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  1. Hello Everyone, I would like to share with all of you my two last Moc's : Scania R620 6X4 + Fifth Wheel Functions: Traction + Direction 1 Motor XL 1 Motor M 1 S-Brick 1 Rechargeable Battery Volvo Intercooler + Fifth wheel + V8 Fake+ Speed ​​Box Motorbike (Simultaneos Exchange 1:2 + 3:4) Functions: (1)Traction + (2)Direction + (3)Rise of the Third Axis + (4)Auxiliary Cable 1 Motor XL 2 Engines M 1 S-Brick 1 Rechargeable Battery " The Board is a MOD of a C model 42009 , included was a Gearbox and Power System is independent. " I Hope you Enjoy!!!!!! (Video only Volvo)
  2. nato8181

    Lego MOC-3398

    Good morning, folks! I need a technical help, I'm working on a MOC : It has a Four Sequential Gearbox , but the third and fourth Marches transmission supports only move the trailer one direction, in the case forward. When trying to return the stress is largest and L motor can not rotate . The transmission ratios are as follows: Third March: 1: 1 Wednesday March: 1: 3 There should be no problem, it is light and these relationships are not much for Motor L. Can someone help me?
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    [C-MODEL] 42009 Tow Truck

  4. Hello everyone I am a Technic fan and am wanting to join a large project, like an opinion from everyone about it, what should I assemble Land Rover Defender 110 or Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500? For both projects I have 70% of the parts, and because it is an investment like to know which of the two projects is more worthwhile in every way. Thank you all!
  5. You will create instructions? ... How Long?
  6. Inspiration? hahahahahaha .... My friend here in Brazil we call it "Cara de Pau" and suggest the use of oil for Peroba Maintenance sinismo lol ... Look me up on Youtube, "nato8181" ... what is not "inspiration "I call" alien ", not Moc;)
  7. Incredible, even though as the Base Model C "LEGOTECHNICMODEL05" I know it already rode the Alternative Model "Tow Truck" and the chassis is the same, what you did was improve :)
  8. A 9398 improved, nothing more!
  9. Hello my is Renato am Brazilian and very fan Lego Technic recently discovered an Alternative Model for Lego 9398 a Quad Bike Motorbike. The model is extremely fast and totally changes the view of the Crawler owners who complain of slow eater Rocks! This model is 100% Motorized and accompanying assembly instructions in high definition. The name is AFOL "Jono Mckinlay" which also specializes in Model C. PS: The version of the video is not the same instructions, you will see that some adjustments will be necessary to increase the yield of traction, most do not worry everything can be solved only with the parties own the 9398, ie, the model c 100% is 9398 parts. Vídeo: Download Instructions: http://www.freespace...ehosting/666588 :)
  10. Hello my name is Renato and I'm an AFOL Brazilian, I was checking my parts inventory and realized that I have all the parts necessary for the creation of the Land Rover Sheepos however, been researching and I could see that Gearbox has some problems can be solved in parts. I wonder if someone has recreated this MOC and the corrections applied can solve this problem permanently. Of course I already have some experience with Models Originals and I know that even the Lego models have problems that can be corrected of course more is not always possible to fix and maintain the originality. My question is this, it is possible to fix Land Rover Defender and maintain the originality ? Thank you for your help!