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  1. Oh wow, I never knew I wanted something this badly...
  2. saberwing

    Flying Dutchman WIP

    Absolutely amazing, I can't wait to see the final result!
  3. saberwing

    Mount up! Fyre Wolf

    This fearsome looking creature is the Fyre Wolf, indigenous to the Rakath mountains of Nocturnus. It can reach heights of four meters and ten meters from head to tail. The Fyre Wolf has a thick red and yellow fur, resembling the fire where the wolf got his name from. They travel in small packs of three to six wolves and hunt on larger animals like deer and boar. Even though the appearances of the fyrewolves are common, their numbers are reducing significantly due to them being used as war mounts. With my sigfig: Side view: Top view: A (very poor) attempt at photoshop:
  4. I heard Nocturnus was lacking some members: This is Saber, son of the famous merchant captain Seraph the Winged. Seraph, know througout many a towns for his skill with the sword and pursuesive tongue, trained his child his crafts from a very early age on. Saber worked hard with his father, in swordplay as well as in learning the ropes of sailing and trading. Due to the profession of his father, Saber grew up aboard a large merchant ship, docking everywhere across Historica to buy and sell goods ranging from fine wines to exotic furs. On a cold Winter while returning south from port Wrath, a standard trading route that Seraph and the crew had taken often, a horrible storm struck the sea. The crew was no match against this manifestation of mother nature and the ship capsized. Saber, who was only a young lad of sixteen, opened his eyes to find himself lying atop of a rock, with a salty taste his in mouth. He quickly stitched the pieces of the story together to realize that he wass shipwrecked. He felt powerless; all the fighting and training he endured was proven worthless to the amnipotent power of nature. He stranded near the Moruth swamplands which he had seen many a times on his father's maps. Unsure whether or not his father or anyone of the crew survived the shipwreck, he enters the swamp, while pondering about the knowledge and power it holds. Three years later, Saber has made the swamp his home and mastered the easier spells that the nomad wizards who live in these marshes have taught him. The three years he has spend here made him pledge his allegiance to the red and gold flag of Nocturnus. The apprentice wizards' thirst for power and knowledge only increases as he learns more and he has made it his personal goal to become so significantly powerful and wise, that even nature will fear him. A close up of the sigfig:
  5. saberwing

    Back from the dead

    Hello everyone! As you may be able to see I have been a member of EB since 2009, however, I have not been active since 2010/2011. At that time I was very busy with school and I kind of lost my passion for lego, and thus EB and I completely forgot about it. This all changed about a week ago when I watched the famous 'lego: the movie'. It may sound a bit cliché, but it totally got me hyped up to get into lego again! Which I why I am back at the EB forums, Let me introduce myself: My nickname is Saberwing (people also refer to me as 'Saber' when it is more convenient). I am 19 years old and study artificial Intelligence at a University in the Netherlands. This brings me to a confession I have to make... I was 14 when I joined EB. I hope you can forgive me, I was very jealous of this great community, which is why I joined; so I could be part of it. Some more information about me: I love making music, I play guitar, bass and sing and write songs. I am also an avid League of Legends player (same IGN if you want to add me ). Since I have been out of the lego scene for I while now I might not be super active in the forums early on, but I will try my best to be a positive asset to the community. If there is anything you want to know about me, just ask. I am open to most questions. EDIT: I see that I still have my old avatar and signature, I might change those in the future.
  6. saberwing

    Teal katanas

    Are these turquoise katanas rare? Because I have like 8 of them.
  7. saberwing

    bionicle STARS

    Hey everyone! While I was looking around on youtube, I found this I didn't make this movie, all the credits go to Patrick Boivin.
  8. saberwing

    Assassin's Creed 2

    Ezio looks like he's ready to strike! The scenery also gives a very nice impression of Venice. great job!
  9. saberwing

    Piratical Smileys

    Awesome, they're great! Thanks a lot!
  10. saberwing

    Piratical Smileys

    Nice work Joey! If you have the time, could you please do my sigfig as well?
  11. saberwing

    Digital Painting - Brickbeard versus Broadside 2009

    Wow, I love the expressions! It also seems that the ninja's are stealthy as usual, since I didn't spot them at first.
  12. saberwing

    Star Wars Resistance

    looks pretty good. I have one useful tip for you : You shouldn't put the speech balloons inside the mouth of the character, but just a bit next to it. Because now the balloon is on top of the characters face, which looks pretty sloppy.
  13. saberwing

    green kart

    Thanks, Mario kart did inspire me while building this creation.
  14. Wow! these are epic! There is a little flaw on the first Kakashi face though; the band of the forehead protector doesn't connect at the back:
  15. saberwing

    Who's Who in Princess Quest

    Pretty neat this summary. It reminds me of saber scorpion's site. I really love your comics by the way.