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  1. Grimmy

    REVIEW: 10937 Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout

    This set is awesome. I love the building and the truck. Great minifigs. Tons of details. I really want it but I still haven't got the Haunted House Yet
  2. Grimmy

    EB SW Xmas raffle 2012

    Where are people getting this bag from? I don't remember this piece. It looks like a santa bag. really neat
  3. Grimmy

    Tournament of Retribution III Rules and Entries Overview

    Is there any ready made examples I could check out? Their is a lot of rules, I did read them and I think I might understand but an example comic would be great :)
  4. Why do they come out with these so fast? Everytime I go to any store (Toys R Us, Barnes & Noble, and sometimes even the Lego store) they are sold out with just an empty box on the shelf. Of course plenty on ebay. Why didn't they ever put them in the supermarkets? I'm guessing maybe they couldn't do to some other company having hands on the end caps and impulse buy section. It's crazy how they are already coming out with series 10. All I've been able to get is 4 packs of series 6, and on black Friday I bought packs of series 7 and 8. When they first came out it was impossible to get the first series, 2nd 3rd. Unless of course, ebay. The sets come and go faster then I can ever afford. But mini figures are somethng everyone can afford if they can only have a chance to purchase. :/
  5. Would this be a good book for somone like me who would like to start using technic to try building one of those awesome trucks I see people make on youtube? The trial trucks or cars of the like. Does it have a bunch of gear boxes? I've always wanted to try and even bought power functions long ago meaning to try.
  6. Grimmy

    MOC: LEGO Mascot Home 1958

    This is amazing! At first glance I almost couldn't tell it was lego because it's so stud-less :D It's breath taking and amazing. lol I'm also jelous that your mom builds with Lego too haha every kid's dream right? :)
  7. Grimmy

    DC Doodles - Superheroes month

    Those are really great and great shadowing too. I take a life drawing class & paint in both acrylic and oils. It would take me a long time to do anything comparable and it would be that good. Such great chareacters!
  8. Grimmy

    Superhero Video Contest!

    I like the contest idea. 10fps gives more people a chance. Woulda been nicer if it was 15 which is the normal for this kind of low frame animation. But that's ok. I have an Iphone 3Gs but I'm getting a 5 soon. Who did the picture? I love the barbecue who made it?
  9. Monster Fighters rules!

  10. Grimmy

    Review: 10228 Haunted House

    Yes I agree. Maybe someone will work on an Addam's Family/Munsters House conversion that we can do. I still have saved a page with people who showed and made a better outside gated area. I am trying to get all the Monster Fighters sets but only have the castle set so far. I should have bought this house already but I'm scraping money. I think this month the Lego calendar shoues double VIP points on the 22nd or so. I'll try to buy it then. I also saw at the beginning of the month that Lego store online had the bundled sets package offered to give double xp points but I checked after, & it was totally sold out!
  11. My niece who is 9, always liked lego but never into as much to even pick out & really ask for a set like she now does with friends. I even took her to the first Lego Friends Club Meeting. She enjoyed it too. They gave her the shirt and a nice take home bag. It was fun, my only complaint was that I don't understand why they didn't put a table out, they build on the ground floor, and help them a little more. Everyone was very friendly. Has anyone wrote a post on how the first meeting was? Maybe I should. I notice the Director is Portuguese. I'm Portuguese too. :) Living in the US. Born here.
  12. Grimmy

    Modular Madness: Recycling station

    That's really great I love it. I want one in my town too :D
  13. These are great! IMe and my niece are definitely getting the MF Haunted House Next month right away. I've been waiting for a Lego Halloween theme forever now. We just got the Vampyre Castle but I want to try to get all the sets.
  14. Grimmy

    Friends "Controversy"

    My lil niece went straight to the Freinds section in the store. She was amazed and exited like never before. Lego is her favorite toy and she liked the sets before but now she is begging for Friends sets. But my niece has also gone mainstream and was Hannah Montanna crazy. I like the Friends sets. She got a kids sewing machine for Christmas from grandma and in Jan picked out a Friends Fashion Designer Emma set which comes with great tools and house objects which she incorporated into her Lego House. The sets may not appeal to everyone but I think they will appeal to most. While I don't think Lego needed to create and stick to these new colors, it's what what grabs the kids attention at the store when there is a spot in an isle with matching pastel color boxes.
  15. Grimmy

    New modular building? 10224 Town Hall

    Thank you, I think I will as soon as I can. I noticed that the Lego store here in Burlington, MA in the US doesn't stock it anymore and it's no longer as built model displayed in the store. That's what made me a little worried but I see it is still on shop at home. :)