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  1. -SD-

    What Lego-related thing did you do today?

    This morning we completed the Mall, much to my daughter's delight. Then this afternoon I found a couple of presents that the elves had misplaced: the Friends Catwalk Phone Stand and Winterfest Lobstar for Skylanders Trap Team. The Mall's catwalk has now been replaced with this much better version, and DJ Stephanie was on the decks banging out tunes for the afternoon's fashion show..... until my iPhone ran out of charge.
  2. -SD-

    What Lego-related thing did you do today?

    This afternoon I've been building the Heartlake Shopping Mall with my daughter, which she was lucky enough to get from Santa.
  3. -SD-

    BLOCKS Magazine- Your Thoughts?

    The first issue of the regular monthly Blocks magazine came out today. My local WH Smith had a decent wad of copies on the shelf.
  4. -SD-

    What Video Game(s) are you playing?

    My Hyrule Warriors Collector's Edition arrived yesterday; it's not due out until Friday.... Fantastic game, well worth getting.
  5. The only ones I'm interested in are 36, 38 and the quite awesome looking 39. I'll leave the decision on 37 to my son. On a side note, the Creator Parrot set looks awesome.
  6. -SD-

    MOC: "Tremors" movie MOC

    Awesome. One of my favourite films of all time. Very well done.
  7. GAME have this down for UK release on November 14th. Pre-ordering gets you a Plastic Man minifig.
  8. After completing the last set, I'm quite looking forward to these hitting the UK.
  9. -SD-

    What Lego-related thing did you do today?

    Yesterday I built the 42029 Pick-up Truck, and this morning I applied the stickers to finish it off.
  10. -SD-

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Rio 2 and The Matrix.
  11. My Son and I have built the Hot Rod, Construction Crew, Container Truck, Cargo Plane and the Desert Racer from the first wave of the year's releases. We went to Toys R Us a couple of weeks ago, as it was his birthday, and got the Volvo L350F as well as the Pick-up Truck.
  12. -SD-

    What did you buy today?

    Today I got the Lego Movie and the VW Camper in town, and then ordered the Mini Cooper online from the Lego Store.
  13. -SD-

    What was the last movie you watched?

    The Lego Movie was released in the UK today so I've just watched it in 3D on the projector with the kids.
  14. -SD-

    Do you recognize them all?

    No idea what the bottom right one is.
  15. -SD-

    What Lego-related thing did you do today?

    As it's Easter the kids built the 40086 Easter Bunny this morning. We've been saving it for today since we got it from the Lego Store in Milton Keynes a few weeks ago. My son and I completed the Cargo Plane earlier on. We're both impressed with the size of it and all the functions. I just need to psych myself up to do the stickers now; there's absolutely loads of them.