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    [MOC] Ice Explorer

    Every time I view it, I see something that I missed. I especially like the shape of the ventral hull, and that (sensor array?).. real nice!
  2. ghoulrealm

    [MOC] Blacktron tracked mini-vehicles

    This is such a great use of the rubber tank treads pieces, that I am going to space pirate that idea to expand my blacktron's mobile ground unit forces right now!!
  3. ghoulrealm

    REVIEW: 8684 LEGO Minifigures Series 2

    My thoughts exactly! If I'm not mistaken it also has the first printed arm design?
  4. ghoulrealm

    Atlantis 2010

    I think not without pretty much destroying it in the process. I don't really see a potentail with the pegs out anyhow. They are not particularly compatible any other way than they were intended.
  5. ghoulrealm

    Atlantis 2010

    Normal minifig leg pegs. The pegs themselves are made of the normal plastic and are attached to the rubbery legs with what appears to be a couple of locking wedges.
  6. ghoulrealm

    Atlantis 2010

    The squid warrior's octopus "arms" for legs are molded with an upturn to them. They are also made with the same slightly flexible rubber type as the heads or the original octopus.
  7. ghoulrealm

    Atlantis 2010

    I hope they don't adorn the two towers by slapping a couple of these sharks on them. I will likely buy it regardless, but I would prefer a BBB.
  8. ghoulrealm

    REVIEW: 8188 Fire Blaster (Power Miners)

    Most of your shots seem to make the set look even better than the box art, especially Combustix.
  9. ghoulrealm

    REVIEW: Atlantis 8056 Monster Crab Clash

    Pinch me, I'm dreaming! The only fault this set has was the sticker factor. I love the patterns so much, that I don't hesitate slapping them on though.
  10. ghoulrealm

    Atlantis 2010

    I was able to pick up the other 2 atlantis sets at the OverlandPark store plus the new small SP3 set as well. ________ Judging from one of the set art pages in the instructions, it looks as if there is going to be a shark temple that will require at least four of the keys?
  11. ghoulrealm

    Atlantis 2010

    I like jerkin' the mechanism!
  12. I love the barbs! They remind me of the finlets on a tuna. I think that's top of the caudal fin, and it's extremely long! Overall I get the impression that these creatures are mechanical or biomechanical in nature, because they all have a little something extra from their more realistic counterparts. A shark with barbs. The crab has multiple compound eyes (with the exception of the horseshoe crab most just have the two.) And the giant squid has a spinning ring of teeth. These are the reasons why I love it and likely the same reasons why some of you don't. Fantastical creatures for a fantastic theme. Brick built beasts are back!
  13. ghoulrealm

    Atlantis 2010

    I just aquired the turbo sub set and wanted to convey some of the questions I had answered and observations. The atlantis key piece; it has a 1x1 cylinder like connection on the bottom with an ability to turn an axle but not grip to it. It will connect to a stud or between 4 studs. The diver's headgear is compatable with the astronaut's chrome blue and gold visors. Shark warrior has some atlantian patterns on top of its head and has a lateral hole within his mouth in wich a lightsaber blade shaped piece may fit. There are a couple 1x3 smooth red plates in the sub set. When flipping the sub's mechanism, If you dont lock the clip to the handle pieces it moves quite smoothly... but once you do lock them in, it does become a jerky maneuver to release it. Btw, the turbo sub was the only set available my area of Kansas City so far but I will "collect them all!" I can't wait for a manta warrior set so I can see what if any secrets he holds under his mantastic head.
  14. ghoulrealm

    Atlantis 2010

    Have you seen this yet? guardian shark pic and the tentacled tyrant's terrifying teeth
  15. ghoulrealm

    Atlantis 2010

    Now that's the "squidman" I was hoping for! Not that thrilled with the subs being red, but.... pop off the propellers and snap on a few "M" insignia and a couple magnets and you got some sweet new M-Tron ships to add to your antiquated armada.
  16. ghoulrealm

    Cave Troll & Orcs

    Ah.. I'm always happy to find another brick beast, and an impressive one at that. Now I'm off to check for other gems I might have missed in your mocpages gallery.
  17. ghoulrealm

    MT-32 Trike

    When first bought the MT-31 Trike, I thought it could use a little tweaking. I mainly just wanted to create a steering functionallty, but it turned into a major overhaul. Sorry for the poor quallity pics, but I only have a cheap remote rover cam at this time. The following images have areas blacked out for your own good. What you dont know won't hurt you. left side turning right dropship view, turning left rear A few more images in my brickshelf after modderation The signature power crystal in a dome is connected to a gear along a steering axel. The steering wheel is, of corse, the cylinder on top with the ultra cool classical ship orbiting a planet image on it.
  18. Um.. other I think the squidman will be the apex alien, if he lives up to expectations. All those in favor of a cephalopod race, squirt some ink! Then again, I may be placing him on a pedestal too high for LEGO to reach. BlacktronIII with a BlacktronII color scheme sounds good too!
  19. ghoulrealm

    XB-21 'Nombis'

    This is my favorite from your shipyard thus far.
  20. ghoulrealm

    Buy 2009 LEGO Pirates from S@H or Toys R Us

    Good find! It has a new minifig at least. and brown slopes are always good too.
  21. I like the way you use bionicle heads for the robots.
  22. ghoulrealm

    Space Police 2009!

    Blacktron may have to rise up and make a full comeback in order to guarantee job security for the Space Patrol force. As exciting as the possibility of a Blacktron3 is, what really has my tentacles tingling is the Squidman.
  23. ghoulrealm

    The 2009 Pirate LEGO

    They have made it to Kansas City. I got the Shipwreck Hideout, and Loot Island. I love em even more than expected. I suspect that Europe will get Brickbeards Bounty before we do.
  24. ghoulrealm

    New 2009 sets(all)

    Squidman Escape!! Run, crawl, or squirt your way to freedom. I will protect my cephalopod friends from harm. I hope these guys are like the Thermians from Galaxy Quest>>
  25. That was fun! I am delighted to have my moc included in this.