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  1. Whittleberry

    MOC: Queen Victoria market facade

    Hi Gabe, I'm the guy who built the D1 class tram, which is also on display at Art Of The Brick. I saw the your model there but I didn't realise that it had changed from when I saw it at MUGS! I reckon it looks better with the clear windows. I always steer clear of that part of the market, for me the QVM is all about the fresh produce and the hot jam donut van! (Now that would be a good addition Gabe!)
  2. Whittleberry

    REVIEW: 853195 Brick Calendar

    Looks cool, but where's it made? I have a sneaking suspicion it's Chinese given all the special parts, including the collectable figs.
  3. Whittleberry

    2011 LEGO Cars 2 Discussion

    If those british flags are printed I'm going to have to get some of those! These licensed Cars sets seem to be undoing all the work LEGO did around 2003-2005 to simplify their colour palette...
  4. Whittleberry

    Lego Harry Potter Visual Dictionary

    Oh poos, that prelim hagrid's hut page better change, I'm not going to be a big fan of the book if it has large detailed pics of the 2010 sets and tiny grainy box-shots of the old ones.
  5. Whittleberry

    Spring LEGO Questionnaire

    I said 9/10 likeliness of recommending it to friends, and then went on to explain that I can't say 10/10 because of the cheap chinese plastic.
  6. Whittleberry

    TLGs Quality Decrease

    Well all the issues you're talking about here are Chinese made parts, so the question is, will LEGO pull out of China? The benefit of making the collectible figs and special fig headdresses in China is that for a short production run it's cheaper, plus in China they seem to have more specialised machines that make very detailed printed headdress pieces like the atlantis shark head or shaak tis one. From what i see, most fans like the specialised parts and collectible figs on the whole, even though a lot of us are critical of the quality/longevity of the parts. So with most consumers unable to see a problem I'm not sure LEGO will be shifting production of those parts from China anytime soon, even though I wish they would.
  7. Ah right I get it. is there any limitation to total length of the modules?
  8. Whittleberry

    Black Swan

    Swans don't caw they hooonk.
  9. It looks amazing! I'm just wondering, if anyone here was involved with building it, how did you co-ordinate the building of it? Because it doesn't follow the GBC specifications in most places.
  10. Whittleberry

    Modular Building 2011

    A dickie bird told me today that the next modular will feature a lot of sand blue... hopefully that's correct as I absolutely love sand blue!
  11. Whittleberry

    Gday from Australia!

    Hi Ray, where in Australia do you live? I'm from Melbourne. This thread will probably be of interest: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19244
  12. Whittleberry

    Harry Potter 2011 Discussion

    Of the new sets, I like the castle and forest sets but what's up with the Knight Bus? I think the original was much nicer, even if the design was simpler. The rectangular windows at the ends don't match the train windows used elsewhere, and why is there no window glass?? At least all the figs are nice and the purple bricks will have a consistent colour this time.
  13. Whittleberry

    Exclusive Train 10219 Maersk Train (Exclusive 2011)

    Well I think this means that Maersk Blue helmets are going to be going for less than $177 after this comes out! As for the set, I'm not really a big fan of freight diesels so I'll probably give this a miss.
  14. Whittleberry

    What are you listening to?

    Norway by Beach House
  15. I agree 100% despite not being near a PaB wall. The plain smily head is amazing and there aren't enough in the world, seeing that the only place you can get them seem to be Jamie Berard-designed sets.