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  1. dartmar


    I like the look of the drumkit. The use of chromeparts is brilliant. I build quite a few in my time including a lit stage to let Legoland rock but my drumkits didn't look so good.
  2. 1979-1983 were also my golden years. Around 1984 I started getting into Transformers and my allowance went to buying them instead of Lego. But I love those pictures of those old sets because it takes me down memory lane.
  3. Really love seeing those old sets. Probably because I own quit a few of them and it takes me back to my youth.
  4. dartmar

    [MOC] Tregatis VI Mining Operations

    Looks great and I really love that classic space look.
  5. I have an IR controller but it doesn't seem to communicate with the reciever. I have tried every channel. All the lights work so it isn't a battery problem but I just can't get them talking to each other. And I hope that's the problem or else mine trainengine is broken. Anybody an idea what could be wrong?
  6. dartmar

    Review REVIEW: 75093 Death Star Final Duel

    Thanks for the review. I love the new Vader helmet and it looks a set kids could have hours of fun with.
  7. dartmar

    Scorpion ABS (armoured battle station)

    Great looking vehicle.
  8. Love the scene. But am I missing Eomer?
  9. dartmar

    Suspension bridge

    Looks nice. Could you use this technique for a bigger bridge for trains?
  10. dartmar

    Santa's Holiday Train (MOC based on 10173)

    Can't wait to see in action rolling through the winter village around the Christmas tree.
  11. dartmar

    ( MOC ) Redbeard ( Roodbaard ) Cafe

    I love it. I like the colour scheme and the details on the interior. And do I see some old space parts in the corners.
  12. dartmar

    Do you collect anything else?

    I collect money so I can spend it on Lego.
  13. I went to all out and got me: 75079 Shadow Troopers 75087 Anakin's Custom Jedi Starfighter 75095 TIE Fighter 75099 Rey's Speeder 75102 Poe's X-wing Fighter 75101 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter
  14. dartmar

    [MOC] Transformers Sixgun from Metroplex

    Really nice. It looks the part to. And I am real G1 TF fan. I use to own Metroplex and lots of the original Transformers toys. So I can't wait to see Metroplex in al his glory.
  15. dartmar

    MOC Betrayal

    Nice story, can't wait for the rest. And nice work using Lego for the special effects.