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  1. The Brick King

    ZELDA - Breath of the Wild

    Recently, I've really gotten into Zelda, so this perfect timing. This moc represents BotW really well!
  2. The Brick King

    Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitsu TV Show Thread

    It depends on your definition of 'filler'. My definition is of a story that only exists to fill space, and nothing happens in said episode to move the story along. With that definition, none of the episodes have been strictly filler. They've all served a direct purpose to move the story along. 3 & 4 are definitely closer to that definition, since all that really happens in the Ninja fight a big beetle, but that's about all. 'News Never Sleeps' and 'Snaketrastrophy' both serve story purposes (Getting PIXAL to the Ninja for the former, and sharing the motivations of the Pyro Vipers) while also being some of the best darn episodes Ninjago has ever had.
  3. The Brick King

    Custom CMF Drafts by Me

  4. The Brick King

    [MOC] "The Lord of the Rings" Skylines

    These are fantastic! The detail is pretty incredible, and everything is instantly recognizable.
  5. The Brick King

    Custom CMF Drafts by Me

    Not one, but two new drafts!
  6. The Brick King

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    A difficulty with making a Ninjago TV CMF is that many of the side characters have designs that can be slightly boring. Faith, for instance, is just Heavy Metal with a new face and hairpiece. The torso wouldn't be new. Likewise, the Commissioner is another very popular side character, but he just has a generic police man's body. Casual clothing is just that, casual. And the vast discrepancy in character designs from 2011-2017 to 2018-Present would be really jarring in a CMF series. Believe me, I've tried
  7. The Brick King

    Custom CMF Drafts by Me

  8. The Brick King

    Custom CMF Drafts by Me

    Thank you! Yeah, I've decided to stick to the traditional minifigure style a little more strictly of late.
  9. The Brick King

    Custom CMF Drafts by Me

  10. The Brick King

    Custom CMF Drafts by Me

    Classic Video Games:
  11. Personally, I believe that the IM and Thanos Mechs will be comic-based, with minifigure-scale mechs and comic accurate minifigures. I have absolutely no proof at all but that's just my thoughts. Mostly, I think it'd be cool if they had Marvel sets like the Nexo Armors; smallish, fun mechs with reallt cool minifigures.
  12. The Brick King

    Marvel Super Heroes Wishlists

    I have, yes. Iiiiiiinteresting.... Just kidding. It's a good one, too!
  13. The Brick King

    Custom CMF Drafts by Me

    Been a fat minute, but I'm back with a new draft, based on Far From Home. Be warned, spoilers abound!
  14. The Brick King

    Custom CMF Drafts by Me

  15. The Brick King

    Custom CMF Drafts by Me