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  1. Thanks! It was a lot of fun creating the muzzle flashes.
  2. Graynar

    Avatar Aang

    Awesome. The glider design is really good -though does it have the snack compartment? I wish Lego had produced more Avatar sets. I loved the Fire Nation ship.
  3. Hello! I decided to make a short action packed Brick Flick so I could play around with some cool lighting effects. Hope you enjoy it!
  4. Graynar


    That was really great. The line about the flick-fires had me crying. Superb animation as well.
  5. Graynar

    REVIEW: 4841 Hogwarts Express

    I think it's because this way the set could be used in more books than just one -adding to the usefulness and playabiltiy. Good review.
  6. Graynar

    Review 7078 King’s Battle Chariot

    From most of the responses here I take it you guys would rather have KK set designs back. I like this set. It has four great figures -a while back it was rare to get that many castle figs for that cheap of a price. Even if the chariot isn't the greatest looking thing ever, it has awesome parts, and that's good enough for me. Plus two orc shields is great! There's not even that many in the Troll Mountain Fortress! I'll happily pick one of these up. A second horse (brown) would have been great, but I suppose the set would have been even more expensive if it included another one. The price isn't great of course, but what are you going to do...
  7. Graynar

    [Brick Flick] Star Wars Battle

    Thanks for the comments everyone! SprmeCmndrGrievous -your video was amazing! I laughed so hard. Great animation and effects too -wow. I added you as a friend.
  8. Graynar

    [Brick Flick] Star Wars Battle

    Thanks for the replies everyone! I used Sony Vegas for the special effects.
  9. Graynar

    [Brick Flick] Star Wars Battle

    Thanks man, I added you as a friend! Yeah, I used the tripod for the still shots, but most of the live action shots were done by hand. I saw one of your videos -it was awesome how you used LEGO pieces for the explosions and lasers -good job.
  10. Hello everyone! Check out my Star War's film, it's 3 minutes long about a battle between a Rebel fort and an Imperial attack force. Hope you enjoy it -comments are appreciated!
  11. Thanks for the comments everyone! There is now a chapter 3 up - Hope you enjoy it! Comments are appreciated!
  12. Thanks Lockt! Good news guys, you can watch the General Nobalz trailer on Youtube! Hope you enjoy it!
  13. Graynar

    Lego Going Realistic

    Unless I'm mistaken is there not a Wild West revolver in the Agents Mobile Command Center?
  14. Here's chapter 2 guys! It's a bit lighter and less serious then the last one -mostly thanks to the comedic nature of General Nobalz. ;) Hope you enjoy reading it! Your comments are always appreciated!
  15. Thanks for the reply! You can't download the movie at all? It seems some people can download it, but are unable to view it. This might be because it is a "rar" file type. You can get a free "rar" converter here (it will help you extract the files): I tried to upload the vid to Youtube, but my flash player is messed up, and I can't do diddly on that site. If anyone knows any other good video uploading sites, feel free to tell me.