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Found 1 result

  1. Norseman

    [O - F04] Ride the Comet

    Log Entry Begin user://AdenCorso Water is sometimes tricky. Shipped in liquid form, it sloshes around and can throw even the most finely-tuned set of compensators into chaos. It takes up more volume than when frozen as well, which means your profits will be marginal. Getting liquid water from a planet's surface also means burning a brick-ton of fuel, which means those marginal profits are now minimal (if you even manage to break even). This is why most ice-mining takes place in any particular system's asteroid belt. Every ship and every station needs water to function - either for its crew to drink, or separated into its constituent parts of O2 and H, the one for breathing, the other for reaction mass. walk by Norseman, on Flickr Given that those same asteroids are often well-patrolled to stem off illegal mining operations by the system's parent Corp explains why I am currently riding a comet headed out-system at more than 40 kilometers per second, more than 3 AUs from Illustria's star. You see, this far from a sun, any water on a comet has frozen and is no longer billowing out in its telltale plume. Comet tails are formed when rising heat from nearing a star causes ice to evaporate, the resultant ejecta always pointing away from the sun. I should be safe this far out from any surprise geysers under my feet. At least I hope so. Although... Flyby by Norseman, on Flickr Apparently I'm not far enough to avoid every MANTIS patrol... Luckily it's an older ship, a Lycidae-class corvette. I've flown against them before, in the Milky Way. They were outdated even back then. Now they are positively antiquated. Their sensors rely mostly upon line-of-sight LADAR, but their resolution is poor and my thermal signature is small enough to hopefully pass without notice. With my ship hidden away in cold sleep mode deep in a fissure, all I need to do is tuck myself against this wall and... hide by Norseman, on Flickr All clear. searching by Norseman, on Flickr I have nothing against MANTIS. I run across them here on the fringe all the time. They run Illustria now, after all. But just because they tolerate my being here as an Octan contractor doesn't mean that I won't come across some loose-cannon, fly-boy captain who would rather shoot than take a bribe. As it lies, every bribe I need to pay cuts into my profits even more, and my profits on this already won't be anything to brag about. The penny-pinching administrators of Port Farhome will see to that... ice by Norseman, on Flickr Here we are. cutting by Norseman, on Flickr Now all I've got to do is do some clever carving... Don't want to bury myself in ice after all, or my popsicle corpse could be part of the comet's tail the next time it swings back in-system in another four hundred years or so. I'd much rather avoid that. spoils by Norseman, on Flickr Alright, two blocks down, only about twenty to go. This is going to take a while, I think. Luckily, I've nowhere else to go, nowhere else to be. Log Entry End This is my first entry, so I'm still a bit unsure of what tags I should include. Can I get a bit of help? Also, pardon the cat hair. It gets everywhere!