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  1. 1979-1983 were also my golden years. Around 1984 I started getting into Transformers and my allowance went to buying them instead of Lego. But I love those pictures of those old sets because it takes me down memory lane.
  2. Really love seeing those old sets. Probably because I own quit a few of them and it takes me back to my youth.
  3. dartmar

    [MOC] Tregatis VI Mining Operations

    Looks great and I really love that classic space look.
  4. I have an IR controller but it doesn't seem to communicate with the reciever. I have tried every channel. All the lights work so it isn't a battery problem but I just can't get them talking to each other. And I hope that's the problem or else mine trainengine is broken. Anybody an idea what could be wrong?
  5. dartmar

    Review REVIEW: 75093 Death Star Final Duel

    Thanks for the review. I love the new Vader helmet and it looks a set kids could have hours of fun with.
  6. dartmar

    Scorpion ABS (armoured battle station)

    Great looking vehicle.
  7. Love the scene. But am I missing Eomer?
  8. dartmar

    Suspension bridge

    Looks nice. Could you use this technique for a bigger bridge for trains?
  9. dartmar

    Santa's Holiday Train (MOC based on 10173)

    Can't wait to see in action rolling through the winter village around the Christmas tree.
  10. dartmar

    ( MOC ) Redbeard ( Roodbaard ) Cafe

    I love it. I like the colour scheme and the details on the interior. And do I see some old space parts in the corners.
  11. dartmar

    Do you collect anything else?

    I collect money so I can spend it on Lego.
  12. I went to all out and got me: 75079 Shadow Troopers 75087 Anakin's Custom Jedi Starfighter 75095 TIE Fighter 75099 Rey's Speeder 75102 Poe's X-wing Fighter 75101 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter
  13. dartmar

    [MOC] Transformers Sixgun from Metroplex

    Really nice. It looks the part to. And I am real G1 TF fan. I use to own Metroplex and lots of the original Transformers toys. So I can't wait to see Metroplex in al his glory.
  14. dartmar

    MOC Betrayal

    Nice story, can't wait for the rest. And nice work using Lego for the special effects.
  15. dartmar

    Hail our new overlords!

    Great - Star Wars is bought by DisneyTM and now eurobricks. Two things I enjoy in life are now bought by the third thing I enjoy: DisneyTM. Highlight to read: I love DisneyTM!