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Found 1 result

  1. gedren_y

    SG: Sali Dahlib's Stall

    Millenia ago in the frozen north the Armored Eagle Goddess left the material world (and her flesh body) behind. But as she went, the Goddess told her people she would return. <In a time of heavy persecution my faithful will make a great pilgrimage,> the Goddess foretold, <Far to the south they will find a great Nest of Metals, and settle there. Many generations will pass, and life will be good. After a war with magic, involving many peoples, the fervent will take up a quest to find my Egg. When my Egg is found by a true believer, then my flesh will be reborn into this world.> This is the tale of the quest to fulfill the Goddess' word. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The caravan from Lost Vega had taken an intentionally confusing course, but finally Sdair Zuuree and Kynkayd Hernbolnd were in the 'Old Quarter' of Sultan's Gate. Their holy quest to find the Egg of the Armored Eagle Goddess will require some very specific maps. Maps of the ancient Drow tunnels. DS Overall by gedren_y, on Flickr In Lost Vega, Sdair was informed by the casino masters that to obtain the maps he needed, he would have to visit the merchant Sali Dahlib. He was told that he would find the stall atop a pedestal on which a giant marble statue once stood. DS Barter 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr "Ah'm in need of sum maps," Sdair said after his climb up a rather flimsy ladder, "Ah'm told ye'd be da one ta see fer what Ah need." DS Barter 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr Sali Dahlib hesitated a moment at Sdair's accent, but then replied, "Sali Dahlib got maps. Stone maps, scroll maps, an' even a big globe map. Quality. No cheep." "Ah'm in need of sum vera special maps," Sdair lowered his voice, "Drow tunnel maps, as old as possible." At Sdair's request Sali Dahlib looked frightened. As the merchant swayed from foot to foot considering, Sdair looked about at the wares on Sali Dahlib's shelves. Nothing seemed really promising. "Dat, dat," Sali Dahlib stammered, "Dat Sali Dahlib no gots. But Sali Dahlib gots map to where youse be gettins it." "A map ta get a map?" Sdair snorted, "What dross is dat?" "Home of Driz Urdon on dat map," Sali Dahlib pointed to a stone tablet on the shelf to his right, "Him usedta be a Drow. Hims a wraith elf now. Him lives in dangerous place. Likes be alone, but him gots what youse need. Youse pay four rubies, and no say where youse gots map. Yes?" Sdair had nearly as much trouble understanding Sali Dahlib's diatribe as the merchant had with his own words, but he understood and agreed to the terms. --------------------------------------- DS Waiting by gedren_y, on Flickr Kynkayd Hernbolnd waits with their horses and Sdair's gear. It was advised that they not try to carry anything heavy up Sali Dahlib's ladder. ---------------------------------------------- Here are some other shots of this build: From above to see the roofs. The pedestal base. Look, a scorpion is looking to have frog meat. Just a bit of sand detail. Look, Sali Dahlib has a kitty. The back of the horse corral is the crumbling remains of an old wall. More of that wall, and a horse not sure of the feed. ----------------------------------------------- I took Sali Dahlib's wares off the shelves for these shots. Maps and scrolls. Some foodstuffs. Naughty. (The middle isn't a drow head, just an orc head made to look that way. Don't be fooled by imitations.) Other stuff. -------------------------------------------- I hate the quality of these pics. I'll try to get some better ones later, but I had to get this posted today to qualify.