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  1. jisraelsson

    MOC: My Neighbour Totoro

    ... well I have finally after a few years gotten back to updating this a little bit. Sorry for the very very very long delay but life happened. The essentials are the same I have only added some flourish to it and posted it again to LEGO Ideas (My Neighbour Totoro on LEGO Ideas). Unfortunately I previously had a copycat posting my exact Totoro design to LEGO Ideas as their own but luckily it was taken down. I will try to look into how much work it would be to build the model in perhaps the Studio app and share but I'm quite busy at work at the moment so please don't hold your breath. Best, Johan I
  2. jisraelsson

    MOC: My Neighbour Totoro

    Thanks for your kind words. I will gladly provide the LDD-file, however I am still a bit embarrassed of a few solutions that are not rigid enough at the moment. Mainly the feet. Just let me try to fix them a bit and then I will gladly provide the LDD-model. I guess you would have to wait for a very long time for a possible CUUSOO one. :) Regards, Johan I
  3. jisraelsson

    MOC: My Neighbour Totoro

    Finally, after almost a whole year, an update! I have changed the colour of the belly to the more appropriate light bluish grey. And finally, I have built another pose with Totoro's characteristic big grin and holding an umbrella. I have some ideas for other poses, we'll see how long before the next update... And, as always, if you like you may vote for this project on LEGO CUUSOO: (http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/37042). Regards, Johan Israelsson
  4. jisraelsson

    MOC: My Neighbour Totoro

    Thanks for your appreciation. I have been building on a physical version that I can finally show. Unfortunately I'm still missing six pieces that I have been forced to use replacements for of the wrong kind and wrong colour. I will continue to refine the model and test different poses och I will also move on the two smaller Totoros to see if I can build them in a nice way. More updates coming... And if you like you may of course vote for this project on LEGO CUUSOO: http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/37042 Regards, Johan I
  5. jisraelsson

    MOC: My Neighbour Totoro

    Hi, For your consideration I present to you my very first MOC. Oh-Totoro from the anime My Neighbour Totoro by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. This is a work in progress as mentioned where I will refine the construction and try different poses and I also plan to add Chuu-Totoro and Chibi-Totoro to the company. I am currently building the first physical version of the large Totoro (Oh-Totoro) to check and refine its construction. Also I would like to place the characters in a small environment that will add to the experience. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for coming updates. This little project turned out so promising that I have also published it as a LEGO Cuusoo project as, to my surprise, I couldn't find any Totoro project on Cuusoo. So if you want you may vote for it over att the following link: LEGO Cuusoo My Neighbour Totoro Thanks to sherrycayheyhey for the LEGO ball tutorial (http://www.instructa...ke-a-Lego-Ball/). Earlier sketches, as you can see the smaller Totoros will require a lot more work to get right: