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  1. Fires-storm


    Wow, this is simply spectacular, from the lava effect to the rock work, to those awesome opening doors, everything is eye catching! About the only problem is I want to try and look at everything at once! Great work mate
  2. Fires-storm

    MOC: The Cyclone

    Well done, I love the angle of the wings on this fighter, it kind of has a B-2 Spirit feel!
  3. Fires-storm

    MOC: The Jitterbug

    Wow, so there is another sky-fi builder on Eurobricks, yay! I really uite like this little plane, and the gliding is definitely a good idea! Also the shaping is very well done, and you still managed to squeeze in a good amount of detail on such a small build! Excellent work mate
  4. Fires-storm

    MOC: Tree design

    I agree with everyone else, this design is simply beautiful! I will definitely have to put it to use some time, if I may
  5. Fires-storm

    MOC: Yellow Jacket

    Thank you, I'm so glad you like it! I'm actually considering making a squadron based around the same yellow/black color scheme...I'm really a sucker for it, hah! Yes, the color scheme is a bit bold, but I decided to accent with yellow as that was the choice color of most aces of aerial combat! Also, rest assured, it is very VERY fast, hah! I'm glad you like it so much, and the gun sight was actually a last minute edition that i just threw in to see if it would work, and it does indeed look quite nice on this build
  6. Fires-storm

    MOC: Blood Hawk

    Thanks, I'm so glad you like it! I must admit, the wings were a dickens to figure out how to mount correctly!
  7. Fires-storm

    WIP MOC: funfair

    Well done on all this, you made it all match very well, and added pretty much everything a successful funfair would need! I must say though, my favorite two creations are the Claw Machine and the House of Horrors. I've never gotten the opportunity to ride in the bumper cars, lol, but this makes me want to so bad! Brilliant work mate, simply brilliant! :thumbup:
  8. Fires-storm

    TOWN: New Mannum Town Centre

    Yeah, I know fully what you mean, I think I took around 1,500 bucks with me to Brickworld in Chicago, and I spent all but 10 dollars, with just me there But hey, you'll get there, and if not, then spend some quality time with your wife instead!
  9. Fires-storm

    Serenity - A LEGO Firefly Creation

    Well done on this simply stunning work! Firefly is definitely one of my favorite Sci-fi's of all time, and you brought the Serenity to life just beautifully! Good work mate :thumbup:
  10. Fires-storm

    Achermar starfighter

    Well done on this starfighter mate, the level of detail is perfectly balanced between smooth and greebled, and thhe cockpit has to be my hands-down favorite part of the entire ship! Definitely a great build :thumbup:
  11. Fires-storm

    Eridan starfighter

    Well done, the shaping of this and the parts use is simply ingenious! I love every bit of this little fighter, nice work!
  12. Fires-storm

    MOC: Ice Cream Parlor

    Well done on this beautiful little moc, do my eyes deceive me, or did you seriously manage to cram all that beautiful detail onto one 16x32 base plate!? Well done on this beauty, you packed so much detail and care into it's creation I can't pick just one favorite thing :thumbup:
  13. Fires-storm

    TOWN: New Mannum Town Centre

    Wow, I haven't checked on this in a bit, but I can tell it is really coming along quite beautifully! Though, in all truth, I doubt it will ever finally once and for all be finished, you will just keep working on it and making it more and more insanely epic, hah! Nice work on this mate, I can't wait to see more!
  14. Fires-storm

    Hotel Chat Noir

    Well done on this beautiful building, though it is rather a shame that it doesn't open I look forward to more work from you!
  15. Fires-storm

    MOC: Lego Lion

    Well done, mate, this is beautifully designed! I love how you made the paws and the mane the most