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Found 7 results

  1. After 10 hours of heavy building, finally got his beauty done and here is my video review: THE GOOD: It looks absolutely stunning! Very very challenging build. The trunk is a absolute beast. Lots of interior details and some techniques that will blow you away. Lots of stunning exterior features as well. e.g. the stairs, the bridge, the swing. THE NOT SO GOOD: Changing season requires some effort and time. Lots of leaves are locked by other pieces so disassembly are required rather than just straight swap. The building experience on some parts can be frustrating. (Alignments!!! and getting all bricks connected perfectly is somewhat challenging) Once built, some interior features are difficult to access. Overall, this is another great sets of 2019. The looks ... well so good. There are lots of interior details as well. There are great points for you own imaginary story! (Bathroom with so many windows.... hmmm) But then the building experience is just surprising. So many interesting techniques but at times can be frustrating as well. I'm usually a minifigures person but this is a set that I don't really care much even they don't include any minifigures. The price is high but I think it's worth. I just wish they included full set to build branches with autumn leaves rather then just leaves as I estimate it will take an hour to just replace the leaves. Anyway, this set is just too good to pass on, recommend to everyone!
  2. LEGO MOVIE DREAM TREE HOUSE Nature is awesome and beautiful. We should protect natural environment and conserve resources. I have an idea to build "Dream Tree House" using with nature elements (tree,plants,cloud,rainbow...) and LEGO MOVIE 2 characters. Build the Tree House dreamly as neutral, rural scenery and peaceful. You can find details (piano,bookshelf,TV,kitchen,swing,elevator) to fullfil in the Tree House for fun. I build this creation to support HKLUG LEGO MOVIE 2 Competition. Everything is Awesome!! Builder : Alanboar Cheung Size : 50cm (L) x 50cm(W) x 50cm(H) Pieces : 3000 pcs Flickr : : Alanboar http://lego.alanstudio.hk
  3. Ben Andrews

    The Observer-Tree

    Hello fellow humans! Here is a build that i completed very early this year, after dedicating many, many hours to it over last year. When I was a kid, I always wanted to build a large tree house out of LEGO but never had the parts or the disposable income.. Now, I have both of those things, I thought it was time to get it on the drawing boards. I would have posted it heaps sooner, but these pics were taken for Bricks CULTURE magazine #6 and wanted to do the right thing by them and hold off until the next edition was out. As I'm still getting used to uploading images and yet to tweek the RAW ones to a usable file size, this is all i have for you to check out here.. Though if you'd like to check out some of the finer details and the rear side, please jump over to my Flickr account here and have a squiz! There is quite the philosophical story behind it all, but I'll leave that for the pages of BC. Thanks to Cristian Brunelli for the great photographic shots, as my camera, if you could call it that, wouldn't stand up to the task in the state of my studio. Oh yeah, just by the by, the chairlift, waterwheel and waterfalls all move thanks to the Power of a single XL PF Motor and a string of gearboxes.. And I'd be more than happy to prove it to you, if someone has some footage.. I was lucky enough to get these shots! haha! Anywho, Enjoy.
  4. LittleJohn

    Billy's Tree House

    Built for the “Ultimate Tree House” category of the MOCathalon. I’ve always wanted to build a tree house, so this was a very fun category for me, though still a bit tricky at times. The tree house features a working crane, tire swing, rope bridge, and a full interior. Fun fact: This build used all of the green, bright green, and dark green leaves in our collection. Billy’s magnificent tree house is the most popular hangout area for all the kids in his neighborhood. More pictures here: Link Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  5. Legopard

    My Tree House

    Hello, With so many great winter creations in the last weeks, it's feels a bit frosty on EuroBricks. So I will try to bring you a bit spring feeling with my newest creation: My Tree House Tree houses always had something magical for me. The symbiosis of the home and the nature has something very idyllic and charming. I wanted to reflect this peaceful atmosphere and the feeling of security in tree houses in my build. Also I had the chance to try my hands on a bigger tree and the challenge to build it sturdy enough so it holds the home. I'm glad Oscar posted his amazing roof technique before I build my tree house. It's so great, I had to copy that. Thanks for your inspiration, Oscar! To give the tree a sturdy base I build its roots and a bit of the surrounding landscape. I hope you like it! Jonas
  6. Tree houses are fun to design, aren't they?
  7. LegoJalex

    [MOC] Dennis The Menace

    For those of you who don't know, Dennis The Menace is a comic and animated TV-series created by Hank Ketcham(see I was myself a big fan of Dennis as a kid. Here is my LEGO version of Dennis The Menace. Interesting fact: In 1951 March 12 two different comics with the exact name (Dennis The Menace) went on sale, one in the U.S. by Hank Ketcham and one in the UK by David Law. None of the creators knew about each others work. Quite odd! The UK version later changed its name to "Dennis The Menace And Gnasher". Dennis and Joey skateboarding. Dennis' neighbour Mr Wilson is in the background watching his flowers. Dennis tree house.