Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

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Welcome to Nocturnus

Welcome to the Darklands! If you are new and want to join the fun here, you just think of a character/sigfig for yourself, post that sigfig in this thread and start building. Don't forget to put in our red and gold standard, the Nocturnian colors! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. To get an impression of the Guilds and Nocturnus, just read along.

Section One: Guilds of Historica Background

The bard’s song tells a tale of a world long forgotten,

Race against race, clan against clan, shields clashed with swords; long ago when Men of the Lion fought Men of the Falcon, and human armies succumbed to Orcs and undead. Each group clashed with its neighbor for power, unleashing upon the world a great scourge, and the arcane land was thrown into chaos. When it all seemed but lost, a council of wise men and sages was summoned. From all the lands they came to convene in the old world’s great city; the fortress of Cedrica.

To settle the grievance and end a millennium of bloodshed, the sages declined all the treaties of old and joined all the clans into one mighty Kingdom; Historica. They founded the Four Great Regions- each one a realm in itself; - Mitgardia in the North, Nocturnus in the East, Kaliphlin in the South and Avalonia in the West, so that trade routes would spring up and clans would meet in the markets and not in the theatre of war. The wise men chose a family of great honor, to uphold the truce and to keep the four guilds from dispute.

All is not as it once was. The Black Mage, Victor Revolword, unleashed a new scourge on Historica, taking Cedrica as his own. Though a united Histrocia defeated Revolword’s elemental monsters, the King of Cedrica is missing and the Guilds of Historica have been thrown into chaos. With the wise King’s absence, each guild believes it would be best suited to rule all of Historica, internal struggles have brought each realm to the brink of civil war!

This is where the next chapter begins. The battle to take Cedrica from the Black Mage has ended, but the battle for your own guild has begun!

Section Two: Guild Background and Theme

Nocturnus: The Eastern Darklands


Map of Nocturnus by Balthasar

Landscape: The guild of Nocturnus governs the eastern darklands, comprised of the Kelra labyrinths to the west, the vast and rugged Rakath mountains running all the way from the Mitgardian peaks to the Siccus badlands, through to the far eastern swamplands of Moruth.

The Kelra Labyrinths are home to the Minotaurus and Reptrians, who hold sway over the arrivals of foreign guilds to the eastern darklands. Often a sizable 'donation' is expected as well as the correct answer to one of the many riddles posed by the Minotaurus. Should guildsmen fail at this task, they may be pursued through the labyrinthin stonework and bracken by the Reptrians who hunt for their prey within.



Those skilled at passing through the depths of Kelra will find themselves with the next challenge of how best to negotiate the mountainous divide of Rakath, home to Dwarves, Orcs, Dragons, and of course the Drow, an ancient species of dark elves. Is the high road the best plan? Does a trip to the underworld yield better results, not many return from these ranges quite as they were.


Finally off to the eastern Moruth swamplands, home to the army of undead things....the least said of this ungodly marshy area the better, though it is rumoured that this was the homeland of Lord Ssilyrrlith, and where he began his journey to ascendancy of the guild Nocturnus.



You will find humans surviving scattered throughout the darklands, they will always find a way to prosper, but its how they prosper that leaves them a scarred race...

Capital: Nocturnus Resistance- Abyssian Castle


Capital: Black Spire- Obsidian Spike


The Tribes: Perhaps the most remarkable feature of Nocturnus is not the land itself, but the many non-human tribes who inhabit the land. Though some of the tribes have united under Sslither and the Nocturnian banner, many are free standing societies with their own culture. Check out some of the multitude of tribes here!

Standard: The standard of the Nocturnus represents not only the blood spilled, but the lust for exploitation of natural resources. The rich veins of ore running through the Rakath ranges draw many races to its bosom, only to be horribly changed by the hostile environment within, only the strong adapt and survive. The red and gold are a constant reminder and rallying cry to all the creatures of the darkland, it is a symbol of the strength that the guild master must possess to lead such a varied and unpredictable band of races.

Economy: The Nocturnus guild earns a lot of its wealth from the sulfuric lava flows, rich veins of mineral ore and a recklessness for personal safety.

Section Three: Recent Guild History

Following the defeat of the Black Mage at Cedrica, the guild of Nocturnus was invaded by the Black Spire, a group consisting of Hand of Corruption soldiers, Varlyrian shock troopers and Drow rebels. Nocturnus is now in chaos. The Black Spire quickly conquered nearly all of Nocturnus before Lord Sslither's forces rallied from Cedrica and a band of brave Historicans from the other three guilds made a brave stand at Abyssian castle, Nocturnus's capital. During the battle at Abyssian, disgraced Avalonian General, Trian Buress was killed by Black Spire forces.

The push back from the Nocturnians weaken the Black Spire's grip, but did not break it. Today, the Black Spire has conquered over half of Nocturnus and constructed a fortress, the Obsidian Spike, to serve as a command center for their forces. The Spire now controls all of the eastern and southern portions of Nocturnus while those still loyal to Sslither hold the northern and most of the western lands. Both factions now wait for orders from their Lords. Challenge I starts soon!

Section Four: Guild Members

Core Leader: ZCerberus- this is the memebr who you go to for changes to the thread, member disputes and game question from Nocturnus.

Guild Leaders: These are the characters who lead the factions for story purposes.

DEFEATED FORMER RULER: Nocturnus Faction- Lord Ssilyrrlith (I Scream Clone)


CURRENT RULER: Black Spire Faction- Lord Raavage (ZCerberus)


Other members: These are the characters who have signed up for the bset guild, the guild of Nocturnus!

Lord Vladivus Stormbringer (Lord Vladivus)



Ravious Bose (Captain Settle)


Lady Karielle Aldefellen (Kintobor)


The Knight of Embers (Legorski)


Dr. Rod (Dr. Rod)


Lord Falco (Captain Nemo)


Lord Lava (lisqr)


Pandarax (spzero)


Rokkar and Korrak (Torgar)


Louis of Nocturnus (Louie le Brickvalier)


Derlin (Legonardo)


Thunk the Hammer Golem (Jareth)


Nimueh (Emma)


Lord Orkusack (zilcho)


Ilharess Aunae Val'Baen'und (NiL_FisK_Urd)


Nixilis (Captain BeerBeard)


Lord Anfauglir (MassEditor)



Section Five: Current Guild Challenges.

Guild sign-up: If Nocturnus sounds like the home for you, create a character and post your character in this thread!

CLOSED The Tribes: mini-challenge

CLOSED Civil War: Challenge I, the Battle for Nocturnus has ended, and we have a change in who rules the roost...

Winning Category C) Nocturnus Best entry was awarded to Gunman.

Winning Category B) Black Spire Best entry was awarded to Torgar.

Winning Category A) and therefore tiping the battle... Black Spire Best entry was Emma.

WARLORDS Community Build: Warlords community build

Link to Nocturnus Book I page!

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Lord Vladivus Stormbringer of Nocturnus, Knight of Darkness, Master of Shadowmere, Half-Vampire, pledges his support to Lord Ssilyrrlith. Swiftly may we reclaim our lands. In this painting I am flanked by my zombie soldiers on my right, and to my left is my trusted general, Fenrir Bloodcloak, and my elite Moruth Rangers- note the zombie Avalonian Forestman, who fell at Abyssian.

My history starts in Avalonia, where my mother, an Avalonian handmaiden fell for a handsome young vampire (young being operative, he was already several centuries old). I was conceived, and born under a new moon in the depth of winter. My mother was banished, as my appearance was rather fearsome for the fragile Avalonian tight-wearers. I grew up in the wilds, and we eventually made our way to Nocturnus, where my mother perished in the Kelra Labyrinth. The Nocturnians took me in, and after laying low, I now come forth to stand as a loyal Nocturnian citizen.

Note that I was already in Nocturnus, just wanted to update.

EDIT: to add history.

Edited by Lord Vladivus

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Scarbourough is still loyal to Nocturnus, however the damage left by the elemental war coupled with Mitgardian raiders sailing along the coast means we might not be seen much, but rest assured, we are doing our best to secure northern Nocturnus.

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Looks like Nocturnus starts strong.

Better give an eye to you guys. :devil:

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That is an old excuse defeated villains use :tongue: , is only available if you are a ninja.

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Mitgardian raiders sailing along the coast

is there any proof for that?

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Ah, but what kind of pie?

Blood pie.

And others too, thats just a guild fave

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Ooh, I'm liking this civil war thing already. Off to a good start.

So what's the difference between the two sides, besides different leaders? Do they stand for anything different, or different beliefs, or different species? Or just two guys who want to rule the same place?

And CBB: I always thought Nocturnus was the right guild for you. You produce beautiful flowery landscapes, but I think your heart and mind were always in the darklands!

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Enchanted pumpkin pie is pretty good.

Screw Dugal Maclean, I'm taking my enchanted pumpkin here!

You know what, I'm signing up for Nocturnus too.

Ravious Bose


Bose was born in Avalonia, but seeing the chaos in Nocturnus, he knew he belonged there. He's now a ranger who travels through swamps and forests looking for adventure and opportunity, and to spill a little blood along the way.

Ravious Bose shall side with Lord Ravaage!

Edited by Captain Settle

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It's funny as The reason I created the whole Dark isle thing was so I could build in a more sinister Nocturnus kind of way which I what I like. Now I finally have the chance to join Nocturnus but there's no need now :) plenty of great builders here.

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