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  1. Omicron

    IronArtist's Creative thread.

    That's all I was asking about. You didn't specify clearly in your post and I was curious which ones were new, but you had to say they are all old, which confirmed the designs weren't new at all. If you want me to stop posting, then stop being vague. You're seriously picking a fight with me for no reason because you're still upset some chick took credit for your shoddy design. -Omi
  2. Omicron

    IronArtist's Creative thread.

    But you just said you made new ones for The Wolverine..... -Omi
  3. Omicron

    IronArtist's Creative thread.

    Not starting anything here, but are these the new ones or old ones? -Omi
  4. Omicron

    New X men Origins, Wolverine.

    What decals? There is nothing here. All you have are broken links and photos. And as I stated, Tyler makes his own decals from scratch. And no I'm not going to suck you. Don't flatter yourself. -Omi
  5. For someone who has been calling me the names the whole time and actually insulting me, I suggest taking your own advice. And I've been a regular of the MCN as well. I've been customizing for a very long time and I pride myself in knowing the ins and out of the community. I've also worked for BrickForge for a good while, who is also no stranger to "who came first" debates.
  6. No, but it has been done before. And usually because people do it to stamp out others so that way they ca be the only designer around. I've seen it so many times where one designer profits from another, or some scumbag tries to rid a legit designer just so they can be the sole one. When I mentioned the other guy, all you did was say he copied you. How many Gokus do I gotta post to see how many times you say they've copied you? And I've been around longer and this is the first I've ever heard of you. But this isn't a discussion of who has been around the longest. Whatever dude. Good luck in yur "stand" against a youtube account that did nothing. Long live the Brick Queen. -Omi
  7. You call me bamboozled about the designs I question and point out and then you admit that you didn't post them through the account you are trying to prove yourself with. If you want to be insulted by people not knowing anything (especially when you are being vague about it), you are going about it the wrong way. And so can they. -Omi
  8. How do I know they are yours and not his? And since you brought up the back decals, well, good call. Because that is further evidence the designs were not pulled from you. I'm looking at your gallery, and you don't have Goku back decals (at least not in any of the folders I am perusing). Only the front decals without the insignia. All I am seeing right now is you crying foul for someone reviewing a figure, and the way I see it she only deleted your comments because you kept harassing her. Profit is one thing, but since it isn't happening, just learn from it. Watermark your designs, or better yet, make it clear on the free to use policy that a lot of people put in place. But if you really want to get down to it, you cannot claim full ownership on the designs anyways because the character designs don't belong to you. -Omi
  9. She could have also purchased the figure from him, and just claim the figure as hers. Which she can do anyways. Which makes sense as to why her vid is a review. -Omi
  10. Omicron

    New X men Origins, Wolverine.

    Try posting images that work. Or exist. As for the previous post you made years ago, I know Tyler personally. He makes is own decals (made some for me as well) and he makes his all from scratch. -Omi
  11. Am I the only one that actually looked at the designs? The difference is obvious. The logo. I like to look at the issue from all angles before crying foul. -Omi
  12. The fig she posted is the designs from JL Custom Brick Studio on flickr. So unless that is you, it isn't yours. Since you posted a different torso design than what she has showcased. -Omi
  13. Omicron

    Comic-Con minifigures

    If anything, Spider-Woman would show up in anything Avengers related. She really has nothing to do with Spider-Man at all to be honest. Believe it or not though, Captain Marvel (his actual name) has been making a good comeback. He did show up in the DCAU and has been prominently featured in MK vs DC, DC Universe Online, and Injustice. Not to mention he is able to be called Captain Marvel again since Marvel threw a hissy fit and he had to be refered to as Shazam for so long. -Omi
  14. Omicron

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Great about Man Bat. But that's the only promising new villian thus far. But seeing as Riddler had a costume change, maybe Joker and Penguin will too? Otherwise, meh. :/ -Omi
  15. Plentiful. I have posted them here throught the years, but here is my flickr set of all of them. -Omi