm currently having some budget problems and, as it's currently being unused, I'm trying to see if there's someone who's interested in them before I decide anything, as I'm still a bit hesitant but feel that I might be better off getting my money back for it since I'm not right now using it. If interested, either comment here or - preferably - send me a PM. There are many helmets, breastplates, weapons and some accessoires. Pics make it seem less. It's all medieval fantasy themed, useful for castle and LOTR figures. A few pictures below - better pictures can be taken if requested so (ignore the figures): Prices can go a little below original prices, but not too much because they're new and haven't been used. If you're not interested in all of it but only a specific amount, then I'm sure we can arrange that too, but no relatively small amounts please. Alternatively, while I prefer selling these, I might also trade them. I'm looking for Arealight helmets (Old Republic trooper, white with black visor & red markings).