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Found 6 results

  1. These are some mods to Exoforce set 7721-1, Combat crawler x2. This was a set almost no one bought, It was gappy, weird, hard to find, and expensive. I managed to get a sealed one for less than 30 dollars after the series was cancelled in 2009, and rather liked the idea of the model. All legs are now jointed, canopy added to the front for the main pilot. the cannon at the top has been adjusted to fit the gunner better, The middle pair of legs has been connected differently both to accomodate the joint an so they line up with the front and back pairs of legs. Extra armor has been added to the chasis as well, though its not too noticeable, this set was actually pretty beefy for an exoforce model Combat crawler now has a retractable frame on the front that covers the secondary cockpit. the connection between the 2 models has also been fixed so it doesn't fall apart from use. I love that it has stabilizers for its giant artillery piece. Added a roof to the prison so the pilot couldn't easily climb out The drone has a reasonably well defended seat up here. the controls were on the original set, but it only came with the 2 robots. Also, the original gun hinge caused it to smack the robot in the head if you decided to pivot it, and had an ugly connection with a bionicle piston The Viper x2 (as I so named it) recieved a lot of attention. It had a neat leg design, but the execution was really sloppy, Gaps have been filled in everywhere, and I added an actual cockpit. Feet were shortened I removed the technic plates on its legs to get rid of the holes, The connection on its back was heavily reinforced and can no longer slide off. All parts on the back have been swapped out for black, including the technic bushing. The Combat crawler showing off its rudimentary leg joints. Thanks for looking! any comments or feedback welcome.
  2. My most extensive Set modification ever, Mobile Devastator was modified over the course of about 3 years. The main goal was to fix the colors and add armor, the set was a good design to start with, despite the skeletal look. The review for the original set can be found here, By ReZourceman The most noticeable change is the armor, The blasters on the back have been repositioned to clear the doors, the troop compartment doors have been raised and have the rubber bands removed. Much of the frame has been recolored to eliminate red, dark grey and yellow. Command Tower extends like before, Mecha One's cockpit has been filled in to eliminate gaps. The side armor can be seen clearly here, its connected with balljoint bricks and click hinges. The gun turrets are mounted on hinges on the sides so they can aim at something other than the wheels. The armor wraps around the front too. I was extremely thorough. Cockpits have been redone to support the pilots, and add armor. Controls were added to the front cockpit, along with a view screen The Detachable Venom Gliders have new designs that look the same but fit the whole robot instead of needing to detach the legs There is a hatch at the top, and a ladder that goes all the way down. The roof and floor are filled in as much as possible, it's pitch black inside The side doors open, allowing the troops inside to disembark. 3 extra Iron Drones have been added to the crew, The rack for the inactive drones has been redesigned with sturdy technic parts. Rockets flip up while the troops are deploying, providing cover fire while the interior is vulnerable. Gun rack was also redesigned, and the interior is wide open instead of a cluttered disaster The back armor plates flip open (for access). There is a single prison pod with 2 torture devices. the interior is decorated with vents and slopes carefully placed to eliminate gaps from the outside when its closed. This picture is fuzzy, sorry. It just shows the ladder leading up to the hatch at the top. And that is my second biggest Lego project! (first is Eclipse Blazing Falcon was also modified, will post it later... Thank you for looking, any feedback is welcome!
  3. So.. I started trying to assemble some of my older lego sets from my giant box of mixed pieces from various sets i got throughout the years. I knew i had the pieces to the Mobile Defense Tank from Lego Exo-Force. So i looked up the instructions booklet on the interwebs and came across something pretty confusing. First look at the front box image. Now look at the finished version in the instruction booklet from LEGO's official site. Notice something? Yes. The Bar between the tracks is missing from the actual build. The bar can be slightly be seen on the rear tracks also, on the box image, but they are not in the actual build. There's more... Things got even more weird, because it turned out that i have been following two different instruction booklets... On this website: I found the instructions in the image below. These instructions show, that the bar between the tracks is put into place. But on the instructions you can download as PDF on top of the page, the bar is not included. The bar is not included in the instructions on LEGO's official site either. Looking through both instructions, there are actually a few more things that is different. The build of the canopy varies also. Even the parts list in different. Now... Can anyone explain what is happening? I have been browsing the interwebs for hours, trying to figure out if there is more than one version of this build but i cannot find any evidence. Did they change the build over time or what is happening? I really hope someone can explain this to me.
  4. Antak

    Exoforce Sledgehammer

    You can probably guess which side I favored at this point, I generally like bad guys more, plus the robots were so cool. This Mech was designed for Mecha One's second in command, who I never got around to naming. Like just about everything I build, It has lots of armor and lots of guns, but the cockpit on this one is especially cool, plus it has an epic feature built into its feet. I also used carefully trimmed stickers to add detail so it fit the theme better. Meet the sledgehammer; The cockpit is a 2 part design, with the canopy flipping up first, followed by the frame. Th side view shows just how bulky it is, plus a good look at the stickers I put on its arms and wristblades The main feature, of course, is the feet can fold up and it can roll on wheels. The thrusters on the legs are just there for extra speed, not flight. It obviously can't balance on its own in this configuration, but it rolls really well. The trick of course, is that most pilots wouldn't expect such a bulky battle machine to move so fast, causing them to underestimate it. Thanks for looking!
  5. Antak

    Exoforce Shadow Stalker

    The Bridgewalker (7713) is still one of my favorite lego sets ever. I really wanted another mech in that style, and after 3 tries, finally came up with a design that looked good. Amusingly, It uses parts from 3 earlier mocs. The Mech is very streamlined compared to the brigdewalker and only requires a single pilot. Its a little bit bigger than a Golden Guardian. I designed it with the jungle mission in mind, but it doesn't have a minibot (too hard to integrate without looking weird) Its a powerful search and destroy mecha, with advanced scanning equipment and powerful weaponry. The tubes thread through the entire torso, and add to the alien look the mech has. The legs are very sturdy but with extremely limited movement, Chicken legs are really hard on knee joints it turns out, and this thing is heavy. This cockpit (with a few modifications) has been used on 3 different mocs. I like to recycle good designs whenever possible. The head is well armored and covers most of the pilot. The laser cannon was lifted from another mech as well, I used the old chrome light cover as an emitter. The minigun spins, I used a rod instead of an axle to attach it. Here it is facing off with Hitomi's new battle machine, Shadow Hawk.
  6. Antak

    Exoforce Dark Sentinal

    I've been meaning to post my old exoforce stuff here literally since the theme was still around in stores. This is my favorite Moc, Dark Sentinal. It borrows Alien avengers Giant laser cannons on its shoulders, and insanely heavy armor. Its literally covered in weapons. The design was inspired by this silly (but awesome) thing; It's basically a practical superweapon for Mecha One. Rather than having a giant battle station with an obvious weakspot, he went for a Supernova-sized design with impenetrable armor and heavy weapons. All made possible from stealing golden city tech. Top view better shows off the awesome shape and style. I disliked that all the robot mechs were basically animals in the last year of exoforce, so I went with something powerful and high tech. My spray painted iron drone Mecha One sits in the cockpit. there are 3 printed control panels inside, its quite roomy I used a castle turret to create the shape of the torso. Did not have enough angled bricks otherwise... The back is also heavily armored, and almost entirely done with regular bricks. The gun's barrel can swing down to reveal a functioning blunt shooter. Thanks for looking! I'll be posting a lot more exoforce stuff soon.