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  1. What about our North Korean fans?
  2. A couple of weeks ago I built a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse togeher with and for my 2 year old son. Without any minifigs. Until now :)
  3. My 7740 Restoration

    Nice project!
  4. What did you buy today?

    Today my LEGO train super pack 66493 arrived Last week I also bought PF to motorize my Emerald Night.
  5. 2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Really like the ferry as well. Maybe I will convert it to fit a tram as well :)
  6. Ideas for new City sets

    There are so many animals available for a Zoo... Indeed too bad it are only Duplo themes. Further I would like to see a new Gas Station.
  7. Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary CUUSOO set Discussion

    On all the pictures so far the minifigs are outside the car... Will they fit in to it???
  8. NEWS 2014 trains!

    Really looking forward to the cargo train! Will be my first cargo train ever! However, if I look at the position of the lights,it seems to be impssible to add power function lights?
  9. Is it possible to add PF lights in the Mustang?
  10. NEWS 2014 trains!

    Thanks guys! Really looking forward to the new cargo train and station here!
  11. NEWS 2014 trains!

    The link with pictures is not working anymore?
  12. 1280 x 1024 40 Mbit/s up / 4 Mbit/s down Internet Explorer 9.0
  13. What did you buy today?

    My Town hall arrived today (10224) And I am going to build the City Bank (3661) tonight.